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The Wheels on the Bus - David Ellwand

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4 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Reading Level: Ages 4-8 / 14 pages / Book is published May 2010 by Silver Dolphin

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    4 Reviews
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      08.01.2014 15:56
      Very helpful



      In the review

      We brought a selection of books for my little girl to read whilst she is in the car. We do a lot of long journeys and had to think of fun ideas for her to keep her occupied for certain periods of time. These singing books are amazing. They are popular nursery rhymes that she has been learning at play group and the bright colourful pictures engage her attention. She recognises the tune and sings along or claps her hands as the tune plays.

      Amelia was given the wheels on the bus book for Christmas two years ago and received row row row your boat for Christmas this year. She loves both of them and each receive plenty of attention. Though it is nearly two years old and has been played with constantly the sound of the tune is still as clear as it was the day she received the book and the book itself is still in excellent condition. The spine has started to wear ever so slightly but I think for a well-played with and used item by a toddler this isn't bad going.

      The books are made of a sturdy card like material with bright pictures of the bus at various stages of its journey. The words for the nursery rhyme are also printed on the page if you want to sing along with them. I tend to sing along and point to the words in the hope that some of the information is being soaked up. The button for the book is in the left hand corner and is easy to press to make the book start the song. The books are also easily wiped clean as they are often picked up by chocolaty fingers.

      The books are light weight and fit inside a baby changing bag if you needed to have something simple to entertain a child on a bus or at the dentist etc.

      I absolutely love the books and I am currently on the hunt for twinkle twinkle little star. At between £7-£8 per book I think these are a bargain. They are hardwearing, fun and interactive for my little girl. She loves them and I plan to expand the collection.


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      31.01.2013 20:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The wheels on the bus book

      The wheels on the bus is a classic song and I can pretty much guarantee that you go to any music class with a young baby and they will sing this song at least once a session. My little girl and I would sing this in her music classes in the library and it soon became one of her favourite songs that we would have to sing to her all the time. Her grandparents obviously paid attention as both sets bought her this book a few years ago now so we keep one at our house and one at my parents house. I thin she has probably grown out of it a bit now as its probably aimed at quite young children, 1 and under I would say but now my son looks and plays with it so its perfect for him.

      The book is a sound and action book and in the bottom right hand corner is a big round blue button that you press and the time to, "The Wheels on the bus," comes blaring out. It's the kind of button that you can't change the battery on so once it's gone and starts to play slow and distorted this part of the book is a bit un-useful but you still have the words and the pictures. The button is the first thing that kids will reach and press for and this button has been pressed over and over and over again in our house. The nice thing is that with nearly three years of constant pressing it still sounds as good as new. It only plays one round of The Wheels on the bus before you have to press it again but that's ok as you can always continue to sing if you wish.

      The bus is fun because it features lots of photograph type pictures of Teddy bears on the bus. The bus is number 93 to Teddy Town which I think is a nice touch. The teddy bears are in various outfits and poses and really add to the story. For example I always used to say to my little girl, "point to the teddy bear with the scarf on" or, point to the baby teddy bear." In this book there are teddy bears driving the bus, working as ticket collectors and taking a ride on the bus.

      The book has the different verses written down in text on the page and the ones it features are:

      The wheels on the bus go round and round
      The conductor on the bus says, "all aboard."
      The driver on the bus says, "off we go."
      The wipers on the bus go swish-swish-swish
      The baby on the bus goes, "wah-wah-wah."
      The bell on the bus goes ding-ding-dong.
      And then the wheels on the bus to finish up with.

      The book is a tough board book and so will hold up to quite a bit of heavy reading, chewing etc. I love the pictures of the teddies, they are so cute looking and it's fun to look at the different outfits they all have on. Each of the pages are bright and colourful and very eye catching, great for young children and a fun song to sing along to.

      The book costs £6.99, has an ISBN 978-1-905765-81-2, is published by Baker and Taylor UK and written by David Ellwand.


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        13.12.2011 10:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good book for babies and toddlers

        This is a review of the 2010 book 'the wheels on the bus' (teddy town) which we were bought as a gift. I belive it was purchased from a National Trust Shop.

        About the book
        The wheels on the bus 'teddy town bus' is currently one of my daughter's favourite books. OK so she has just turned one so can't read yet but the added bonus of this book is the sound button which plays the first few lines of the famous song we all know 'the wheels on the bus'.

        The illustrations in the bus are delightful with all sorts of teddy bears including driver, conductor, mummy, baby and other teddy passengers.

        For those who don't remember the song, the book has several verses including:

        - Wipers (swish swish swish)
        - Conductor (all aboard)
        - Driver (off we go)
        - Bell (ding ding dong)
        - Baby (waa waa waa)
        - Wheels (round and round)

        Waa waa waa!
        Of all the pages, my daughter's definite favourite is the baby on the bus, especially when Grandad is singing it to her in a silly voice!

        All the bears together
        The last page features all the bears in the book on the bus and it's really quite charming. As long as the button and battery last I think we'll have more fun out of this bus over the next few years.

        Sounds nice!
        Some sound books can be quite irritating but this one is nice and tinkly and it's contageous too! Once it sets off everyone joins in! You have to be quick though as the first note is your first song word.

        I love this book. We were bought it as a gift during a month long holiday and it came in so handy. Since we came home it's been one that my daughter makes a beeline for and so we know she likes it a lot.

        The format of the book is very sturdy hard back book, so the pages are really thick cardboard and I think it is virtually indestructable. Very hard wearing. I think it would make a lovely gift as it's obviously high quality.

        I've just had a look on Amazon to get an idea of price and it retails new for £7.26. It really is worth this and will help your child to interact.

        I caught my daughter doing the wiper blades motion the other day and we've never really taught her to do it so she must have picked it up from somwhere or someone without us noticing!

        Final word
        There are other books in the range, including 'row, row, row your boat' and 'head, shoulders, knees and toes (which we also own) so if your child likes this one it could start a theme of books in your house! I would recommend this book and it's nice to share time together singing and reading but beware it may razz up your child if you play this book before bed!


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          17.03.2011 15:02
          Very helpful



          Excellent book at a reasonable price

          My mum wanted an extra present to buy for my daughter for her first birthday so decided to get her a book. Maybe unluckily for us, she chose to buy The Wheels on the Bus sound and action book. We have a slightly different version to the one shown in the picture as ours has a red bus instead.

          ---Features of the book:
          This book is a hardback board book with a picture of an old style double-decker red bus on the front. Inside the bus are lots of vintage looking teddy bears including one with a baby bear, one with a camera and one who is the bus conductor. The bears are actually photos rather than drawings. The title is written along the top in wavy text with the author at the bottom. It also tells you it is a sound and action book. In the bottom right corner there is a hole in which is a button that can be pressed which then acts as the speaker for the tune to 'The Wheels on the Bus'.

          Each page in the book goes through a different verse of the rhyme with a picture to accompany it. The words are written in a good size so they can be read easily. On each page you can still press the button so the tune can play whilst you sing the words to the rhyme.

          ---Our experiences:
          As soon as my daughter unwrapped this she was besotted. She learned very quickly how to press the button for the music and as soon as it finished she would press it again. She is easily able to turn the pages of the book as well, but is definitely more interested in the music than anything else. She really enjoys sitting with me while I sing the song to her and she can turn the pages of the book and start the music when necessary.

          I think this is a lovely book for children to have. It allows them enjoy reading books with a rhyme that they may already recognise. They are able to play the music to accompany the words which is my daughter's favourite part. She takes this to bed with her every night and sits in her cot playing the music and turning the pages to look at the pictures. The only issue with it is that she likes to play the music continually so as soon as it stops she has started it again!

          ---And finally:
          I would definitely recommend this book. My daughter got it when she was a year old and still plays with it most days 9 months later. It would probably be suitable from an earlier age as it is a board book and the pages are easy to turn. The old fashioned teddies may not appeal to everyone, but it is a lovely book with beautiful pictures. It costs £6.99 which I think is a good price for such an entertaining book.


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