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Things That Go: Let's Get Moving - Dorling Kindersley

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Dorling Kindersley / Edition: Larger Format (230x230) / Board book / 28 Pages / Book is published 2009-02-02 by Dorling Kindersley

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2010 12:59
      Very helpful



      The most vehicles you will ever see in one book

      I knew I had struck gold when I picked this book out at the library. My youngest daughter seems to have some sort of fixation with all vehicles, shouting 'Car!' every time she sees anything with wheels, be it a tractor, bicycle, train, lorry...you get the idea. So I knew she would love this book, and of course she did, but I am regretting every day that I brought it home because she insists on thrusting it upon me several times a day...and it does get quite boring looking at pictures of vehicles all day long.

      The book is a square board book jam-packed full of all kinds of vehicles & transport...hence the name 'Things That Go.' It was the cover that caught my eye at first because it is really bright with the title in multicoloured writing, but also around the edge each page has a handy tab with a little picture on, so your child can go straight to their favourite page, and this makes a nice decoration around the edge of the book.

      There are 13 double page spreads in total and the themes are as follows:

      Toy Time!
      Busy Cars.
      Cool Bikes!
      Tough Trucks.
      Diggers and Loaders.
      More Builders.
      In The Air.
      To The Rescue!
      On The Farm.
      Ships and Boats.
      On Rails and Tracks.
      Monster Machines!
      Mix and Match!

      So as you can see from that list, there is a lot going on in this book, every page has at least 5 different items on it, and the vehicles range from bikes to cars to diggers to jumbo jets! I'm not going to explain in detail every single item that appears in this book, because honestly I would be here forever, but I will give details of a few pages to give you an idea of what the book is like.

      **Busy Cars**

      This is my daughter's favourite page, and is basically packed with all sorts of different cars, there are actually 13 on this page, and some clever children will probably recognise some of them (Smart car, Peugot 206), although the actual names of the cars are not listed, they are just labelled as 'electric car' or 'hatchback' or 'sports car', so it's up to you whether you tell them what the actual car is or not! There are lots of different coloured cars, so I have been trying to teach my daughter colours by asking her to find the red car, or the blue car. So far it's not working...but I live in hope...she's only 16 months.

      The page is all neatly laid out, and there are no other items on the page apart from cars, all just set on a white background.

      **Diggers and Loaders**

      I thought I would include this one because I am unsure whether pages such as this are actually any use for young kids because it's highly likely that they will never come across such machines, so will not understand what they are for, or what they do...unless you explain it to them.

      On this page there is a Tracked Excavator, Wheel Loader, Giant Dump Truck, Digger, Tipper Truck, and a Dump Truck.

      Now I know that some young boys will just get excited at seeing these machines and will not care whether they know what they do or not, but my daughter is not particularly bothered about this page.

      **In The Air**

      I like this page, it's full of all different types of air transport, and I think it's quite interesting to talk to your child about the different ways to travel through the air because my children only really know about passenger planes and helicopters.

      So on this page you get to see a Passenger Plane, Helicopter, Glider, Fighter-Plane, Parachute, Hang-Glider, Biplane and a Hot Air Ballooon. It's a really colourful page and my youngest has already learnt what a hot air balloon is and enjoys looking and pointing at the items on this page.

      **Ships and Boats**

      I've been trying to teach my youngest daughter the different types of sea travel by using this page, but she doesn't seem that interested, I'm not sure if it's because she's never really seen a boat before, or if it's something else, but she only briefly hesitates on this page before moving on.

      On here you see a Kayak, Submarine, Container Ship, Rowing Boat, Supertanker, Speedboat, Sailing Boat, Fishing Boat, and a Cruise Ship.

      My eldest likes this page because she likes to hear about the submarine and that it goes under the water.

      **Mix and Match**

      This page is a bit of a quiz game for your kids. On here you have a Fishing Boat, Fire Engine, Passenger Plane, Tractor and a Racing Car, and you also have 5 children dressed up as Race Car Driver, Firefighter, Pilot, Fisherwoman and a Farmer. It's up to your child to match the right person with the right vehicle.

      I think this is quite good because it creates a bit more interaction between you as the reader and your child, rather than just pointing at picture and naming them, here you are asking them to try and find the right vehicle to match with the right person. Obviously my youngest is rubbish at this, but my eldest is starting to learn about the world and this is quite a handy tool for her.

      Other machines you will see throughout this book include tractors, combine harvesters, bikes of all descriptions, monster trucks, rescue vehicles...it's just packed with all sorts, and there is bound to be something that appeals to everyone in here.

      The blurb on the back states - "From tough diggers to speedy trains, this is the perfect busy vehicle book for toddlers to share with grown-ups" - I think this captures the book perfectly, it certainly is busy and it certainly is perfect for sharing between toddlers and grown-ups. Most of the time I spend with my youngest daughter at the moment, is time spent with this book. Yes there are pages that she doesn't like, but there is that much in the book, that we can still sit for a long time looking at all the different vehicles that she does actually like.

      The one problem I have with the book is that some of the vehicles seem a bit American, the trucks are very much American trucks, I have never seen trucks like that in this country, and also the emergency service vehicles are not the same as what we have here, but I suppose you can't have everything!

      The quality of the book is excellent, the fact that it is a library book and still holding together at the seams shows that it's very good quality. The corners are a bit dog-eared, but I think you can expect that from a book which has probably been thumbed by countless toddlers.

      Highly recommended

      ISBN 978-1-40533-766-3
      RRP £5.99
      Currently available on Amazon for £4.79

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