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Two Of A Kind (39) - Candles, Cake, Celebrate! - Mary-Kate Olsen

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen / Paperback / 112 Pages / Book is published 2005-10-03 by HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 09:45
      Very helpful



      A fun read!

      I always loved Mary-Kate and Ashley when I was growing up!! I used to think they were great, and always had the best movies (Passport To Paris, Switching Goals, Our Lips Are Sealed etc). I was such a big fan ; I bought all of their books and DVDs as well as a few other 'MK&A' things'. Today, I will be reviewing one of their books which is taken from their television series Two Of A Kind.

      Two of A Kind; Candles, Cake Celebrate! is based on their television programme 'Two Of A Kind' which is currently showing on Sky's 'Pop Girl' channel. Surf, Sand and Secrets, is the thirty ninth book in the 'Two Of A Kind' book series (Each book has an individual number on the cover which tells you which order it comes in, however id does not matter if you don't read them in order as they aren't continuous from one book to other.)

      The book is based on the television show Two Of A Kind which is about American twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, who play themselves in the show ; eleven year old twins, who live in Chicago. They live with their single-parent father ; their mother died when they were seven. Their father is a lecturer at the local university. Mary-Kate is the cool one, loves sport, hangs out with guys and is the total opposite of Ashley is very girlie, and loves boys and shopping. Whilst the first few books were 'made into' television episodes, the rest of them weren't, but I still think that if you have seen the show then it helps you 'imagine' what's going on in the book anyway, because you know what the characters look like and what their dad, house and friends are like.

      In this book: Mary-Kate is the first student to get a perfect score in their history exam, and so her twin Ashley decides to throw Mary-Kate a surprise party. However, there is one problem, Mary-Kate doesn't miss a trick and so Ashley is worried that her twin is going to find out. Ashley then comes up with the idea of telling Mary-Kate that she is planning a secret party for one of her friends and would Mary-Kate help her. Mary-Kate is delighted and takes over all the planning, including organising everything to Ashley's friend's taste. However, Mary-Kate is the total opposite to Ashley's friend, and so whilst Mary-Kate is actually organising her own surprise party, it is too her opposite taste. Will Ashley be able to sort things out in time?

      I thought that the plot was quite interesting. I mean what teenager wouldn't say no to a party with their friends. I also think that young readers will enjoy keeping 'Ashley's secret' away from Mary-Kate.

      Mary-Kate and Ashley are so likeable and I think that young girls definitely look up to them as they want to be just like them as they are so sweet, cool and popular. They are so kind and sweet to each other which makes them even more likeable too. They can be quite funny sometimes and the comedy shows through the dialogue when they speak to each other.

      I think that this book is great for encouraging young girls to read, as these book are considered 'cool'. I remember when I was in school, if you read outside of class, you were considered a bit of a geek, but because Mary-Kate and Ashley were so cool when I was younger, that these books were acceptable! Even though this book was released seven years ago (2005), I don't think that they will ever go out of date! The twins were massive when I was younger, yet you don't hear of them anymore, although I think that their books and movies will still be enjoyed by many generations to come!

      If you are looking for a great little read, then this book (as well as others in the series) are perfect! They would certainly make great stocking fillers for children this Christmas, and you can buy a copy of this book for as little as 1p from Amazon which I think is excellent value - and you could buy the whole series for just a few pounds!

      Thanks for reading!
      March 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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