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Unbelievable - Sara Shepard

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2 Reviews

Author: Sara Shepard / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 25 November 2010 / Genre: Crime & Thriller / Subcategory: Adventure Stories / Category: Thrillers / Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group / Title: Unbelievable / ISBN 13: 9781907410741 / ISBN 10: 1907410741 / Alternative EAN: 9780060887414

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2013 19:24
      Very helpful



      who is A?

      Unbelievable is the fourth book of the Pretty Little Liars series. When I finished the previous book, Perfect, I was planning to read a different book than this one but I found that the cliffhanger was so good I couldn't help but read on. I think this is one of the best books in the series as it is full of revelations and big secrets. I like this in a book as it keeps me reading with intrigue.

      In the previous book Hanna had worked out who she believed was A but before she could tell anyone she was runover by Mona.

      This book continues from there and Hanna is in hospital. I was pleased that she was fine because the books wouldn't have been the same without one of the main characters. As a result of the crash Hanna loses her memory of the night so finding A is still as hard as ever. How long will it take her to get her memory back?

      Emily and Maya were caught together at a party and Emilys mother didn't like her having a girlfriend. To help her cope Emily is sent to her family in Iowa who are strict and religious who will not accept this. I liked how she was moved away from Rosewood as we got to see how A would communicate from afar. Is Emily really free from A?

      After stealing Melissa's paper for a competition, Spencer realises she has a problem. Spencer and her family agree it is right to tell the school the truth but it could ruin there reputation. I think this shows just how much they care about social reputation over education. Although it is not the best decision I believe the people of this town really would do this.

      Aria ends up living with her dad and his new girlfriend after being kicked out of Sean's house. This is an awkward situation for Aria as her mother and father are split up and he's already got a new girlfriend. To make things worse there is a piece of news Aria doesn't really want to hear. Although I have liked reading Arias parts in the past I didn't find this as interesting as the rest of the characters this time. It felt like it was more about her parents rather than herself.

      During this book the friends believe they know who A is but when they go to report A things start going wrong. I thought the end of this book is the best chapters so far, I couldn't stop reading. I don't want to giveaway the ending but it is definitely a must read.

      The last few pages are such a surprise.


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        09.06.2010 07:58
        Very helpful
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        See review.

        After a recent trip to my local library and a quick perusal of the "just returned" section, I came across this book and after reading the synopsis on the back, decided that this sounded right up my street.

        The book in question is - "Unbelievable by Sara Shepard".

        The book starts with a group of 12 year old school friends, just embarking on another summer holiday from school, with them discussing what they would be getting up to.

        But this are no ordinary school girls, Ali, Spencer, Aria and Emily live in Rosewood, one of the richest places to live in America, this being the case these girls are spoilt beyond recognition with their every whim being seen to, this makes them quite mean and spiteful to people who they deem as being below them!

        The day after the original chapter the disappearance and ultimately the murder of one of the girls throws them al into disarray, though things are not as they might seem.

        No-one has ever been charged with the murder so the finger is being pointed at a good few people due in part to how obnoxious she was when she was alive, and may well have had a good few enemies.

        Couple this with the fact that someone seems to be stalking them by text, and knows everything about them, and guessing their every move.

        The final straw is when Emily thinks she has worked out the puzzle, but gets mowed down by a SUV and put into a coma.

        Does Emily hold the clues to the murderer, or is the plot even more sinister than they originally thought?!

        This started out quite promising, with there being a secret that the girls shared before any of the storyline actually kicked in, then after the murder and the constant texts that seem to imply that the stalker must actually be able to split themselves into four to be able to keep up with them all, especially Hanna who after it is discovered she is gay, gets shipped out to her strict Aunty on the other side of America, still receives texts about where she is!

        By the end I would like to say I had guessed who the stalker was, but by this time i had lost interest, though the murderer was a clever addition, with there being an interesting twist at the end, leaving the book open for a sequel.

        The book is really easy to read and flows beautifully, but with the distinct lack of sex and random swearing I think that this may actually be aimed at teenagers, with the characters probably being more aimed towards that age group, as I could only see them as brats, but a teenager may see them as something to aspire to with the perfect make-up and constant references to designer clothes and popstars!

        Price wise this is available from www.amazon.co.uk for the sum of £5.61.

        For more information visit - www.littlebrown.co.uk

        This is an easy enough read, that filled a few hours, but don't think I would bother again.

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-0-7515-3838-0


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