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Upsy Daisy Loves the Ninky Nonk! - Andrew Davenport

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Andrew Davenport / Edition: TV Tie-in Ed / Paperback / 24 Pages / Book is published 2008-06-05 by BBC Children's Books

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2010 15:10
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      Upsy Daisy Loves The Ninky Nonk

      Before Alfie was born I had never heard of this "In The Night Garden" that children were said to be obssesed With. But now he's here its ITNG everywhere and even though we have about 100 episodes all saved on Sky+ my mom insisted on buying him some books on the tv show to encourage him to read - and he is only 5 months old LOL. So a few weeks ago a big set of these books touched down in our house so I thought Id get round to reviewing them even though book reviews have never been my strongest subject!

      For those of you who have no idea In The Night Garden is a popular childrens TV show that seems to send babies and toddlers into trances when it's on. Characters like Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy & Makka Pakka appear in both the TV & are present in the books so the likelihood is that if you child likes the TV show version then they will probably like these books.

      This is basically the story of Upsy Daisy and how one day she had a funny idea to kiss everything she saw in the garden. A very simple story idea that brings in other characters as well and follows the layout of the TV show in a way as well. Usually at the end on the show there is a quick story recap on whats happened in the episode and the same layout is featured in the book so yes! That does mean singing and talking what sounds to us adults like total gibberish. The storyline is simple but it doesnt need to be anything amazing to keep a 5 month old interested and Alfie sits there giggling and gurgling throughout the whole time your reading this book so I guess it gets the thumbs up from him.

      This book is actually really nicely designed and it will definately attract the attention of any toddler or baby because the colours in it are very bright and eye catching also on each page there is a picture of whats happening which I try to show to Alfie while Im reading it but he simply tries to snatch it from me LOL. That is the reason why even though younger children will still enjoy this book I think their enjoyment and entertainment in it grows as they grow older. An older child will like the bright colours & great pictures all a smaller baby will like is the gibberish words!

      I do recommend but Id say from about 6 months upwards so they can fully enjoy it. But if your child is an ITNG fan like Im assuming every baby is then this is a great book to buy as its nicely designed, familiar and they adore it! Upsy Daisy Loves The Ninky Nonk will set you back around £3.99 (24 Page Book) but there is a gift set on amazon with around 7 books for £15 so if your interested that might be worth checking out.

      It gets the thumbs up from Alfie! Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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        31.03.2010 22:25
        Very helpful



        Great book for Night Garden fan

        Upsy Daisy Loves the Ninky Nonk

        Upsy Daisy Here I Come

        My daughter loved 'In the Night Garden', a toddlers programme shown on CBeebies and as she loves books we brought this book for her to add to her ever growing collection and has become a firm favourite of hers, even though she can not read it herself as of yet!


        In the Night Garden is produced by Ragdoll Productions from the creator Andrew Davenport, who also wrote this very book. The programme is mostly live action with a mix of actors in costumes, puppetry and animation.

        In the Night Garden follows a group of colourful characters with very unusual names as they all meet up in a garden setting at night just before their bedtimes. There is not a lot of speech, though what speech there is create learning through repetition. Although not a very educational programme, it helps children relax before bedtime with some lovely tunes and simple to watch storylines for young children.

        Within the Night Garden there are nine main characters or groups of characters, all with unusual names and very colourful looks. The characters include;

        Iggle Piggle
        Upsy Daisy
        Makka Pakka
        Ninky Nonk
        Pinky Ponk

        I wont go into detail about all the characters as this book only features two of the characters in the series, though if you want to know more about these characters then please see one of my other Night Garden reviews.

        Within this book the two main characters are Upsy Daisy and Ninky Nonk;

        Upsy Daisy is very similar looking to a modern ragdoll with browncomplexion and brightly coloured clothes, complete with a skirt that puffs out when she is happy. Upsy Daisy can often be seen with her colourful bed that always seems to run away from her (this programme is very random!). As with all the characters, Upsy Daisy has a couple of catchphrases seen and heard in every episode and book. These include 'Daisy Doo' and 'Pip pip onk onk' - very unusual phrases though phrases my daughter picked up very quickly! Daisy's favourite pastime is singing very loudly and annoying the other characters in the garden.

        The Ninky Nonk is a small train (that somehow gets bigger to allow the characters in!) with five different compartments to suit the different characters who ride on it. It has many different and weird sounding noises as it travels around the garden which can get quite annoying!

        THE BOOK

        The book comes in paperback form with slightly thicker covers and all quite easy for young hands to tear! The front cover is extremely colourful and bright reflecting Upsy Daisy herself, with a beautiful picture of Upsy Daisy in the center surrounded by an image of the garden from the television programme. Around her is other drawing images of the Ninky Nonk, Iggle Piggle (who is Daisy's best friend) and daisies. The title is in clear font below. The back shows the scene from the final goodnight part of the programme with promotions of the other books.

        The colourful images continue throughout the book with images of screenshots from the programme as well as a few sketches. The font is easy to read and quite large for early readers. My daughter thoroughly loves looking at the bright pictures whilst I read to her.

        Although the book is paperback, it is slightly thicker than an adults book though still very easy to crease and tear. It is a square haped quite large book though the thickness is really thinin comparison to many childrens books and to be honest isn't really worth the £3.99 RRP. I was able to pick this book up for £2.00 which was a much better price (even though there is only £2.00 difference!).

        Other books in the series include;

        Makka Pakka What a Funny Noise
        Where is the Pinky Ponk going?
        Iggle Piggle Lost
        Tombliboos trousers on the Ninky Nonk
        Where are the Pontipines?

        THE STORY

        The story begins with the same opening as on the programme with Upsy Daisy's little song in words to make the opening familiar to young children. The story then goes into a short yet sweet little tale about Upsy Daisy going around the garden and giving kisses to each of her friends and items within the garden. She then decides to get on the Ninky Nonk as it would be easier to get around to kissing everyone that way and manages to kiss more characters and a lot of daisies though soon the Ninky Nonk starts getting upset and making strange noises. Daisy remembers that she hasn't given the Ninky Nonk a kiss which is why it is upset so she gives it a big kiss and it is happy again.

        All this first part of the story has screencapped images from the programme itself. After this, as with the programme, the story repeats itself in a quick fashion with sketched pictures.

        At the end of the book there are three pages saying goodnight to all the characters in turn as in the programme with Iggle Piggle last. The words are exactly the same as in the programme to help children learn to read along.

        FINAL WORD

        As you can see, this book is very simple and very short. It has some lovely pictures and a sweet story, though is not very durable so best left until your child is safe without risk of tearing the pages. I am lucky with this as my daughter may be only two (nearly!) but she loves books so much and is very careful.

        My daughter thoroughly enjoys listening to me read this to her and often copies some of the noises and certain repetitive words in it whilst I read, and gets excited to see her favourite character on each page. As your child gets older, this book is perfect for helping learn to read with the big font and repetitive sentences.

        Overall I think this is a lovely book, even though after seeing the programme so many times I get annoyed with it! I would fully recommend this book for any In the Night Garden fan.


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