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Usborne Activities: Fairy Things to Make and Do - R. Gilpin

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2008 17:48
      Very helpful



      A "makes" book by Usborne

      Fairy things to make and do

      One of our usborne make and do books, which tends to get a lot of usage at different times of the year.

      THE BOOK

      The book has a very brief contents page which also incorporates the inside front cover, which is good news for anyone wanting to get straight into the makes without any preamble.

      In total there are 17 makes including: funky fairies, Fairyland Painting, Sparkly fairy wings, Fairy tiara and Fairy Collage. The makes are quite diverse, and whilst some are makes that can be worn, others are pictures, puppets or cards. So, there is bound to be something as the occasion demands. Each double page spread has the title of the make and the instructions in numbered stages. These are very clearly defined, so there is not a lot of chance of making the thing in the wrong order. The double page spread has pictures of the make as it is at each stage as well as pictures of the finished 2product2. these are bright and appealing, and certainly make children want to have a go.

      The activities are usually quite simple to follow and because the stages are clearly ordered, children can usually have a go without too much adult intervention.

      In the centre of the book are lots of shiny silver stickers- hearts, crowns, diamonds; almost anything you could need or want to decorate your fairy make.


      ISBN: 0-7460-5667-2
      RRP: £4.99
      Website: www.usborne.com


      For anyone interested in fairy makes, there are similar books available, but careful, because, like me, you run the risk of being inundated with the things! The books include:

      * 50 fairy things to make and do
      * Little book of fairy things to make and do
      * Christmas Fairy book of things to make and do
      * Fairy things to make and do pack


      For anyone interested in making a whole host of predominantly pink and sparkly things, this is a good one! The pictures and instructions are clear with the latter being easy to follow. The makes will require adult intervention, because I tend to find that children like their makes to look like the ones in the pictures, so to avoid disappointment, we tend to work through the activities together.

      The required materials tend to be materials which are readily available or easy to get hold of. Here comes my grouch; as with many of the usborne books, the list of required materials isn't stated at the start of each double page spread. We often start something and then find we need and extra item, and so have to put the make on hold. An example were the fairy wings, which were going fabulously until we got almost to the end and found we needed food wrap- none in the house and a trip to the shops required. To avoid frustrating a little person in mid make, I now read it through, completely, make a full list of materials, and make sure I have them before we start.

      Grumble aside, it is a good quality book with appealing illustrations, well set out instructions, and some good makes.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela x


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        01.07.2007 13:23
        Very helpful



        A great book for fans of fairies!

        - Introduction -

        This is a great book for anyone who is ‘big’ in to fairies and wants to create lots of fairy based things. This is why I bought this book as one of my nieces perfectly fits the bill! Before I begin, I have to point out that dooyoo is showing a picture of the book, ‘Fairytale Things to Make and Do’ which isn’t the title of the review.

        - The book -

        At the beginning of the book as you would expect there is a Contents page, very easy to use.
        There are 17 things to make, which I have listed below:
        ~ Funky fairies
        ~ Fairyland paintings
        ~ Fairy wands – a big favourite!
        ~ Fairy door signs
        ~ Printed fairies
        ~ Flowery fairy wall-hanging
        ~ Fairyland butterflies
        ~ Fairy pop-up card
        ~ Flower garlands
        ~ Sparkly fairy wings
        ~ Fairy puppets
        ~ Fairy palace
        ~ Fairy tiara – another ‘must-have’ item, apparently!
        ~ Fairy collage
        ~ Fairyland caterpillar and flowers.
        ~ More card ideas

        In the centre of the book there is a double page spread of silver stickers that can are easily peeled off and either used on the ‘makes’ for the things in this book or just generally stuck on anywhere and quite honestly anything! There are crowns, stars of varying sizes, hearts, circles and snowflakes.

        Most of the craft activities take up a double page spread. There is a picture of the finished item which in my experience looks a whole lot neater than the ones a 3-5 year old can make but it gives a great idea to the child and more importantly the not-so arty adult, as to what it should look like!

        The activity is very, very simply explained in step-by-step, numbered sections with an accompanying picture of each stage which I found to be really useful for both of us.

        - Our thoughts on the book and activities -

        These activities don’t cost an enormous amount of money. Anyone with children in the house will already have many of the required items, e.g. card, PVA glue, sellotape, coloured paper and paint, straws, silver foil, egg boxes & tissue paper. The only things that you may need to buy are: netting, tissue paper and sponges for printing but these are relatively cheap and easy to get hold of.

        Adult help is dependent upon the age of the child. Up to 6 and I still help with the more ‘fiddly’ aspects of making some of the things, e.g. cutting in to the ‘bumpy’ section of a bendy drinking straw to fold the antennae of the butterflies outwards and pushing a piece of ribbon through a bead, which you’ve got to admit is beyond most infant / KS1 children.

        However a lot can be done by children, such as the paint splattering and designing the funky fairies outfits etc.

        - Price -

        The paperback version that I bought, ISBN: 0 7460 4667 2 was £4.99. However on Amazon they are available from just 61p just in to account P&P charges.

        - Usborne Activities Books -

        Usborne have a huge range of activity books available. I have listed some of their ‘make and do’ activity books which they hope cater for the masses!
        ~ Pirates
        ~ Summer
        ~ Mermaid
        ~ Knights and castles
        ~ For Dads
        ~ Sparkly things
        ~ Monster things
        ~ Princess things
        ~ For Christmas
        ~ Fairytale things
        ~ Easter things
        ~ Wizard things

        - Final Thoughts -

        This book is a great buy for any adult who is looking for inspiration in fun arts and crafts activities. It’s easy to use in a combined effort, just be prepared to have to work alongside your youngster whilst making them. Yes, they could be left but the activities do require an element of precision that only older children or adults can offer, unless that is, you have an incredibly ‘gifted’ young artist.

        The results, although slightly different to the ones shown in the book are great and my niece has always been delighted with the end result, even if her Mummy and co aren’t!! Only joking!

        Finally, this is a great book to buy for any little one who is really in to fairies and all things related to them.


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