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Animal Hide and Seek - Stephen Cartwright

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Author: Stephen Cartwright / Format: Hardback / Date of publication: 27 June 2003 / Genre: Novelty Books / Subcategory: Picture & Activity Books / Category: Interactive & Activity Books & Packs / Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd / Title: Animal Hide and Seek / ISBN 13: 9780746055755 / ISBN 10: 0746055755 / Alternative title: Usborne Farmyard Tales: Animal Hide and Seek - Stephen Cartwright / Alternative ISBN 10: 0746055757

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    6 Reviews
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      12.04.2012 09:14
      Very helpful



      Great toddler book

      My 2 year old was given this book as a present from his godmother during a recent visit and he seems to really enjoy reading it. Its published by Usborne (2007), is a chunky board book, with 12 pages and flaps. It is approximatley 22x3x22cms, so great for little hands and sturdy enough to withstand knocks and bumps. It is illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.

      It is currently retailing on Amazon for £5.58, including free delivery.

      The front of the book has a picture of a farmyard with a cow, complete with furry nose, Woolly the sheep (a favourite in our house), who has a woolly body and a dog with fluffy ears, along with a few other animals and 2 children who live on the farm.

      On the first page is a barn and 1 cow, its asks you to open the barn door flap to reveal daisy the second cow, the theme of the book is that on each page there are 1, 2 3, 4, animals but not all of them can be seen, your child has to lift the flaps to find the missing animals, on the last page all of the animals come together and you need to locate the 2 children that live on the farm. Throughout the book there are flaps, animals with fluffy or furry bits and touchy feely bits such as shimmering water, prickly thorns or textured grain.
      The books offers a lot in terms of child development, as it encourages them to count, identify different farm animals and items you would find on a farm, such as buckets, tractors and chicken coops. It is bright and colourful and the flaps are fairly sturdy, so should last a while. My son likes to read it over and over, each time getting excited about locating the various animals. It encourages him to learn whilst having fun which is always a good thing in my opinion.

      Overall I would recommend this book to others, as it offers a lot and is quite an enjoyable way to spend time together.


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      28.02.2011 11:02
      Very helpful



      A really good lift the flap book

      Even before I was expecting my daughter I would regularly purchase books from one of the suppliers that would call into my place of work so I had quite a collection once she came along! One of the first books I bought was an Usborne book, and having previously been a nursery nurse I was a big fan of the Usborne range.

      Animal Hide And Seek is a touchy feely board book which is aimed at young children, I would guess at around 12 months and above. The cover of the book shows a farmyard scene with a hen, cow, sheep and dog along with two small children. The cows nose, sheeps body and dogs ears are all different textures for the child to feel and the bucket is a mirror so in the right light the child can see themselves. The reverse of the book tells me that the book features a game of hide and seek, and by lifting the flaps inside there are lots of furry and textured patches to feel throughout, along with some simple counting opportunities.

      As I said the book is a board one, and the pages are extremely thick so would take a child a great deal of effort to even bend one of them. I think it is also good that they are so thick as the child can get a good grip on the side to turn the page over easily as some board books are quite thin so it can be difficult initially for them to turn the pages.

      Inside the book on the first double page we see a little dog just having a nosy in the barn, there is only one cow in the barn "Where's Daisy?" On the opposite page there is a large flap of a green wooden door to be opened and Daisy the cow is revealed along with the words "She's hiding!". Over the page the little dog is peering into the pigpen, there are only two pigs, "Where's Curly?" and again there is a large flap of a pigpen door which reveals Curly the pig and the words "He's hiding!". The theme continues on the following pages, with three sheep - with the fourth revealed by a flap in the shape of a bush, four hens - with the fifth revealed by the henhouse flap, and on the final page Poppy and Sam, the two children are hiding behind a haystack on the tractor trailer, and inside the tractor respectively.

      This book is a really fantastic introduction to lift the flap books especially with the pages being so thick and the flaps are a really good size for little fingers to get hold of. Each page is full of different textures and throughout the book you will come across fur, velour, bobbly plastic (can't think how else to describe it), shiny plastic, velcro, wool and mirror among others. I love the textures and colours throughout the book, I think it really grabs the childs attention and holds it right until the end.

      Another great side to this book is the introduction to counting, albeit a very discreet one as on each page the number of animals grow by one and there is the opportunity for the child to start to count to five which at a young age is a great start .

      My little girl absolutely adored this book, even now at three she will get it from the bookshelf to read, hence my reason for reviewing it today. Of course now she can read it by herself so I am pretty much redundant but it is lovely hearing her read it to herself and count the animals along with feeling the textures - she still hates the velcro!

      The recommended retail price of this book is £8.99, though I am sure I didn't pay that price for it and looking on Amazon you will find it for around the £5 mark which isn't a bad price at all for such a high quality book. We have had this book for three years, and I introduced it to my daughter at around six months so it has been very well used and it is still in god condition with only one of the flaps a bit bent so I think that is testament to the quality of Usborne books.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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      18.08.2010 21:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Who Can You Find?

      I bought this book for my daughter last Christmas, at the time she was about 14 months and really getting into 'lift-the-flap' books, and when I saw this had great reviews on Amazon I added it to my basket.

      **The Book**

      The book has quite a long title - 'Usborne Touchy-Feely Farmyard Tales. Animal Hide and Seek (with flaps)', illustrated by Stephen Cartwright and published by Usborne.

      It is a hefty board book, and by hefty I mean it has got a very thick cardboard cover with very thick board pages, essential for clumsy and eager toddlers. The pages are that strong that they are unbendable, so this book should technically remain undamaged throughout its life in a small child's home library. And this has actually been true in our case, we've had it for 8 months and it's still in brilliant condition despite regular use, apart from a couple of the flaps which are creased; but they are still intact I hasten to add!

      **The Content**

      There isn't actually a story to speak of in this book, it just takes you through the farm finding different animals, and usually they are hiding behind the flap!

      For example the first page says:

      "There's only one cow in the barn. Where's Daisy?"

      And there on the page is a cow peeping round a door, a dog skipping along, a cat, a hen and some other random birds...and a mysterious flap...under which you find 'Daisy' the missing cow. Also on the page are various 'touchy-feely' bits for your child to feel, the dog is furry and the cow's nose is fuzzy.

      Each page runs on the same theme with a missing animal hiding under a flap. The difference is that the animal changes on each page, and also the number increases as you turn the pages; you have two pigs, three sheep, and finally four hens, so it can be used as a counting aid as well as a tactile book. On the last page you have to find Poppy and Sam (the two farm children who are hiding on the tractor). You are also greeted by all the animals you have found throughout the book.

      **My Thoughts (and my daughter's)**

      I think this is a lovely book, (especially since I am not keen on the sheer quantity of rubbish Usborne books that seem to be throwing themselves into the market at the moment), it's a simple theme with simple pictures, and my daughter loved it the moment she set eyes on it. It was one of her favourites for a long time (although not so much now).

      The pictures are lovely and detailed enough so that there are lots of things to find on each page, such as little birds chasing a bug, or a hen eyeing up a worm. There is also a little yellow duck to keep your eye out for on each page, he is usually hiding behind something or someone, but you can't miss him and this is certainly an aspect of the book that my daughter has really enjoyed. Its little things like this that makes a book different to the rest.

      The textures to feel throughout the book are varied and very touchy, i.e. you can actually *feel* it rather than just see it. There are lots of different fluffy bits, like the fluffy dog or fluffy pig's ear, and lots of little fluffy yellow chicks. But there are also scratchy bits on plants, or bumpy bits in a bucket of pig food. They really have varied the textures and this really adds to the enjoyment of the book, my daughter doesn't let you turn the page until she has felt every texture.

      The flaps are large, strong and well made; they are easy to lift without being ripped immediately. I don't know how they've done it, but they are really stuck on there and won't be coming off in a hurry. My daughter has quite a few flap books, most of which are damaged in one way or another due to her rough touch, but this one has remained intact.


      It's a great book for children, especially children who perhaps cannot sit through a 'normal' story. There are enough things on the pages to hold their attention and keep them occupied. My daughter is certainly one of these types of children, but she always enjoyed looking at this book and would sit on my knee and read it with me over and over again.

      I'd recommend it for children from about 10 months and upwards.

      RRP £9.99
      Currently on Amazon for £5.40
      ISBN 978074605575-5


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        04.06.2009 14:35
        Very helpful



        A perfect book for introducing children to storytime.

        I am going to tell you about this book as it is one of the most read books we have ever come across yet we do not own it.

        My children borrow this from our local library and the nursery library on a regular basis as it is a firm favourite.

        The edition that the nursery have is a paper back but the library version is a hard back and is in much better condition.

        Both seem to very sturdy pages and really strong resiliant flaps but you have to make sure you turn the flaps back the correct way before closing the page or it gets damaged.

        Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations and full of colour yet not at all confusing.

        It is a great introduction to the Apple Tree Farm story book collection as it introduces the characters in avery simple way. The animal picture are very easy to recognise and each page has a different textured part to touch and help children discover the their senses.

        The story does have a very basic plot of trying to find the lost animals which many young childrens book lack.

        This is a great book that my children have loves since around 8 months old. I would say that it is really aimed at toddlers.


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          25.05.2009 13:53
          Very helpful



          a great little book for babies and toddlers

          This was a book we bought for our son's first birthday. Having been impressed with the Touchy feely books in the Usbourne book collection such as "That's not my Bear" we were looking for something similar but that had flaps too as he was starting to enjoy hunting for things in books. This combination was harder to find than I thought it would be and this is one of the few we could find that had big enough flaps for a one year to hold and turn.

          This books is part of the Farmyard Tales series written by Jenny Tyler and illustrated by Stephen Carwright.

          As in common with most Usbourne books even the cover has something of interest for the child in this book there are touchy feely bits which are Wooly's body, Rusty the dogs ears,Daisy the cows nose and a bucket.

          The story happens over 5 double pages of the cardboard book. Each page has several touch feely bits of various animals and farmyard equipment. The page has one flap that hides the animal or in the case of the last page two flaps that hid two children. The book also gradually builds up counting going from "There's only one cow in the barn. Where's daisy" too "There are only four hens in the farmyard. Where's Clucky?" The illustrations are bright cheerful and fun too look at. On each page also for the child to find there is a duck hiding amid the illustrations. This is perhaps for older children as my son (16 months) hasn't got the hang of this part yet when we ask him where is the duck?

          He really enjoys reading this book with either myself or my husband and now that he has read it lots of times knows where the flaps and touchy feely parts are and often goes straight to them.

          Where from- We bought this book from Waterstones for our son but it is also available at Borders and Amazon. The book price is £8.99 though when looking for this book as part of writing the review they seemed to be a great deal of variation in price from as much as £10.66 down to £5.39

          I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to other parents of toddlers as its a great read and packed full of different bits for children to enjoy


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          24.01.2005 19:39
          Very helpful



          Out of all the toddler board books I have read with my son this is by far my favourite. I bought it in the summer just before a family holiday, I was looking for a book that would keep my then 12 month old son entertained for as long as possible on the plane.

          My son is really into books that have textures to feel or flaps to open but very rarely do you see a book that has both of these functions. I spent ages looking for a book like this and here it is….


          This is a fairly large board book measuring 22cm x 22cm, by board book mean a book suitable for babies and toddlers made with hard board pages. In all through the book there are 10 pages, the books comes from the Usborne Farmyard Tales range. Each page has textures to feel and flaps to open to find hiding animals.

          The front cover shows the main characters from the book (this is also has textured bits) and the title – Animal Hide and Seek.


          I will run through the characters as this book comes from a series of Farmyard Tales by Usborne as the characters can be found in each book.

          Daisy the Cow – Daisy is a traditional looking cow, white with black patches.

          Curly the Pig – Curly is a pink pig with a curly tail and is generally smiling.

          Woolly the Sheep – Woolly is a white sheep with a big tuft of hair on his head.

          Clucky the Hen – Clucky is a brown hen usually surrounded by loads of chicks.

          Rusty the Dog – a brown dog with big fluffy ears.

          Poppy and Sam – the little girl and boy who are in most farmyard tales, generally showing you around the farm looking for lost animals etc.

          The Little Duck – this is my favourite character in all the books. In every farmyard Tale book there is a tiny little yellow duck with a red beak. She is hidden on each page, sometimes just his head peaking out, sometimes his whole body. I think this is a great idea, every time we read one of the books my toddler hunts for the little duck. Its wonderful for getting a little one really interested in a book, I never even realised there was a hidden chick on each page until I read it on the back of one of the books – so look out for this!


          This is not a storybook as such, more of a find the missing animals.

          The first two pages take you to the barn and there is only one cow – where is daisy? Open the big door to find her. While you are here you can stroke Rusty the dogs furry coat and the cows noses.

          The next two pages take you to the pigpen – but there are only two pigs, where is Curly? Open the door to find him. One of the pigs is eating out of a bowl of textured food while the other is drinking from a trough of shiny water.

          Now go to the field, but there are only three sheep – where is Woolly? Pull back the hedge to find him. Now, these are my son’s favourite pages. Among other textures to feel there are two big thistles made from Velcro – Louis spends ages rubbing his nails on these!

          Now on to the farmyard, there are only four hens – where is Clucky? Open up the Chicken Coop to find her with her eggs. Scattered around there two pages are lots of tiny fluffy chicks. There is also a shiny bucket made from a mirror that the little ones can look at their reflection in.

          We are at the end of the book now and all the animals are found. There is a big tractor with a trailer full of hay – but where are Poppy and Sam? Sam is hidden in the Tractor and Poppy is hiding behind the hay. The little fluffy chicks appear again on this page and the tractor has shiny corrugated card down the side that you can run your fingers down.


          Now, this is I feel is a bit pricey - £8.99. I think that most kid’s books are over priced, it hardly encourages reading. But compared to other books this is about right as it is a much bigger and more detailed book than I have seen anywhere else.

          I purchased mine from Waterstones, but it is also available direct from Usborne at www.usborne.com on this site they also have details of the other Farmyard Tales books. I haven’t seen this particular book at my library but I have seen loads of the smaller books in this range.


          Overall I would say this book is excellent. It really is the best baby and toddler book I have come across yet and my son absolutely loves it. The pages are really strong, there is so much to look at and touch and open and close.

          The only two negative points I have found are first as I mentioned previously the high price. Secondly, as with most books with flaps they never seem to be strong enough that they don’t get all bent, however none of the flaps in this book have actually ripped or come away from the book.

          ****Contact Information****

          Usborne Publishing Ltd
          Usborne House
          83-85 Saffron Hill
          EC1N 8RT


          ISBN 0 7460 5575 7

          I hope that I have covered everything, but if you have any questions, please ask me. It is difficult to write pages on a toddler book!

          Thanks for reading my review.

          Jens x


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