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Where's Wally? In Hollywood - Martin Handford

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2 Reviews

Author: Martin Handford / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 03 March 2008 / Genre: Interactive & Activity Books & General / Subcategory: Picture & Activity Books / Category: Interactive & Activity Books & Packs / Publisher: Walker Books Ltd / Title: Where's Wally? In Hollywood / ISBN 13: 9781406313222 / ISBN 10: 1406313222 / Alternative EAN: 9781406305883

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2012 01:29
      Very helpful



      A great puzzle book for anyone looking for something that will occupy them for ages

      After my sisters recent obsession with Where's Wally from finding a book in my room and spending hours obsessing over it, I decided to purchase a new set of the series books. Where's Wally In Hollywood focuses around Wally going into different parts of Hollywood and movie sets. The RRP of this book is around £6, and I paid this when I bought it, but it is definitely worth the money. You can probably pick this book up cheaper on the internet thouhgh than in stores.

      The look of the Where's Wally books are quite clear, as it is a large paperback book with Wally on the front of it. However this one is different to the others, as it has a film theme to it, with Wally clutching a clapper board (at least I think thats what they're called!) and a large group of people underneath him are clearly involved in movie sets.

      The layout of the book is similar to the others in the series, with each location going across a double page spread. Each location must feature over a thousand small little people all doing different things with a variety of items, and whoever created this sure has a lot of paitence as there is literally no blank space on the pages. Mark Handsford, the creator, must have spent ages creating all the things included in the book!

      Almost every page has a distinctive theme, and fits in with the Hollywood theme of the overall book. The titles of the pages within this book include(and it's pretty obvious what the theme and designs on the page will be from them) are:
      - A Dream Come True
      -Shh! This Is A Silent Movie
      -Horseplay In Troy
      -Fun In The Foreign Legion
      -A Tremendous Song And Dance
      -Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
      -The Wild, Wild West
      -The Swashbuckling Muskateers
      -Dinosaurs, Spacemen and Ghouls
      -Robin Hoods Merry Mess Up
      -When The Stars Come Out
      -Where's Wally The Musical

      The book is great for anyone who is looking to waste a few hours and loves a good finding game. I have spent loads of hours over just one scene in the book, and so has my sister! There is still the other Wally characters to find in all the locations, Woof, Wenda,Whitebear, Odlaw and 25 other Wally characters you must look out for! Not only that, but there is also the checklists included for each of the locations at the back of the book which include so many things, I still haven't got all of them yet! It definitely gets more challenging as the books go along, but it wouldn't be as fun if it didn't!

      Definitely go and pick yourself up a copy today, you won't regret it, it's much better than just watching TV!


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      02.06.2011 08:59
      Very helpful



      A great book

      ==Where's Wally? In Hollywood==

      In this number four book of Wally we are taken in and around Hollywood in the various different scenes which make up this book. Jack has worn the book to within an inch of its life already and he has only had this one a few weeks. We have been dishing a book out one a week if he hits his 25 star target on his reward chart which has been a brilliant incentive and worked well at making him behave! The downside is for the last 8 weeks or so every waking minute it seems all he talks about is Where's Wally!

      ==Price and Availability==

      The RRP of this single book is £6.99 in the UK which I feel is a little on the high side but taking into account the hours of fun and time spent on the book I guess its not too bad. However you can get them a good deal cheaper online and when purchased in a set this will often work out a lot cheaper when working out the price of a single book.

      I was lucky to win the set of 6 books in a bag from work but I know the set was from The Bookpeople and was £10 to buy and in my view if I had of bought these myself to use as rewards each week it would have been far better than using sweets or other more expensive books or toys so I probably would have paid out that £10 price for the six books and the bag.

      ==Look and Design==

      The Wally books are instantly recognisable as what they are and most of them have the same large sized paper backed book with a section of a Wally scene on the front. This Hollywood book has a definite film feel to it with the light beams pointing across the background and Wally holding a Take board with the books name printed across it in large print on the front page.

      The double page spread of the different scenes in the book are all hand drawn and must have been painstakingly done by the creator but well worth the effort for the millions of pounds he has probably made. The scenes of this book seem to be more structured and to the Hollywood theme more than other Wally books we have. The pages have different types of films such as, westerns, space films, black and white films, medieval films and the like. The trickiest scene of the whole book is the "Where's Wally The Musical" scene which is the last one in the book and totally covered in the red and white stripes of Wally's clothing making it so very difficult to find the real Wally.

      Each page of the book offers something different to look at and there are so many amusing little things going on that in the hunt for Wally and the other characters there is always a lot of giggles along the way. The scenes have all been well thought out and they always seem to hide Wally in a different placing on the book and as the books go on, its only getting harder and harder to spot him.

      ==My Overall Opinion==

      jack really does love the Wally books but this Hollywood one is perhaps his favourite one. The scenes are fairly hard which made it more challenging and they are all so very different which makes for a really good puzzle book. The fact that there are so many things that you can hunt out on each scene makes the time taken on reading and looking at the book immense. The list of items at the back of the book give around 20 additional things to look for along with the standard charters such as Wally, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw and Woof and their accessories there is just an endless amount of fun.

      These are the perfect books to take out on long journeys or even short half hours journeys in the car Jack will take his book and we won't hear a peep out of him the whole way (which is a great improvement on the ton of moaning he used to do!).

      Although the RRP of the book is more expensive than I would like to pay I am sure that it is worth the money. The fact that they can be picked up a lot cheaper makes them a really good purchase in my opinion. Everyone likes a puzzle type of game and hunting down Wally and his friends is not just suitable for small children but children of all ages and adults alike. Himself and I get quite competitive about who will find that illustrious key first! (Usually me)
      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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