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Your Favourite Fireman Sam Story Collection: No.1 - Caroline Hill - Trevor

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Caroline Hill- Trevor / Hardcover / 64 Pages / Book is published 1992-04 by Hamlyn young books

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2010 15:11
      Very helpful




      My son totally loves fireman Sam. He adores the television programme and aspires to be a fireman when he is a 'big boy.' So when there was a book fair at his school recently, he came out of school clutching this book proudly. He had spent 30p on this book. I was very proud of his bargain hunting skills!!

      Your favourite Fireman Sam story collection. Is based around the fireman Sam television series. This book contains eight exciting stories which offer the reader an element of humour. I feel these stories are very well illistrated and allow great scope to discuss elements of the story with your child at reading time.

      My son loves these stories. I have read this book to him so many times. He now knows almost every word. He has never been particularly keen on listening to stories. But this book has really assisted me in promoting the joy of reading to my son.

      The stories are all based on the villiagers living in Pontypandy. Although the central characters include fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy fire brigade. Although the stories are fun. I love the way that they deliver hidden messages regarding fire safety and also the importance of team work.

      Each story is approx 8 pages long. Which I feel is ideal as it is long enough to hold a childs attention, but doesnt drag along and become tiresome. Its also great as a bed time story as it is long enough for your child to settle down and is a great addition to the bedtime routine.

      I would certainly recommend this book to any one who has a child who is fond of fireman Sam. The book is colourful and attractive. It is quite a big book though, which can be quite difficult to transport on holidays etc,.

      I love this book, simply because it has brought my son so much joy. I am very happy with the subject content. I feel it is age appropriate for my son who is 5. Although this could extend to a wider age group as older children will be able to read this book themselves.

      Stories included in this book

      Trevor's trial run
      Trevor Evans, the Pontypandy fire station officer is reluctant to practice for the upcoming Firestation fun run. As he is driving the minibus to work he is totally dreading this run. Suddenly the minibus breaks down. Trevor has to think very hard of a solution to get back to the station. The story that proceeds is very intresting and allows a childs imagination to be ignited.

      Normans Spooky night
      Norman is the resident troublesome tearaway who lives in Pontypandy. He is a loveable character. Typical little boy always up to some degree of mischief. This story revolves around a halloween in Pontypandy. Norman is desperate to scare all the residents. It follows his antics through the evening and concludes with a very funny outcome.

      A bad day for Dyllis
      Dyllis is Normans long suffering mother. Her nervous disposition always makes me smile. As a mother to a particularly mischievious 5 year old myself I can certainly relate with her frustration. Dyllis is also the owner of the local grocery store. Basically this story follows a day in the life of Dyllis. However this day is a particularly bad day for her. Everything she does seems to go wrong. What will happen when Dyllis leaves the iron on whilst she is on the phone????

      Bella and the birds nest
      There is a birds nest in Bella the Italian cafe owners cafe. This story follows the fire station trying to remove this nest. I think this story is great as it displays the message clearly the importance of team work.

      A suprise for Sarah.
      This story is one of the best in this book. It conveys a very serious message of the results of misbehaving when playing outside. This story revolves around Norman price. (suprise suprise!) and his two little friends Sarah and James. Basically this story is very dramatic and comes about when Norman and James convince Sarah to climb high in the barn. They promise her that they will play firemen and save her. But do they keep thier promise???

      The pride of Pontypandy

      This is another quite exciting story for children. This story involves the Pontypandy bus becoming stuck on a banks edge after rolling down the bank in the foggy weather. Will the fire brigade be able to save the bus from crashing??

      Elvis experiment

      I love the fire officer Elvis. He is totally obsessed with the king and has his hair gelled just like him and insists everyone calls him Elvis. He is a real comedy character and appealto both children and adults. This story follows another of his hair brained ideas. In this story he is in charge of preparing the fire station dinner. He is trying to create a culinary masterpiece. However his over ambition leads to serious problems when the fire service are needed to put out a fire in the fire station.

      Christmas in Pontypandy

      I think thisis the ideal story to conclude the book. It follows the Pontypandy residents at Christmas and displays how the residents work together in order to ensure everyone in Pontypandy has a nice Christmas. I love this story as it allows children to understand the importance of community spirit and how everyone can work together in order to achieve a great time.

      These great stories work well together in order to combine into a fantastically fun and facinating read.


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