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Brand: Asda

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2013 13:43
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      a kettle from Asda with a few extra features

      In our house we had a beautiful Breville model which I have previously reviewed but it just stopped working all of a sudden and I love my tea so much that I couldn't be without a kettle. I didn't want to spend too much on something to keep me going for the time being so I decided on this Asda model, nothing too fancy, no big brands just a simple kettle with a few extra features. I have never bought any household appliances by Asda before but this looked nice and for the price it seemed a not bad product. The capacity is enough for me at 1.7L which is pretty good and it also comes in a few different colours but I decided to go for black.


      This kettle is a nice design for quite a cheaper priced kettle, it is black in colour and is a plastic kind of texture and it has a water gauge which shows how many cups of water can be made from the water in the kettle. This display is right on the front, easy to see and what is even better is that all of the important buttons are silver so that they stand out, this is the button that flips open the lid and the switch to turn the kettle on so that it starts to boil. I don't have the exact measurements for this other than that it holds 1.7L but it also has a 360 degree rotational base which is great meaning no matter what angle you place it on the base it will sit safely.


      This kettle has been great for me and is so easy to use, the cord on it isn't the longest so you will need to place your kettle really near to a socket, I would prefer it a bit longer but it still sits in a safe place. With it being cheaper than my last kettle I do notice that it takes quite a bit longer to fully boil than my last and this is also with less water in it too as I tend to only fill this until it is half full. When the kettle is switched on it turns a blue colour and the water gauge lights up which is nice and seems to be on a lot of newer kettles now. This goes off as soon as the kettle has boiled, so it is a great way of knowing that the kettle is on and off.

      This has a 3Kw fast boil element to it which I can't say I really notice but on the gauge it is easy to see what each level is. It has 0.8L which makes 4 cups of tea, 1.2L makes 6 cups of tea and the last is the 1.7L which makes 8 cups of tea which is a good amount, I have filled this up before but never tested how accurate these measurements actually are. The reason for the 360 degree base is that it makes it easy for both right and left handed people to use this. This has a locking lid on it for safety also, it isn't that noisy when boiling either which is good as I never really find that it bothers me, it is just a standard noise, not too loud.

      The lid open button is useful but I don't find that it opens the lid that much so I still have to pull it open further which is a bit annoying really. My only other quite big problem about this kettle is that it does leak which is not the safest, if it has too much water, I have picked it up a number of times to find water traces on the base which doesn't make me feel the most at ease. This is probably why it is cheaper as I wouldn't use it for a long period of time it is just to pass the gap until a few months time when I will get a better model. The design of it is nice though and it is very easy to clean which is good and so easy to put on, no other really big problems.

      It is an ok kettle if you want something quite stylish without paying too much but the leaking problem is quite a big issue for me, hence the low rating. It boils fine and it has a nice illuminating light and a good capacity but I don't like quite a few things such as the smaller cord on it and the flip lid switch. Maybe I am just being picky as I've had such great kettles in the past but for me, a kettle that boils fast is essential as I am impatient and hate waiting around so this is why I also find this a bit slow. It is great if you want something cheap or something to do you until you splash out on a fancier model but other than that I don't think I'd recommend it for much more.


      This kettle is available to buy at Asda only and you can buy it online at Asda Direct where they are currently charging £11.96 for it which is an alright price really and it does offer a few good features, you can pay via Paypal on here which is good too and you can collect in store.

      The official Asda Direct website is http://direct.asda.com/.


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