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Asda Stainless Steel Jug Kettle

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    5 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 02:11



      A nice looking kettle that worked ok for a month but then became dangerous.

      My kettle stopped working and I needed to repurchase, probably the usual reason for purchasing a kettle, unfortunately it broke at the end of the month when funds were low so I needed to look for a cheap replacement, however I did not want to have to replace again so I was looking to buy a kettle that was slightly up from your very basic budget one. I saw this whilst shopping in Asda, it was not the cheapest on offer but was of a reasonable price tag and was not going to break the bank at the time.

      I also thought that for a fairly inexpensive kettle it looked pretty good too. The design is sleek and classic looking and would probably not look out of place in most kitchens. I liked how it was a jug you could lift completely from the base to pour, the jug too is a very good size and holds a lot of water.

      I found that for the first month I had no problems whatsoever with this kettle, it did the job is was meant to whilst also looking pretty good in my kitchen, however after around a month I noticed that it was beginning to leak somewhere around the base. Yeah this was a bit scary as your messing with electricity and water here so not a good thing I thought. I tried filling the kettle a bit less as I thought maybe I was overfilling it and causing it to leak. Nope it still leaked, although not quite as much as when fuller. I stopped using it, I did not want to risk getting an electric shock, i've had one of those before and they are incredibly painful not to mention in some cases life threatening.

      As I did not keep the receipt I decided not to bother with the hassle of trying to return the kettle and just bought another, this time not from Asda but from John Lewis and I have had this one a few months now with no scary incidents and it works perfectly.

      So in summary on my experience with this product I would not recommend it from a safety aspect, perhaps it was a one freak kettle that I got, I suppose you will just have to make your own mind up there.


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      22.10.2013 21:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"


      A kettle from Asda

      I had been meaning to buy a new kettle for simply ages but, just kept on forgetting to have a look at them whilst I was out so finally at the end of January I managed to actually go out and buy a new one and this one was the lucky one that ended up joining our other kitchen appliances.

      The brand:
      My new kettle is an Asda branded kettle. I didn't deliberately go out to buy just a store branded one, more simply, that looking around, it just happened to be the one that fitted in with the specifications I wanted and within my price range.

      The packaging:
      The kettle was packaged in a rather large box of which had a picture of the kettle on and had a grey background on with a blue 'ASDA' logo in the top left. Along one side are a few small symbols in orange that state the kettle has a boil dry cut off feature, a 1.7L capacity and also a 360o swivel base.
      Inside the box all elements are wrapped separately so the kettle comes wrapped in a plastic bag and the base unit has a bubble wrap around it which also contains the plug.

      Setting it up:
      Set up could not be easier. Once everything is unwrapped it's just a case of wrapping the lead to the plug around the underside of the base unit to a length that suits you and then popping the kettle on top and plugging in. Done! As an added measure I always rinse out new products like these a few times before actually using it for its intended purpose, so in this case I swilled some water around the inside of the kettle a couple of times and then filled it to the top and boiled one lot of water before them completely emptying again and filling once more with fresh water. Possibly not needed for some people but, I just like to make sure it's all clean!

      Using it:
      The kettle is so easy to use too as simply click the button up and off it goes! The lid is opened by pushing the two buttons in that sit on the lid itself and whenever you take the kettle off the base, the kettle automatically sets the button back to off position. Once the kettle has boiled it also clicks itself off (as you would expect it to really!) and I have found for it to boil a full load of water it takes around 3 minutes.

      When I was looking for a new kettle I wanted something that was ideally metal because we have always had plastic ones in the past and although I have no problems with them I do feel they look cheaper. Also we now have a stainless steel fridge and once we upgrade our cooker we plan to get this in the same design so we now wanted it to match the rest of the kitchen. I didn't want it to be tiny as I drink a lot of tea myself and we have a lot of people who come to our home who require tea all at one time quite often, so it needed to be of a decent capacity and lastly I didn't want to pay the earth for it.
      So taking all this into account was how I came to buy this particular kettle as I looked in various shops and out of all the ones I saw this one I liked the most as it met all my requirements. Priced at £16.97, I felt this was a good price. I also get 3 months guarantee included with the kettle which is provided by Asda as it is one of their own branded electrical items.

      Overall opinion:
      I have been very pleased with my new kettle and am glad I chose this one. I feel it looks stylish in my kitchen and also because it holds a good amount of water, I can brew up for everybody in one go. I like that it looks good in my kitchen and on another note the actually weight of the kettle itself isn't very heavy considering it is mainly metal. The handle curves around the one side and there is enough space to get a large hand around it so it is comfortable to pick up and use even if you do have big hands.
      The only one downside I can find with the kettle is that because it is metal, then of course the outside gets extremely hot and you need to make sure you don't touch anywhere but the handle or lid once it has boiled or even just before. This isn't a problem for us but, I imagine it would be more of a worry if you had children although I would have thought the kettle would be placed out of their reach anyway!
      Overall I highly recommend this kettle and am just very happy I can carry on making my beloved cups of tea and coffee.


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        03.05.2013 21:01
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        A reliable, convenient and good looking kettle.

        Kettles come and kettles go, and my experience is that they come and go a little too often these days. Having said that, I think with these cheaper kettles you can just as easily get a good one as a bad one. If something's going to go wrong, it will probably go wrong sooner rather than later and supermarkets like Asda are superb when it comes to returning faulty goods.

        This is what happened to me last time. I'd bought a kettle from Asda, something went wrong with it and so I took it back. Normally when a shop asks if I'd like an exchange or the money, I take the money and shop elsewhere; but because Asda are so no-nonsense about it, I thought I'd give them another chance and in fact decided on this kettle as my replacement. It was different to the one I'd taken back and certainly not expensive.

        ~ Features ~

        When I got it home I was really rather pleased. The brushed stainless steel look is something I particularly like and it fitted in well with my other appliances. The lid was easy to open with its "pinch catch" mechanism, and there was a good feel to it - not "tinny". The water gauge meant that you could see how full it was and also see that the water was boiling. A light on the side indicated that the kettle was on, once you'd depressed the switch at the back.

        The feature I most liked was the power base. I think the term they use for this is a "swivel" base, but the significant point is that it's the type of base from which you can lift the kettle clear without having to unplug anything, or without having to wield the kettle and the lead at the same time. If you've never used this type before, it's surprising just how much more convenient it is. Just lift off and use.

        ~ Reliability ~

        At the end of the day (and for that matter, at the beginning of the day even more so) we want a kettle that is:

        a) Going to boil quickly
        b) Going to boil quietly
        c) Going to switch itself off, because nine times out of ten we'll have forgotten that we switched it
        on in the first place

        This delivers on all three counts. I've had this for well over a year, possibly two years, and it has shown no sign of failing. Admittedly, they don't, do they? They lull you into a deep sense of security and then one morning when you MUST have a cup of tea you go into the kitchen to find it dead on its perch. So far, however, so good.

        The one thing that is slightly annoying is that it has a plastic filter that sits just inside the spout. From time to time I have found this in the body of the kettle and then had to fish it out and fit it back on which is a little fiddly. I wouldn't mind so much, but I've never been able to work out whether the function of the filter is to keep things out of the kettle or to keep things in!

        ~ Care ~

        The outside needs a wipe with a damp cloth as often as your house pride prompts you. Don't use chemical or abrasive cleaners on the outside as it spoils the brushed stainless steel finish.

        The inside can be de-scaled with liquid de-scaler or with a weak solution of white vinegar. Leave it to stand without boiling overnight and then pour away the solution. Fill with clean water, boil and empty afterwards. The filter can also be cleaned with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner.

        Don't overfill, as this could lead to spillage. You shouldn't under-fill, either, but the boil-dry protection should switch it off anyway.

        ~ Cost ~

        I have the 1.7 litre version, which may or may not be available immediately, but Asda are currently offering a 1.5 litre kettle with a very similar design for £9.99. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

        Overall, despite the fiddly filter, I reckon this deserves five stars, because quite honestly I can't seriously fault it. Ok, so it doesn't whistle, but then perhaps that's not such a bad thing?


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          27.05.2012 17:23
          1 Comment


          • "Ease of use"


          Good kettle while it lasted, by managing with it in the meantime

          I bought this kettle last year when me and my boyfriend moved into our first flat. As we were just leaving home our budget was tight and while we wanted something cheap and cheerful, we still wanted something fairly stylish and not cheap looking. This kettle was ideal, as we don't drink hot drinks ourselves so it was really only for guests brews and gravy, etc, not full daily use. It was under a tenner, had a matching toaster available, and matched the fitted stainless steel appliances in our kitchen, so we made the purchase. It has been quite easy to clean and looks alot more than the price paid especially as it is cordless and has a neat and tidy base. The only issue I have is that after around 6 months of occasional use, it now leaks out of the base. I can't find exactly where the leak is coming from, but if water is left in the kettle then after a while a pool of water appears around it. Since we don't use it often, at the moment i just empty it out after use and that seems to be fine.

          For the price, I wasn't expecting a long lasting kettle, but definately longer than 6 months.


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            21.12.2011 11:15
            Very helpful


            • "Ease of use"


            It's a kettle that boils so slowly!


            I needed to buy a new kettle just over a year ago after suffering a minor electric shock from our old one. After looking at the range of kettles in my local Asda, I went for the supermarket giant's own brand stainless steel jug kettle as was on special offer at a price not much higher than the plastic ones.

            I prefer stainless steel kettles because in my experience they generally last a lot longer than the all plastic counterparts, but they are more expensive, so this seemed like a good price. In my experience I find that after owning a plastic kettle for a while that my drinks start to take on a funny plastic like taste which ruins them, and this doesn't happen with stainless steel ones.

            The kettle had been on my 'things to review list when I'm up to it' list for a while now, so I thought I would take the opportunity to review the kettle as I have been using exactly the same one while I was staying in one of the flats at the place I'm staying. The smoke alarm in my room at my temporary accomodation had sprung a leak and I had to go somewhere else while it was being fixed. Luckily nobody was hurt, and nothing was damaged.


            I paid £9.97 for my kettle in late 2010 when it was on 'rollback' reduced from £12.97 if my memory serves me correctly. Currently the kettle is now on sale for £8.97 on Asda's website.



            1.7 Litre capacity (minimum capacity 1 litre)
            Boil dry safety cut out
            360 degree swivel base
            Concealed element
            2200 watt power
            Removable filters
            6 month guarantee

            ~The kettle~

            Upon opening the box I'm presented with the kettle (well, it would look a bit silly without it wouldn't it?!!) the base unit, the instruction booklet and blurb about the manufacturer's guarantee.

            The main body of the kettle is in a brushed stainless steel, while the lid, the piece which connects the kettle to the base unit (and houses the power indicator which lights up as the kettle boils), and the handle are in black plastic. The water gauge is situated under the handle. Finally the on/off switch sticks out under the handle, which makes turning the kettle on and off easy. The kettle looks modern and stylish on the worktop, but it does look like something out of Dr Who in my opinion.

            There's not much to report about inside the kettle other than it's stainless steel, and it has an element (or rather the housing of it as it's a concealed element) which sticks up with, sorry I'm not being very technical with my description here, a black thingie on the end of it. Finally there is a filter fitted into the spout which is removable.

            The base unit is black and has a chord that pulls out which I'd say is a decent length. It's neither so short that it's difficult to place the kettle on the work surface, or too long that it poses a safety risk. The base is nice and sturdy, and lies flat as Asda have thoughtfully incorporated what I would describe as a mouse-hole doorway type notch to ensure the cable lies flat on the work surface even when the kettle isn't on it. That's a good thing as some kettle bases we've had ended up being on a jaunty angle as the chord doesn't stay where it should do whenever the kettle isn't on the base.

            ~The instruction book~

            The instruction book may be thin, but it contains all the vital information I need to be able to use the kettle safely and look after it, and it is very well written.

            ~Initial set up~

            Setting up this kettle is pretty much the same a other kettles on the market. Give the kettle a wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, taking care to avoid the electrical contact. Filling it with water to the full capacity and boiling it to get rid of any dust and residue from the manufacturing process. Then the kettle is ready to use.

            ~Using it~

            The kettle feels like it is well made, and that the lid and on/off switch is made out of high quality plastic and isn't going to break off easily, or that the lid is going to warp or buckle, as was the case on my previous kettle. I think it was the issue with the lid caused my mild electric shock as it didn't fit properly in the end and it would sometimes pop open while boiling, so I am pleased that on this kettle, that the lid is secure at all times.

            There are two choices when it comes to filling the kettle, I can either flip up the lid by pressing the 2 buttons on the top and lifting it up, or I can just use the spout. I usually opt for the latter where that option is available, then it's a matter of placing the kettle on the base unit, flipping up the switch and letting the kettle boil. It's also worth mentioning the kettle features boil dry protection.

            It seems inevitable, that whatever kettle that my family had, that we've somehow managed to lose the spout filter, this one is no exception. Usually, though, this normally happens after a few months of ownership, this one however lasted a year before it fell out never to be seen again so that is a record. The filter is user replaceable, though this is something I've never done. I imagine I would need to contact Asda to buy a new one.

            There are some shortcomings though.

            The kettle does get very heavy when there is water in it, even when it's at the bare minimum capacity. I don't boil large amounts of water except where I need to, such as boiling water for cooking pasta, or making up stock cubes. My arm can ache afterwards, I think it's more noticeable for me, as I have lost some physical strength as a result of my health problems, so it is something to take into consideration you have similar health issues.

            I'm not keen on the positioning of the water gauge under the handle as it's not easy to see it when filling the kettle with water. It would have been better to have located this where it was more prominent. My guess is that Asda wanted to keep the stainless steel element of the design plain, but I think being able to see the water gauge clearly is more important from a safety point of view so I don't underfill or overfill the kettle.

            Finally, there's the issue of how long it takes for this kettle to boil. It takes what feels like forever! It takes a few minutes to boil just a litre of water from a cold kettle, and several minutes to boil a full 1.7 litres! As I'd been staying in one of the flats, I put the kettle on to boil (to give it a clean as it hadn't been used for a few weeks) while I walked down to the kitchen in the main building to get some of my fruit and herbal tea bags, which takes me a few minutes to reach, and the kettle had only just boiled the minute I walked into the kitchen in the flat! It's at a snail's pace!! For me though, what is really puzzling is that Asda didn't make this kettle a fast boil model, but the cheaper plastic ones are.


            As I live in soft water area, that doesn't have major problems with limescale, I find I don't need to clean my kettle as often as people in hard water areas. When I do, I boil the kettle at full capacity with some water and a little bit of white malt vinegar to clean the inside. Just to ensure that I don't end up with vinegar flavoured hot drinks (which I would imagine would be worse than plastic), I boil the kettle again to be on the safe side. To clean the outside of the kettle is a matter of wiping it every so often with a damp cloth or sponge just as I did when I set up the kettle in the first place.

            FINAL THOUGHTS

            Well, what can I say? It's a kettle and it's more than capable of performing the task of boiling water whether it's for hot drinks, culinary use or anything else that requires boiled water. It's reasonably priced and boasts an excellent built quality. The weight of the kettle is an issue for me, especially when I am not feeling too good due to my health issues, but I put up with it at home because of the secure fitting lid and sturdiness, as I don't fancy another electric shock.

            When I'm in a position to move into my own flat or bungalow, I won't be purchasing another kettle like this. I'll go for something else that isn't as heavy but economical to run. With this in mind, along with the water gauge issue and the fact it isn't a fast boil model, and Asda's cheaper kettles are, that I award this kettle a 3 star rating.


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