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    2 Reviews
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      15.12.2012 22:07



      Good and the website was excellent for repairing it

      I have a number of Bosch products and I keep buying them due to the quality. Yet again I am not disappointed.

      I have had the kettle for over 5 years so any kettle that lasts that long has to have something going for it.

      The blue part is kettle is see through so you can judge how match water it has in it as well as any kettle on the market. The capacity at 1.7 litres is as big as if not bigger than most and I regularly fill to this level with not adverse effects. If you overfill and then boil the kettle has a safety device where the lid flips open (to vent steam) and a wire mesh snuggly fits (removeable for cleaning) near the spout to catch any particles that might be in the water.

      The handle is non slip being made of or having a rubber sleeve over it so no slippage with a kettle full of boiling water and the kettle sits on a robust holder with a decent 1m length electric cord.

      I did drop it and broke part of the lid mechanism. Not a problem as the Bosch website allowed me to buy a replacement part and the website also had diagrams of how to fit the part. So for £3.00 (the price of the part) the kettle was working 2 days after i broke it.


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      11.09.2007 19:51
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A Stylish kettle

      After breaking the handle on my last kettle I decided it was time to buy a new one and after reading several reviews online I settled for the Bosch TWK8SL1GB.

      I love my Bosch kettle; it is simply one of the best looking kitchen appliances that I currently own. It looks new, up to date and definitely stands out in a crowd and that is on looks alone.

      When shopping for a kitchen appliance, I often try to ensure that they all remain within my colour scheme which is usually white; however with this kettle I couldn't resist it.

      This Bosch kettle is jug shaped rather than the usual kettle shape and has a 1.7 litre capacity and with the see through blue coloured panel which circulates the kettle itself, you can see clearly how much water is currently within the kettle and it also has double sided indicator on both sides.

      It comes with a 360° Cordless Connection which means it isn't really cordless because the base stores the cord which plugs into the wall. Another feature of this kettle is that it is a rapid boil kettle which means it boils quickly usually within 2 or 3 minutes. Now the one thing which is quite different to another other kettle that I have owned is that the element which heats up the water within the kettle is hidden on the inside, so should you look inside the kettle, you won't see it at all other than that it is made of blue plastic. Further features of this kettle are that it has an Automatic Shut Off button so once the water is heated to boiling point it shuts off. To fill the kettle you simply ensure cold water is run through the kettle spout.

      The main exterior of the kettle, the lid and the spout are made from stainless steel while the handle is finished in black with a rubber casing. Although you shouldn't need to touch the exterior of the kettle to see if it is hot or has boiled, with this kettle the exterior stays cool to the touch, so it is perfectly safe to handle.

      There are many things that I liked about this kettle when I saw it, not only the shape and colour but the handle is easy to grip and is far enough away from the hot steam when you pour the hot water into your mugs or cups, whereas with my last kettle I found the steam was aimed towards me when I poured. The water when being poured from this kettle I found to be quite restricted with it's flow, not that it is a downside for me, it just ensures that the water doesn't come gushing out and ends up all over the place.

      This kettle does come at a price, having always bought a simplistic kettle I decided it was time to invest wisely this time and this Bosch kettle comes at a cost of £61.07 from my local Asda and it came with a two year warranty.

      So if you are looking for a new kettle and one that looks a bit different and is much more stylish than everything else on the market then I recommend this one, It boils water very quickly, has a large water capacity, is safe and looks great on your kitchen work top. This kettle can find it online costing from £60 to £75, so definitely shop around if you are looking to purchase a new kettle.


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      Short name: Bosch TWK8SL1GB

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