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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2010 22:53
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A great looking, smooth-talking Kettle (As far as they can) that does everything it should and more.

      Today was my parent's anniversary and what better way to say "I love you guys" than a brand new kettle.

      Well...It worked out well!

      After planning ahead due to the incredibly dilapidated last kettle I thought it was as good of an excuse as any to get a new, shiney kettle.

      Whilst rushing into our local Argos score yesterday afternoon, I sifted through the various pages in search of a cheap yet stylish kettle. Now I wont lie this wasn't my first choice nor the colour I intended but was all that was available.

      After staring in awe at the rather delicious looking black kettle, contrasting with the glowing red (I will explain later) it seemed so good. Alas they were out-of-stock.

      Moving onto the product.

      I've never heard of Breville in my life though my parents had (Apparently) owned one of their products quite a while back. Though it's still in it's first day of use I am pleasantly surprised.

      I want bore you with the specifications which are available to view somewhere on this page (I can see it above this little review bar) so let's get into the proper details.

      Now my initial reaction on the kettle: Unlike the other review I got the silvery-white kettle which has a chic and suave look that to me makes a great addition to the kitchen. To add to these looks, the kettle displays a cool blue on stand-by and a dangerous yet firm red that spoke "Work in progress" as the kettle was boiling. These colours are not a necessity to kettles as you know but really, who can drop the offer of an illuminating kettle. I can also see this helping to pour tea in the dark (I do not encourage or condone such silly behaviour, do not try this at home.)

      The actual kettle itself seems to be above my expectations for a kettle. Our last kettle was stainless steel, so the JK112 felt a little drab in it's plastic state but handled itself well. It grips well and insulates the heat quite well too so only the foolhardy who wish to spend two minutes of hand-to-kettle action will feel the burn.

      The lid opens in a futuristic, transformer-esque way, leaving me reminiscent of A Space Odyssey (See link and use every time upon opening the kettle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxLacN2Dp6A)

      The three-sixty degree turn on the kettle is a new thing in my kitchen so it adds for extra mobility.

      Now to combat directly the issue proposed in the other review. Whether or not this is an improved model is beyond me but I specifically poured a 'cuppa' with the intention of spilling the kettle (On a 7-cup indicator) and saw no problems other than my intense inability to hold firmly a small amount of water.

      Speaking of the indicator, the kettle has a rather delightfully deep structure meaning for (According to the indications marked on the side) an eight-cup limit which is right up my street after a hard day's work mixed with an intense caffeine addiction.

      Quickly on a sidenote, being into theatre it made no difference to me but the kettle does make a seemingly accumulative noise at it boils similar to the sound of a crowd of a few thousand applauding in a operatic theatre. It is loud but the sound is barely noticable unless you're intentionally trying to perceive it. It's also relatively fast in comparison to most kettles I know so enduring the sound is even less of a problem.

      There is a coil-wrap that goes beneath the kettle and the wire's reach does seem to be a little short for my taste but it has vague customisation which seemed -just- sufficient.

      In short, this kettle is sleek, very up-to-date as far as Kettles are concerned, visually appealing but somewhat noisey. I'd suggest the black or the silver, not the drab white.


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        12.06.2009 13:26
        Very helpful



        Don't buy it

        I purchased this as a replacement for my old kettle about 4 months ago. I decided to review it as I am not terribly impressed with it.

        I purchased it at Argos and I think it was about £24 at the time. This appeared to be at the higher end for normal jug kettle (as opposed to the fancy matching ranges).

        It is a white kettle with a silver-grey lid and handle and a clear strip up the side so you can see how much water is in there. There is a push button on the top of the handle to allow the lid to open and a switch at the bottom which is depressed to turn the kettle on. It sits neatly on a white base which has about a 24 inch lead attached. The element is concealed at the bottom and it is 3000watts. the kettle is marked in cups and goes up to 8 cups so is a good size.

        When the kettle is put on the base it is illuminated a lovely shade of blue which is quite pretty and it becomes red when the kettle is switched on. It does sound a bittle like a rocket launch when you first turn it on, very noisey! I have found that it boils quite quickly, certainly better than my old kettle. I live in a hard water area and the kettle does contain a filter to stop lumpy pieces of scale falling in your tea. I find this works well. The kettle does seem to scale up quite easily but that is my fault probably as I am not good at remembering the descaler.

        The main problem with this kettle is its complete inability to pour its contents out of the spout. The water comes out all the way around the lid. The only way to counteract it is to pour extremely slowly. I make tea in a pot regularly for four people and generally the water pours out all over the worktop. I hate this as I feel it is dangerous around my children and my daughter is now old enough to use a kettle but I always have to remind her about the very slow poring that is necsssary.

        The other issue I have is that the lid is hinged and opened by the button on the top for filling. However since we have such a scale problem I am used to scrubbing inside my kettle occasionally but it is not possible to get your hand or a cleaning brush in to remove the lumps of scale that collect at the bottom. The excess water coming out of the sides of the lid means that the lid also gets scaley quickly and I have to keep scrubbing that or the lid wont close.

        All-in-all for a well known brand and a reasonable price I have been very disappointed. I keep hoping it will break so I can have an excuse for changing it but for now I will have to put up with it and just be slow and careful!


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        Short name: Breville JK112

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