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    3 Reviews
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      01.11.2011 13:44
      Very helpful



      Good kettle while it lasted.

      The price I paid 100Euro around £86

      Breville, well known for their small quality kitchen appliances.
      Brita, well known for their quality water purifying expertise.

      Put these two world leaders in their field together and what do you get?
      A cheap, shoddy, plastic kettle.

      I must point out something first. When I use the word cheap I mean the quality of the product. Not the price, this is anything but cheep for the resulting tat that you get for your hard earned money.

      This is a strongly worded review, I realise that. But I don't want anybody to be as foolish as I was and buy one of these things, only to be disappointed.

      As I have said many times before in previous reviews. I can be led astray by a recognisable brand.
      And I rearly buy cheap. This is snobbery on my part, I admit it. And this kettle with its double-barrel well know names shows me up for the fool that I am (at times)

      This kettle was described as a modern fusion of kitchen excellence with water purification brilliance. Sounds good doesn't it?

      At first glance you'd think this would work, and to be honest the problem didn't lie with Brita. After all, all that Brita had to do with this kettle was the fact that you put one of their filter cartridges into it and change it when the time comes.

      If they had a hand in the design and quality control, then I put some more of the blame on them, but I don't know if they did.

      I bought this from Argos admittedly not the best place to buy it from, as you don't get to see it in the flesh to feel the quality and so on.

      So I get it home and unpack it. First and foremost it was empty of course, and that's exactly how it felt. Empty. By this I mean it was terribly light in your hand, light,cheap plastic. When they made it, they of course would have realised this and could have at least put very small weights in the bottom or something to add a little substance to it. I understand when it's full of water you don't want it to be uncomfortably heavy. But I hope you understand what I mean, when I say it just felt cheap.

      Within the main cavity of the kettle is the removable milky coloured plastic Brita reservoir. This takes up about two thirds of the interior of the kettle and it's down into this that you push one of their Maxtra cartridges. Then you have to do the same routine as you would with any Brita product. This is a necessary procedure to insure the filter is flushed out first. You simply fill the kettle to max and empty out the water (no need to boil) Then repeat this two more times and you're good to go.

      A nice feature from Breville is that the kettle illuminates blue when not in use and once you press the button down, it turns red to boil. With a 3kW rapid boil Concealed element, it had a reasonably fast boil but the kettle I have now is much faster. Plus the Breville would rumble like it was about to take off ,as it came towards boiling point. Then the colour would change back to blue once the switch clicked to tell you it had boiled.

      Admittedly you can both see and taste the difference with the Brita filter. I don't live in a hard water area, but I still like to filter the tap water. You can see the difference on tea or coffee when drank black, or before you add the milk.
      You can try this even if you don't own a water filtration system.
      Make your tea or coffee as normal. And before you add the milk just take a look at the surface of the beverage. If there is a petrol-like appearance to the top, that is a sign of water contaminants such as excessive levels of chlorine in your drinking water. Any Brita product will remove that and leave your hot beverages looking and tasting better. And if you do live in a heard water area, it will help reduce lime scale in your kettle significantly.

      I should add that there is a Brita Maxtra cartridge included with the kettle.
      At the top, on the hinged door there is a "Filter life indicator" this is a little screen that you must press when you change your cartridge or start using it for the first time. It tells you when it needs changing by increasing the number of bars on it's display from zero to three as time passes.
      The kettle has a 1.25 litre capacity, smaller than some, but this is because of the large Brita cartridge takeing up a lot of the water room.
      There is a keep warm function. This is a simple switch, that can be found at the bottom of the handle and means when your water boils it will stop it from cooling and keep it at a drinkable temperature.
      There is a safety locking lid. Good I guess, better than nothing. But not a reason to leave your kettle in reach of children or pets.
      360 degree base
      Non slip feet
      And cord storage. All sounds pretty good right?

      But it was the last two features that not only attracted me to the product. But where the two that caused me the most trouble.

      Boil dry protection.
      And Automatic switch off.

      Both of these features are precautionary safety measures for your own peace of mind.
      They worked well for about six or seven months. They I started to notice that the kettle was boiling for a lot longer than normal, and I would manually have to switch it off.
      Then one day I filled the kettle to Max and put it on to boil just to see how long it would take to eventually turn itself off.
      It never did.
      It just kept boiling until the kitchen looked like a steam bath. And it started to hiss as every drop of water boiled out of it and the element started to burn.

      Where was the "boil dry protection feature?"
      Where was the "automatic turn off feature?"

      This was a health hazard.

      I understand that occasionally products can be faulty, and that's what guarantees are for.
      But there's a difference between being faulty and being down right dangerous.
      But the icing on the cake that really sealed the deal for me was when my brother just happened to mention, that he had bought one of "my kettles" and that the very same problem had happened to him. But this time it was in the space of only two months, plus the lid had started jamming.
      And most importantly it had been bought At a totally different retailer.

      Maybe it was a faulty batch, that amazingly both of us happened to get one of, months apart from each other. Maybe.
      But I wouldn't take the chance.

      I have noticed though that their are lots of five star ratings for similar Brevill Brita kettles on this site.
      I take it they would have been taken off the market if this problem had continued. Both my brother and I reported the fault to the manufacture and the kettle is still on sale today.

      Just be careful with them, that's all I saying.

      I think this is the wrong quick rate panel for this product. Please only pay attention to the first four. Thank you


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        03.06.2009 10:05


        • "Ease of use"


        A great item! That doesn't fill you tea with scale

        I purchased this kettle as I liked the idea of using filtered water in my kettle. The filter cuts down on the scale produced within the kettle if replaced when they have run out of life. Living in an area where my last kettle needed to be descaled at least once a month this is a huge bonus.

        The kettle is a lovely sparkly stainles steel looking kettle which has a blue light to show that there is power goining into it. This light changes to red when the kettle in in use and is boiling. There is also a mode for keeping the kettle hot in between use.

        I love this kettle and I have recommended it to many people who have since gone onto buying one and they all love it too.

        Yes you have to buy the cartridges which cocts extra money but I would have been buying chemicals to descale it and the hassle , so it makes up for it.

        A great kettle!


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        10.07.2008 22:47


        • "Ease of use"


        Good but expensive.

        This is a lovely kettle. We had to go through many kettles to get to this one as many we had before broke, this one is the only one to last us yet! The design is simple but effective and looks good in our kitchen. The illuminated water stays on blue until it is boiled then it changes to red. Whilst boiling the kettle remains fairly quiet which is an advantage and it also boilds quickly. To be totally honest though, I cannot tell any difference between water boiled with a filter cartridge and one without, though some people may tell you the opposite. I think the cartridges are quite a lot of money as well if you are like me and can't tell the difference (£9.99 for 3).
        I think this kettle is very reliable and certainly looks good, but I don't know if it's worth £40 plus paying for the cartridge refills every so often, nothing bad to say about the design/working though.


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    • Product Details

      You will both taste and see the difference the Breville JK120 Brita Filter in silver makes to your tea or coffee / Using the new Brita Maxtra cartridge in the kettle you'll enjoy your hot drinks with the purest water and the cleanest taste / say goodbye to lime scale in your kettle forever too! 3kW rapid boil Concealed element Integrated Brita filter boils and filters at the same time Brita Maxtra cartridge included Filter life indicator 1.25 litre capacity Breville Illumination Boil dry protection Brita water filter technology Keep warm function Safety locking lid Automatic switch off 360 degree base Non slip feet Cord storage / Short name: Breville JK120

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