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    1 Review
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      05.10.2010 17:35
      Very helpful



      A great little kettle with a unique selling point that is a bit of a gimmick!

      In need of a new kettle, we recently bought this after a reccommendation from my parents. I had never bougt a Breville kettle before but my mum is very fussy and if she was pleased with it then I knew this must be a pretty good design! One of the things that sold it for me was that it glows lightning blue whilst boiling which although a bit of a gimmick still gives it at least one unique selling point over any other models!

      It was not until after I had bought it that I discovered another unique selling point; this ketle comes with a switch that will keep your water warm until you go to use it again a bit like the warming function available on some toasters that will allow you to reheat your toast without cooking it any more! This may not sound like much but when you drink as much coffee as me, often this function can come in useful as it stops me having to boil the kettle again!

      There are some down points though, this kettle is not totally without fault! Advertised as coming with an "AntiCalc" filter, this turns out to be in fact a cheap piece of gauze in the spout that is easily clogged and doesn't seem to do what it is supposed or alleged to do! Thankfully it can be removed and doesn't have to be there and, living in an area with lots of hard water, I am prone to lots of descaling anyway so it is no real hardship for me!

      I have heard that the blue light does not last forever and mums, which is older than mine, appears to stopped glowing when the kettle boils now but she has had quite a lot of use and anyway this does not stop the kettle functioning.

      Overall, a month into buying this, I am happy with my purchase and think this a very nice model that was well worth the £35 I paid for it!


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