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    3 Reviews
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      29.05.2008 18:14
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      long lasting, reasonably priced kettle

      A couple of years ago, my family's old kettle decided to act up, and leak all over the worktops whenever anyone's back was turned - the one after that was a cheap one that surprise, surprise, didn't last very long!

      Since the newly done kitchen was blue and white, this kettle seemed to fit the bill nicely. It's still going strong, although the light stopped working - can't complain too much, though - too lazy to try and do anything about it!

      You get a jug kettle with a separate base and an instruction manual with the do's and don'ts of using your kettle. You get a one year guarantee but you must keep your proof of purchase.


      Kettle illuminates during boiling

      Keep warm function - when a little button at the top of the handle is pressed (it illuminates when pressed down), it keeps the water hot and reboils it after a set time

      It's fast - a full kettle boils in just over 2 minutes

      The cord is attached to the base for left and right handed use

      1.7 litre capacity, which is pretty decent

      It has a removable, washable limescale filter and a concealed element. This means that if you live in a hard water area you don't have to worry about descaling the element. - although living in Scotland, these features don't really apply to me

      Cord storage on the base. You can wind the cord around under the base so you can use as much or as little cord as you need. This prevents the cord overhanging.

      It has a safety locking lid so you know that it's not going to pop open!

      The large water window feature is good (I hate peering at the 'line' in kettles to check how much is left!)

      Overall, I'd say this is quite a good, long lasting kettle - especially if you want something a little bit funky.

      Thanks for reading!


      This review is also on www.ciao.co.uk


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        17.02.2007 13:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This if for anyone that likes their appliances to be appealing to the eye and also work well.

        This kettle was purchased together with the lightning toaster in this range. The makers are Breville, a company that I have grown to trust over the years. With this kettle I liked the illuminated windows and how you could actually see the water boiling inside the kettle. The kettle has a nice simple design with the added bonus of new technology in the form of illuminated water windows.


        *Fast Boil*

        The kettle has a fast boil element of 3kw, if the kettle is filled up to the max it takes around 2.5 minutes for the water to boil, as boiling commences the water window lights up.

        *Water Capacity*

        The kettle can hold up to 1.7 litres of water. If we were talking in cups of tea, you could make 4 - 5 cups at a time. Anything above the max line will spurt out of the kettle when it is boiling.

        *Anti-scale filter*

        It has an anti scale filter fitted into the spout, making it much easier to clean. As you pour any lime scale is caught in the filter. The filter is small but very strong, it is simple to clean because you can remove it, just hold it under running water. The inside of the kettle can be washed using a mild washing up liquid you will need to do this every few weeks because the water windows do tend to get a bit cloudy due to lime scale collecting inside.

        *Keep Warm Function*

        This is useful because even after boiling the water it is kept warm for a considerable amount of time, it saves you from constantly having to re-boil and waste electricity.


        As I commented before this kettle has large illuminated water windows which makes it attractive to look at. It is not a bulky design. The lid can be opened but it does not come off. The kettle has just one on and off button which you can also use to stop water boiling mid-way. It has a 360 base which has the electric cord attached to it, the cord can be wrapped inside the base so that it is out of the way. Only available in white but there is a similar design called the lightning kettle that is available in silver and white, with this kettle the base also lights up and the kettle changes colour from red to blue.

        We bought ours for £34.99 although now it is available for £29.99. We have had it for 3 years now and it still looks as good as the day it was purchased, it has not needed to be repaired and it works perfectly. I think it is the worth the price we paid for it. So if you like appliances that look good and last for a long time giving you your moneys worth then this kettle is the one for you.


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          08.06.2006 19:21
          Very helpful



          Does what it says on the box but problems with reliability

          I moved home and decided that after boiling pans of water to make hot drinks that I desperately needed to buy a kettle. As I had lots of white kitchen appliances with bits of silver in them such as a rice cooker, I decided I wanted a kettle that matched.

          I had a look in the Argos catalogue and noted that a few kettles matched what I wanted but I had to go to a superstore or wait 3 days for them to be delivered. Finally after another 3 days of boiling pans of water I wandered into my local Robert Dylas. There on special offer where at 3 kettles that matched my desires in terms of colour. After much pondering I finally decided on the Breville Lightning JK68 because it stated on the box that it changed colour when you were boiling water, it was rapid boil and I also remembered that Breville sandwich toasters managed to last a year in the student houses which I had lived- this is no mean feat. I paid £19.99 for the kettle and rush home to use it. I should point out that this kettle was on sale in Curry's and Argos for the same price but is currently priced at £29.99 in Argos.

          What you get
          The box contains a jug kettle (as pictured )with a separate base and an instruction manual with the do's and don'ts of using your kettle. You get a one year guarantee but you must keep your proof of purchase.


          I don't have the box for the kettle anymore (you will find out why in a minute). However the main features of the kettle were:

          1. A jug kettle with a separate base. The cord is attached to the base so you can be left or right handed and use the kettle.

          2. Large capacity allowing you to boil up to 1.7 litres of water. The kettle has a cup increment on the side so you can boil as many cups as you need.

          3. Rapid boil which means the full kettle would boil in under 2 minutes

          4. A concealed element.This means that if you live in a hard water area you don't have to worry about descaling the element.

          5. Removable, washable anti-scale filter at the sprout to decrease the amount of limescale in you hot water.

          6. Cord storage on the base. You can wind the cord around under the base so you get as much or as little cord as you need this prevents the cord overhanging.

          7. A stay warm function. Once you boil your hot water you can keep the water hot (at 77 celsius) by pushing a button which reheats the water everytime it cools down. Apparently a full kettle can stay on this function for 12 hours before boiling dry.

          8. Water window so you can see how much water is in the kettle.

          9. The real reason I brought the kettle- it illuminates when you boil water.

          Using the kettle
          When you first use the kettle after unpacking it you have to fill it to the maximum 1.7 litres, boil the water in it discard it and repeat. You also have to rinse the filter. After that the kettle is yours to use and have fun working out what colours light up when you put the kettle on to boil, when the kettle boils and when you use the stay warm feature.

          The kettle worked pefectly for exactly 6 months then one day I went to boil some water and though the kettle illuminated the water wouldn't boil. I thought this was odd and tried again eventually it dawned on me that the kettle I had purchased 6 months ago was broken.

          Customer Service
          As I had the receipt I decided that I might as well send the kettle back because paying £6 for postage was cheaper than buying a new kettle. So I wrapped the kettle up, put in a copy of the receipt (as that was not the only thing I purchased on the receipt) and posted it with a letter explaining the problem to:
          Customer Service Department
          PUblse Home Products
          Middleton Road
          OL2 5LN

          Four days later an Initial City Link van drew up and I got a knock on the door. I opened the door and was given a large box. I was puzzled what was in the box until I opened it up, removed some packaging and found a smaller box. I opened the smaller box and noted a kettle which was the wrong colour. I was a bit miffed by that but then I looked a bit more closely at the kettle - the kettle was a brand new model the Breville Lightening JK109 retail price according to the Argos website of £49.99

          1. The kettle does what it says on the box
          2. The customer service is good

          1. A kettle shouldn't break in 6 months
          2. It's a hassle wrapping the kettle up for the post so you are sure it won't break and taking it to the post office.
          3. The new kettle while more expensive doesn't fit my colour scheme.

          The kettle is as described but I have been warned by a friend that rapid boil kettles often break, therefore if you purchase one be prepared for them to break quite quickly so keep your receipt. If I had know this at the time I would have purchased a different type of kettle because it is a hassle posting it back due to it's fragility as though the kettle is robust enough for everyday use you have to wrap it up well for the post.


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          Short name: Breville JK68

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