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    1 Review
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      12.11.2008 22:05
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Not a fantastic kettle but it does its job fine

      We have this kettle when my dad bought a flat closer to his work and he took our old one. We bought it from Argos for about £25 (may have been a little more). Ours is the black version but it is the same as the one shown.
      For the price we are fairly happy with the kettle. It does come across as a bit cheap but it has always worked for us.
      The kettle holds up to about 1.7 litres of water to its maximum mark but i wouldn't like to fill it to this as when the water is boiling it bubbles a lot and if it was at the maximum mark water may splash out the spout but i have actually never tried so i can't be sure.

      The kettle is nice to hold with the large sturdy handle and it makes is nice and easy to pour the water.
      On the top is the lid of course. This is one of the reasons why i said the kettle comes across as a bit cheap. It has quite a flimsly lid. Its made out of plastic (in fact the whole kettle is made from plastic) and there is a push lever thing that you have to push in to open the lid. But even when you do this the lid it still a bit stiff to open and you have to be careful if you are opening it with hot water in as you may get little splashes. It closes easy enough, just push it down and it clicks into place.

      The spout is fine for pouring, it never spills and is a good size and shape, but we like to fill the kettle through the spout but this spout is a little smaller than our last one and you can't turn the tap on too high or the water will not flow through quickly enough and it will splash everywhere.

      On both sides of the kettle is a large viewing window as you can see in the picture. As it rises it gets wider. This makes it look nice but its not that easy to see the water level at the bottom. A nice feature is a measurement system going up the curved side. It shows you where the level for every two cups is. So you have a basic idea of how much water to put into the kettle so you do not boil more than you need. Its nice to have the window on both sides of the kettle so you can face it any way and still see it.

      The kettle sits on a round base the same size as the base of the kettle. The base has the connection port in the centre which connects to the base of the kettle to power it. This connection is round as well. This means the kettle can spin 360 degrees while it is sitting on the base so if someone right handed puts the kettle on the base and then someone left handed wants to use it, they can spin the kettle round and grab the handle with their left hand easy.
      The power cable comes out from underneath the centre of the base, then it wraps round the side and comes out a small gap in the side. This also allows you to extend or reduce the length of exposed cable depending on how far the kettle is from a power socket as you can wind more or less sable in the base.

      A nice feature with the kettle, but it is only a gimic really, is it lights up. When it is plugged in but not boiling it lights up blue and when you press the switch and the water starts to boil, it lights up red. The large viewing windows fill with light but you can still view the water level.

      The switch is on the top of the handle at the back of the lid. The switch is also made from plastic and to operate it you just push it down and it clicks down, then once the water has boiled it will pop back up on its own to turn the kettle off. It is very easy to press the switch and easy to cancel by just pulling up on it slightly.

      Like i said earlier, the whole kettle is made from plastic and this can make it feel a little cheap but it looks nice enough and we soon got used to it. Some people may not like the light being on all the time and the only way to get rid of this is to turn the kettle off at the wall socket. Another thing i forgot to mention is the kettle can get quite noisy when boiling. Not noisy enough that you cannot hear the tv or radio but it can get a little annoying. But it does boil fairly quick so its ok, unless you have a lot of water in the kettle, this makes it take a while longer to boil all the water.

      For £20 to £25 the kettle is fine but i wouldn't recommend paying any more as i'm sure you can get better ones but it boils water fine so it is doing its job so we are happy with it.

      Oh and with the quick rating, not sure why its asking me for picture and sound quality, maybe dooyoo tend to watch their kettles instead of their tv. lol. I'll just put 5 in each :D


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  • Product Details

    Breville JK94 kettle in a cool graphite finish with an illuminated feature, lighting the jug as it quickly boils / With a 360° rotational base, cord storage and concealed element / Short name: Breville JK94

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