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Breville VKJ385

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2013 09:10
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A quick boiling kettle that is well worth the money.

      We bought this kettle about 18 months ago when our old one packed up and I haven't been disappointed with it. I never like buying new kettles because you have to keep boiling them to get rid of the stink before you can have a decent cup of tea. This kettle was no exception and it took a little while before it was fully useable. I left the lid open to try and get rid of that "new kettle stink" and after a week or so it was OK.

      The kettle itself looks quite smart and is finished in polished stainless steel. I would have preferred to have a choice of colours but you can't be too fussy or you'd never choose anything. It's easy to clean but like all kettles if you leave it too long you'll have a job to polish it up again. The element inside is hidden away so that makes cleaning a bit easier.

      This is a 3kw kettle and it starts to boil very quickly. It's especially quick if you only put enough water in for one or two cups of tea. The full capacity is 1.5 litres and would make about five to seven cups of tea. If you forget to put any water in the kettle it will switch off automatically. The lid is easy to open and the kettle is easy to fill. The water level window is behind the handle and this is a bit difficult to see, however I just open the lid and judge how much water I need without bothering to look at windows or indicators.

      The on switch is underneath the handle and it lights up with a blue neon light when you switch it on. This makes it easy to see and for an old lady it's a bonus as you tend to look for the light to come on and you don't wander away and then wonder while the kettle isn't boiling.

      The kettle has a non-slip, 360° rotational base for left and right-handed usage and there is cord storage facility. I don't really know anyone who winds the kettle cord up tidily so that they don't clutter the worktop. I just hope my husband doesn't read this as it's something he hasn't thought of doing....yet.

      I love this kettle but it loses a star because of the position of the water level indicator. If I had to choose another kettle I'd go for the same one. Breville seems to be a good reliable make and I'd recommend it.


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        15.06.2012 21:41
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        A great kettle at a great price. Perfect for smaller kitchens.

        This past fortnight our house has found itself amidst terrible floods with no way to travel outside without owning scuba diving gear and a PhD in insanity. So when our trusty kettle blew up (for which I accept no responsibility whatsoever...) I looked to Amazon for a swift replacement. In times of flood-like crisis, the British need their tea in a timely manner. Thankfully a few days later it could be delivered by a courier with a big van and very wet feet.

        ~~~The Basics~~~

        The Breville VKJ385 is a polished stainless steel jug kettle. The jug part is quite self explanatory - instead of a domed lid this is shaped very similarly to a water filter jug. I'm not sure what the bonus of this is, but useful to know perhaps.

        The dimensions of the kettle are as follows:

        22.7 Width x 15.3 Depth x 24.7 cm Height.

        I will admit that my first priority was price, as we only use an electrical kettle during the summer months anyway, but secondly our family requires a light kettle. At 900g this one fits the bill nicely.

        The capacity is 1.5 litres which will make around 6 decent sized cups. This is a slightly smaller capacity than we were used to so be sure to check this for yourself before buying, however I believe 1.5 litres is around average.

        Another handy feature this sports is a 3 kilowatt concealed fast-boil element. So not only should this boil speedily, it should be easy to clean too.

        The switch on this kettle is a rather fetching luminous blue, so it can be seen in the dark with ease should you fancy a cuppa at 3am.

        Finally the unit base stores the cord so there are no annoying trailing cables here. The base is also fully rotational so you can lift the kettle with your right or left hand without a struggle.

        ~~~The price of a good cuppa?~~~

        If you buy this from Amazon as I did, this currently retails at £17. I think that's a brilliant price for a big name brand and for stainless steel and I was very happy to pay it.

        A quick look around tells me that this is available from other places such as Sainsburys and Tesco for about £19.99 while Asda and John Lewis both have the kettle for £17 too.


        For such a reasonably priced kettle, this one is actually very attractive. It looks quite similar to our previous Russell Hobbs one, and I suppose there can't be too much variation when it comes to kettles.

        The stainless steel is highly polished and shiny, and the blue switch stands out nicely with it.

        This does have a water gauge so you can see how much water remains in the kettle without opening the lid, but it's situated on the rear behind the handle which is quite difficult to see. It's also gauged in cups rather than in actual measurements, which isn't a problem, but may not be preferable to some. Meanwhile the handle itself is very thick and wide, meaning it's really easy to pick up and hold, which is a bonus.

        The button to open the lid is found on the top of the handle, while the lid has a slight indent on it to make its closure easy and convenient. I suppose here is where the jug kettle's flat lid becomes noticeable, because the entire top of the kettle lifts up rather than just the small dome, as it is with conventional shaped kettles. This makes pouring the water in a very simple task - no tipping water everywhere here!

        The size of the kettle itself was a pleasant surprise too. As you may have already guessed from the measurements, this is actually quite a dinky unit. It's almost half the size of our old kettle, but with its 1.5 litre capacity it's clearly just been designed to be space saving rather than compromising on internal size. Make no mistake, this isn't a travel kettle! Space is very limited in our kitchen, if you have a similar problem you'll find this kettle might be the right one for you.

        ~~~In Use~~~

        Before using the kettle for the first time, the instructions advise that you fill the kettle up to the maximum line, boil and discard the water. It tells us to do this twice, to remove any left over residue from the manufacturing. With this done, the kettle is ready for use.

        It's very easy to press the button, and the lid swings open instantly. So far so good.

        Filling is also a doddle, with no spillages due to the large opening of the lid. However as I said earlier, it's hard to see how much has been filled by the gauge meter without craning your neck, so we prefer to just look inside instead.

        Nothing was mentioned on the advertising about this kettle being quiet whatsoever, and there's no denying that electric kettles create quite a din. However the Breville is practically whisper quiet in comparison to our old Russell Hobbs. As it begins to heat up more the noise gets louder, and of course, it is loud, but definitely much quieter than previous kettles. The relative quietness of the boiling means you may be able to get away with making yourself a sneaky tea without offering anyone else one... ;)

        But what about that fast-boil element? Well for the purposes of this review, I have found the following: (oh, the things I do for Dooyoo...)

        With the water gauge filled to the '2 cups' line, this took exactly 65 seconds to boil.

        Now, I don't know the speed of every individual kettle in the world (but what a talent that wouldn't be!), but I think that the Breville is pretty quick to boil. It seems quicker than our previous model, and no one seems to be hanging around the kettle holding an empty mug and begging, so I'd say it boils in perfect time for us here with no complaints. Fast-boil element indeed.

        As with most kettles, when this has boiled the lovely blue switches clicks and turns itself off.

        Lifting the kettle to pour is a simple experience too, and I can confirm that this is a very light-weight model particularly in comparison to others we've had. It doesn't need to be tipped almost vertically to get any water out either, a fault I've noticed before.

        On the first day we had this kettle, the drinks made with it seemed to have a plastic-y taste to them. However by the next day this was gone, and it hasn't returned since, so I'm happy to assume it was just New Kettle Syndrome. If you experience the same thing, it should pass quickly. Perhaps a few more boils before use as per the instructions would have fixed this mild issue.

        ~~~Warranty and Warnings~~~

        Breville offer a 1 year standard guarantee with this model.

        The instructions warn that if the kettle is overfilled beyond its maximum line, water may be ejected from the spout during boiling, so definitely one to watch out for.

        Something I was very glad to notice was that this model has a built in fail-safe device that switches the kettle off if it should be accidentally dry boiled/boiled with no water in, stopping it from breaking. During my teenage years, I was known (un)affectionately as the Kettle Killer due to my track record of five blown up kettles thanks to dry boiling so this mechanism pleased me no end.


        All in all, I'm very pleased with this kettle. Kettles aren't exactly the most complex purchase, but this model seems to offer great functionality at a great price, and is aesthetically pleasing too. The only real downside that I can see is the difficulty in seeing the water gauge, but this is a minor flaw.

        Thanks for reading :)

        [Please note: I have no idea why Dooyoo asks me to rate the picture and sound quality of a kettle! So i've awarded it five stars to stay in-keeping with the other ratings.]


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      • Product Details

        Enjoy a delicious cup of tea with the Breville VKJ385 jug kettle / Made from polished stainless steel it's seriously stylish and has a high 3kW output to keep boiling time short / A concealed element makes it easier to clean and more energy efficient than an immersed element requiring a lower minimum water level to function safely / A 1.5L capacity will give you about five to seven cups so it's ideal for families and tea-parties / A rear water gauge indicates water level to help you fill the kettle to th / Short name: Breville VKJ385

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