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Breville VKJ522 Jug Kettle

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2012 22:32
      Very helpful



      Good kettle overall

      About a year ago, I was given this kettle by my sister, when my old one broke down under extensive use. Breville is one of the advanced companies that make kitchenware electronics and has long been one of my favourite brands when searching for, say, a new toaster or simply some other gadget that is convenient to use inside my kitchen. When I received it, it was a shiny metallic colour and packaged in a handy, attractive box with an instructions manual and a cord with a plug. Here are my views on it:


      This kettle can be removed from its heating base so it is easy to carry it to where ever you need it to be and moreover you are not restricted by a cable; also the handle is a sort of heat proof plastic so that you do not burn your hands whilst transporting this around. This has a fairly large maximum capacity, enough for several cups of tea or hot drink. The boiling time, I find, depends on the volume of water being contained inside the kettle, but generally, with a moderate amount inside, it takes around two to three minutes- not too bad compared to other kettles I have used before. It has a small, handy pouring spout so that the water does not spill out everywhere.


      I find that inside the kettle, there has been quite a lot of limescale build up (more so than my old kettle), but of course, this is no more than expected from a kettle under daily use. Also, the exterior has lost its shine, with water marks on the metal which are surprisingly hard to clean off.

      IN CONCLUSION... :

      This is a relatively good kettle, quite adequate for its purpose, and I would recommend it for general, regular use, but do not depend on it still looking pretty after a few months, or even several weeks of use.


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      16.02.2012 10:51
      Very helpful



      Good performance kettle and has safety features as well.


      This is a follow up to my last review on the Tesco JKL09 Illuminating kettle which for safety reasons I had to retire early. Its replacement was the again purchased from my local Tesco superstore. The decision this time was to move away from the Tesco brands but still staying within my budget limit. As you know the big Tesco stores do stock quite a lot of brands so after some deliberations I settled for Breville VKJ522 Polished Stainless Steel Jug Kettle which was both presentable, good looking and within my budget as well.


      The main features of the kettle as given by the manufacturer are listed below:
      * cordless with concealed element and
      * a lime scale filter
      * a rear water level gauge
      * a blue illuminated power switch
      * removable, washable lime scale filter.
      * cool-touch handle
      * is a rapid boil kettle (boils water quickly)

      =MY OPINION=

      =Visibility and Packaging=

      The kettle comes in a box and is well illustrated with pictures which resemble the kettle in the box. The packaging is basic but good with all the safety and sturdy features to ensure the contents don't fall out whilst maintaining easy opening of the packaging.
      The user manual is enclosed in the box with the kettle and is really for reference only as no assembly is required, once unpacked, the kettle is ready to use.

      =Availability and Price=

      The kettle is available from nearly all superstores and shops which sell kitchenware. Got mine in December 2011 for around £20.00 from my local Tesco superstore and also got club card points as well.

      =Performance & Ease of use=

      The kettle is fairly stylish and presentable. The main body is predominantly metal, with a polished stainless steel finish contrasted with black plastic base, power base, handle and lid. A clear plastic water level gauge for clear visibility is located on the rear side of the kettle. The gauge is not graduated but uses cup symbols with number digits to indicate the level. The symbols are in white and the digits in white as well.

      *This in a bit odd as the gauge is almost obscured by the kettle handle making it difficult to see. The gauge scale need to be improved, use of symbols is good but symbols and digits are rather small added to the fact that they are also white on clear plastic making it a bit difficult to read. Maybe black cup symbols with digits printed besides the cups will be more visible and make the scale more useable.
      The power (on/off) switch is located on the rear at the base of the kettle and protrudes outwards. It is convenient size to notice and to operate, and easy to use. The power switch also illuminates blue when the kettle is on.

      The lid is opened by pressing a grey slightly oval button located on the upper side of the handle and the button works well so there is no fiddling required. The lid can be easily closed be pressing the round depressed area on the lid. This pushes the lid down into position and it clicks to show it is closed hence it also does its job as expected, keeps the kettle closed whilst the water is boiling.
      The kettles capacity is 1.5 litres which seems slightly less than the standard size (1.7 litres) for most kettles but this doesn't bother me nor is it a hindrance in any way. It is fairly light to carry even with the full capacity of water.

      Inside the kettle has a lime scale filter, which seems standard with all jug kettles, has a hidden element which is good for the efficiency of the kettle. This very different from a kettle which have an exposed element as with time lime scale deposits accumulate on the element resulted in reduced efficiency of the kettle and increasing the time it takes for the water to boil. The kettle is fairly easy to clean as there are no protruding bits inside. A hidden element is therefore ideal in this case.

      *When cleaning the kettle or descaling it, avoid immensing the kettle power components in water or any liquid.

      The kettle boils up quite quickly and does produce a bit of noise to start with whilst the water heats up but the noise subsides as the water reaches boiling point. The noise is not as annoying as with other kettles I have owned before. The base stand allows the kettle to be rotated 360 degrees (360 degrees base), which is handy because it means you can slot the kettle over the base from any angle and it will still work.

      =Main Safety Features=

      * On/off switch illuminates blue when the kettle is switched on

      * All parts which need to be handled during use including the lid, handle and switch are all made of plastic which does not conduct heat hence are always cool to touch, i.e not hot as the rest of body of the kettle made of metallic.
      --Needless to say the main body of the kettle is made from metal so avoid touching it when there is hot water in the kettle as you will get burnt.
      * Automatic switch off when the water has reached boiling point
      * Built in fail - safe device : this operates when the kettle is operated without sufficient water. The device will automatically switch off the kettle allowing you to unplug it safely and allowing it to cool. Once the kettle has cooled down the device resets itself allowing the kettle to be used as normal.
      *this is really a good safety feature which avoids major electrical disasters.


      This kettle has performed well so far and has ticked nearly all the boxes on what I expect from a kettle. I am really pleased that my money did not go to waste on this one. It can match most kitchens with other black or silver/aluminium kitchenware and is ideal for a busy kitchen as it does not take up too much space.

      My rating for this kettle is 4 stars out of 5 and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a stylish, presentable, simple to use and affordable kettle.

      Thank you for reading and rating.

      © hildah11 Feb 2012


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