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Cuisinart KE4571U

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2010 15:59
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      • "Ease of use"


      Refresh oneself with a nice hot cup of PG...

      I don't know if people know this about me and kettles but I have never had any luck with them at all. In fact, I think I have spent more money on kettle than I've eaten hot dinners.
      Most of the kettle I have bought have been cheap and cheerful ones, due to the fact that when one kettle broke I had to get out and buy the nearest one so the mother in law could get her daily fix of PG tips. (To be honest I have probably burnt out many a kettle whilst brewing up for her).

      Over the years, with burnt out elements, snapped handles and broken switches I have paid a lot of money into the kettle fund of the country, with my latest kettle accidentally taking a dip in the sink during a routine fill-up, causing the electrics to take a funny turn.
      The worst of it being that the mother-in-law was on one of her visits and needed to wet her whistle, (for the seventh time that day), to extinguish the flames in her throat.

      That was it, I was sent out on a mission to but yet another kettle, with a flea in my ear about reasons not to buy cheap products.
      So, as I went in search of a decent kettle, taking my time of course, not in a rush to get back to the cauldron which was waiting at my house, I went in several shops to try and locate the perfect kettle at the perfect price... although perfection is very hard to find.

      I found many kettle but one sprung out further than the rest with its slightly strange bend and easy on the eye appearance. The only thing that made me think twice was the brand name of the kettle I was looking at as I had never heard of it, but, me being me, I thought why the devil not, I was parched and I really needed to get back home for a sit down and a nice cup of tea.

      The Kettle I had my eye on, with a brand name I had never heard of, was a good sized Cuisinart stainless steal rapid boil...

      ** But firstly, let us get the technical talk out of the way with...

      * It is what the boffins call a Jug design, as in it is shaped like a jug, (those boffins are quite imaginative aren't they?), and, as most kettle are these days, it is cordless for extra safety.
      * Other safety features include an automatic shut off switch to stop your kettle boiling dry.
      * It has a 3kw rapid boil, concealed element to protect from lime scale, and can hold up to 1.7 litres of water.
      * It has a brushed stainless steal look with a water indicator level beneath its soft grip handle, with the lid released being perfectly placed for your thumb.
      * Then there's the removable 'anti scale' filter which filters the water as you pour.
      * The on/off switch has a rather gentle blue tint to it when you switch it on and once the water has boiled the wide spout makes it easy to pour.
      * The entire kettle, with the base, stands at a good 240mm high and has a diameter of around 220mm.

      ** Well, that's the basics for what this kettle has to offer, which is probably about the same as 90% of kettle on the market as we speak.

      ** So, now for my opinion...

      The main reason I went for this one, apart from the fact I was desperate for a nice cup of tea as my throat felt like an Arabs flip flop in a sand storm, was the zany looking lean it had towards the top of it, almost like the constant heat from the boiling water had warped the top section of the stainless steal casing, although I assure you this is not the cause of the slight curve. (I think).

      The black handle is solid in your hand with the lid opening catch easily reachable by your thumb, making the filling up process an easy job to do.
      Then there's the on/off switch which lies beneath the handle which clicks down for on, turning a blue light on, and automatically flicks up when the water has boiled, turning the blue light off.
      The wide spout allows you to pour the hot water out without it seeping over the sides and scolding anyone in the vicinity.
      And as with all cordless kettles it sits on a 'pin' on the sturdy base which allows the kettle to spin around with out causing any wires to tangle.

      When I first bought this I was intrigued as to the little leaflets promise that this groovy looking kettle could bring a full load to the boil within minutes, so I put it to the test and boiled a few kettles full.
      The results were good, if not a little strange, as for some reason the times vary quite a lot, but on average a full kettle took about three and a half minutes to come to the boil from cold, which is pretty good indeed and would make the mother in law very happy indeed.

      In all it is one of them kettle which fits into most kitchens décor with its brushed stainless steal look and good size, but, most importantly, it comes to the boil within minutes, which is good.

      It is not the cheapest on the market by far, selling for around £50, but you do get what you pay for and this one does seem to be standing up to the mother-in-law test.
      Plus, after I had first heard of the name 'Cuisinart' when I bought this kettle I now know that 'Cuisinart' are well known in the kitchen equipment making world, selling everything that all kitchens need, from toasters to can openers and even cutlery, plus a lot more besides. So, if this kettle last longer than any of the other kettles I have owned I may just have to look into buying and trying more 'Cuisinart' products.


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