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DeLonghi KBE3001

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2011 22:05



      does the job but not particuarly well

      This kettle was a replacement for my dualit which suffered a sudden and shocking death. i bought it in John Lewis and didn't have the benefit of any reviews prior to purchase and my decision to buy was based soley on looks, price and weight.

      Looks wise, if kettles can be attractive then this is an attractive kettle. It fitted nicely in with my kitchen and I also liked that it wasn't polished chrome as i find polished chrome impractical in the kitchen - very difficult to keep looking good.

      It also has a very sleek design, the handle is easy to hold and the swivel base means that it can be moved around easily so that you can hide the cord away.

      Price wise, it was priced at the higher end of the scale - £60+ but disappointingly only had a one year guarantee.

      I have been using the kettle for three months now and although it still fits in nicely with my kitchen, it is starting to look old.

      very quickly the kettle showed signs of limescale - around the lid and spout. I clean it out regularly and it may just be a sign of the fact that I am in a hard water area but it does seem to suffer more than previous kettles.

      In terms of useability, i find it difficult to know how much water i am boiling and either boil too much or too little as a result of the wide base. The tap seems to be running into the kettle for ages with no sign of water on the measuring level but then all of a sudden it is too full.

      Filling the kettle is also a palavar; i tend to fill directly into the spout but as it is quite narrow, the water overspills very quickly. if you slow down the tap, it feels like it is taking forever to fill up!

      I do not like filling from the base as the lid sticks and you have to give it a hard tug before it comes loose. this is more difficult than it sounds because the lid top is very small so you don't have very much to hold on to when trying to pull the lid off. You also can't do this when it is hot because your hand is very close to the metal lid and the risk of scalding is high. It also means that it is difficult to put the lid back on and you need to give it a heavy whack which can be painful as the lid top drives straight into your palm.

      Having said all of that, the kettle is pretty efficient and seems to boil up reasonably quickly without using up too much electricity - i have a monitor so can see exactly what electricity is being used. it also isn't particularly noisy so pretty unobtrusive in the kitchen.

      Overall, it is disappointing for the price and I wouldn't buy a replacement from the same range when the time comes to change this one


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      11.01.2010 23:21
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A bit overpriced but a decent, quality kettle

      I bought this kettle 3 months ago now along with the 2 slice toaster. (See my review about the toaster) I had heard mixed reviews about this kettle and was in 2 minds whether to buy it or not. The reviews were saying it left a metalic taste in your mouth, but because it looks amazing I bought it.

      Ok so the first few times, I must admit there was a metalicy taste in my cuppa. All I had to do was boil the kettle a few times with a slice of lemon in and hey ho. Perfect. However another problem I noticed when I had family staying (who drink a lot of tea) - I found it difficult to take the lid off because it is metal and the lid becomes too hot. You have to pull it quite hard also.

      Positive things though is that is it is really lightweight and the design of the kettle is really clever. It boils really quickly, some of the reviews said when it boils it is really noisy, however I didnt find this at all.
      Overall not a bad kettle at all and wicked design.


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