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Brand: Evolt / Type: Kettle

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2011 09:39
      Very helpful



      Not a bad little kettle with a nice whooshing noise

      If you ever wonder why I don't write reviews of household appliances it's because I don't buy any. I am a bit of a skinflint when it comes out to forking brass on a kettle or a toaster. I much prefer to spend money on travel, music and art. However, just over 12 months ago my husband bought me a flashy kettle that turned blue when it heated up. Looked very smart but scared the cat who ended up jumping on his top platform of his scratch pole and wouldn't come down for well over 24 hours. Two days later the kettle blew up so that was the end of that. Off he went (husband that is not the cat) to Carrefour to buy me a new kettle. This is the one I am going to review.

      The kettle: Evolt Model EK601

      The Evolt kettle is cordless, made from white plastic with a pale blue on/off switch which you press with an easy action and this makes a slight clicking sound and lights up. The lid has a circular indentation with a pale blue release button. You press this in and the lid lifts up. This was easy enough in the beginning but I have noticed that after 12 months it is a bit tricky and doesn't open first time so I end up lifting it by the tip of the lid near the spout (only when filling with water not when it is hot!). Also, the lid doesn't close as well as it should do but did in the beginning and at least 6 months after owning.

      Style wise it is fine for a cheap kettle. I like the rounded handle which is smooth and easy to hold. There is a curvy indentation running around the front and back of the main body of the kettle and an oval clear shaped window on the front and back that tells me the capacity which is 1.7 litres maximum. I never have filled it up and only ever fill it to just over 0.75 litre, enough for two brews in a morning. For review purposes I have just boiled the kettle and it has taken 3 seconds to boil this amount of water. When boiled there is a clicking sound as the automatic shut off button shuts down.

      Pouring is simple - no spillage although I do check now that the lid is secure as over time it has got a bit twisted and doesn't fit together as well as it did.

      Noise level - It is noisy and if I stand in my hallway which is outside the kitchen I can hear the kettle roaring away. There is also a whooshing sound when the kettle switches itself off. This sounds like waves of the Atlantic and I like this sound.

      Now to the best bit - the dry boil function. This is great for me as I am always turning the kettle on at least 3 times in a day without any water in it. I also boil eggs and leave them on the stove till they pop. It's called absent mindedness or perhaps stupidity. Whatever, this is a good function of the kettle and stops it from burning out.

      The stainless steel heating plate is a bit of a nuisance in the way the kettle doesn't always fit on the plate when placed. I admit I do have the kettle in an alcove on top of the microwave and I generally point and aim and at least twice a day I miss and end up cursing but my husband says it doesn't fit correctly and he always aims for the heating plate so I think it is a bit dodgy.

      The kettle is pretty ease to clean. I use a damp cloth with a touch of washing up liquid on it. The tricky bits are the creases of the handle and the release button of the lid. I generally use an old toothbrush to get into these crevices.

      The manufacturer Evolt is a name I didn't recognise until I came to live in Poland. They are based in Pruszkow, in Mazovia (Poland) and distribute to other parts of Europe. Main supermarkets/stores they deal with are Media Expert, Auchan and Carrefour. They also deal in vacuum cleaners, home cinemas, toasters, waffle makers, DVD players etc. You can also purchase from http://www.alibaba.com/


      We paid the equivalent of 5 pounds for this kettle so we weren't really expecting too much. Overall it has been a good little worker - it is always on and off and I only have a couple of gripes like the twisted lid and the wonky hot plate but what do you expect for a fiver? It's still boiling its little heart out and probably will for another 12 months so I'm sticking with it. When it blows up I will buy another. Last of the big spenders. If you want a cheap kettle that does the job then you can't go wrong with an Evolt EK601.

      Other info:

      Voltage 220-230V-/50Hz
      Weight (when empty) - 0.93kg

      * I have had to fill in picture quality and sound for some reason even though it isn't relevant - wouldn'let me post otherwise so please ignore.*


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      Short name: Evolt EK601

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