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      08.08.2012 00:30
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      • "Ease of use"


      A fine kettle indeed... if only i could make a nice cup ot tea for once

      My family have never had much luck when it comes to certain small items that you use in the kitchen area of the house, mainly toasters and kettles, which results in us seeming to have to buy new ones every so often, which for some reason we have got that used to that it's a cert that when we buy one we expect it to last about 12 month or so, if we're lucky. Don't ask me why our luck never last with these items, I don't know, but what I do know is that it works out cheaper to buy a new one than it does to get the broken one repaired, especially as toasters and kettles are as cheap as chips these days, (so to speak, although where that saying comes from I don't know).

      Anyway, a few months ago our good luck with the kettle came to a sudden stop, with the kettle suddenly failing to boil water, which is what a kettle is meant to do, so it was off to the shops to get a new one, with only a £20.00 note in my pocket and a determination to come back with as much change as I could.

      So for the passed few months we have been using a rather fetching looking black number for boiling our water to make our favourite beverage, and I managed to come back with a fair amount of change in the process.
      This kettle in question is on fact a well known brand called Kenwood, whose products I've used before and found them quite good, up to a point, with it's full name being the Kenwood JKP106.

      Firstly, let's take a look at this one...
      It's tall, (ish), for a kettle, being about 225mm in height, 210mm wide and 160mm in diameter, weighing in at a less than a kilo.
      On one side there is a clear window which allows you to see how much water is inside the kettle, having measurements up the middle of the window going up in litres, staring at 0.5L, finishing at the top level of 1.7L, with a few other measurements in between. When the water is boiling this window glows up a lovely blue colour, just so you know something is happening.
      The handle is a good size, feeling nice and solid even when it is filled to the maximum, with the gap in the handle allowing the biggest of hands to get a grip.
      The lid opens up on a hinge near the rear, with the simple press of the catch on the top.
      The spout itself is a nice size allowing just the right amount of water to flow from the kettle without dumping too much in and around the cup you're aiming at.
      The on switch is near the bottom and is as clear as day to see, being made of the same material as the clear window, which also seems to glow a little when the water is boiling.
      The kettle sits on a circular base which allows the entire unit to spin around in a 360° motion so there's little danger of those tangled wires than can get annoying and a bit dangerous.

      It's got 3000 watts of power, which manages to bring to water to the boil in a couple of minutes, so there's no waiting for ages to quench your thirst. It can handle 1.7 litres of water there's plenty there for a few cups in one go, and as the element is hidden in the bottom there's little danger of limescale build up.
      There's no need to worry about this boiling dry if you leave the room from something as it has an automatic shut off, so long as the lid is closed and the removable filter is in place.

      My opinion...
      This is a neat looking kettle with its black plastic casing and rather fetching blue glow that lights up the little window when it is boiling the water.
      The handle is strong and a cracking size so that it's easy to grip without fear of the weight of the water forcing the handle to give way, sending boiling water all over the place. And I've had no trouble when pouring the water out as the spout is a good size too, although I tend to pout it out at a reasonable rate anyway.

      I tend to open the lid to fill it up as it quicker than filling it through the spout, plus, my taps as quite wide and the water tends to spill about a bit when I top it up through the spout anyway. But, as I pour the boiled out through the spout it, it goes through the filter so that any 'debris' stays in the kettle and not in my lovely cup of tea.
      As for the filter, well, this slots into two small sections just inside the spout and is easily pulled out if it needs to be cleaned at some point. But when it's slid into place it stays there without any trouble, so there's no danger of it 'flopping' out when your pouring water out.

      What more can I say about this device that is designed to boil water? Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin; it boils water; and it looks the part too...what more do you want? It feels firm in the hand, which makes me feel more confident that I'm not going to get covered in boiled water, and it satisfies the tea monsters in my house.

      So what about the price then...
      As I said, I took a twenty pound note with me and swore to myself that I'd bring back some change, as much as I could in fact. So when I saw this one, spotting the Kenwood name and seeing the price, it's well worth bragging that I managed to get this for £12.99, which is a great deal indeed. And after a quick check online it only sells for about £15.00 - £20.00 if it's not on offer, which again is a good price.

      I just hope it lasts a bit longer than the others... although I very much doubt it.

      In all, if it's a black kettle you're after then this one is well worth looking at, especially if you can get it for near a tenner, as it boils water fast and it looks as neat as it acts.

      In all, a good price way to boil up that all important stuff that goes to make a cup of tea...or coffee, depending on your choice of course.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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      Short name: Kenwood JKP106

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