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Brand: Kenwood

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2012 21:30
      Very helpful



      A fantastic kettle, pricey but worth it!

      Just over a year ago there was a horrendous kettle incident in our home that resulted in us having to find a new water boiling device, I dropped it! After searching around and finally deciding that we would not go with a budget kettle we found this Kenwood SJ666 kettle in Comet for a reasonable price of £39.99. This seemed a very good price at the time as it is a stainless steel 3000 Watt cordless kettle with the new fancy illuminating light feature that illuminates the clear window on the side of the kettle either red or blue depending on its status of which I will explain later. The kettle can be bought from Amazon for £48.40 at the moment but it seems to have some terrible reviews on that site... My experience has not been too bad at all.

      ~~~ About the Kenwood SJ666 ~~~

      The SJ666 is a lovely looking kettle being made from stainless steel and some black plastic bits here and there on the handle and the base. It is fairly large with a 1.7L water capacity to allow up to 8 cups of water to be boiled safely, it is rather heavy at 1.6kg's for anyone that would like to know but it is easy to hold with its rather large handle making it safe and easy to use. The biggest feature of this kettle is the 2 stage illuminating light to show the status of the kettle, it glows red when it is boiling and it glows blue when the kettle in in standby mode, the light glows through the transparent plastic window on the front that shows the water level. The kettle sits nicely on its base which makes it wireless for ease of use but this seems rather standard on every other kettle these days...

      ~~~ Using the kettle ~~~

      From memory it was easy to set the kettle up, we simply removed it from the box and plugged the base in, sat the kettle on the base and voila - ready for use! As with any new kettle we boiled it a good few times before actually drinking the water as you never know what kind of manufacturing chemicals can be left inside - Saying that, we did notice that our first few drinks tasted a bit funny (Almost like a metal taste which was very much like the taste you get from sucking a spoon) so I recommend a good few boiling sessions before use!

      The kettle has a filter inside the spout to stop any large bits falling into drinks, for this reason the kettle should be filled through the top lid which is of a good quality but it is hard to remove. We had trouble removing this on the first use but over the year that we have owned the kettle I think it has loosened enough to allow easy enough removal without too much shouting, it doesn't help that the handle to remove the lid is very small and I suppose that it would be very much easier with a slightly bigger handle on it.

      To boil the kettle you simply pop it on the base station (obviously filled with water) and flick the switch, the kettle window glows red as the kettle boils and it does this very quickly. Out of the entire array of kettles that we have owned I would say that this is definitely the best performing and it is rather quick to boil. It has a power of 3kw which definitely helps with the great performance and it should hopefully save an extremely small amount of electricity a year compared to our older model.

      ~~~ About the kettles main feature, the illuminating light ~~~

      Now this is a feature that I truly believe we could all live without but it can be handy at times. Basically there are windows on both sides of the kettle that show the water level, these illuminate to show the kettles status. When the kettle is in standby mode the window lights up blue but when boiling it lights up red. The light is rather bright and if the kettle is in a dark room it shows up extremely well and it would work nicely as a night light. It can be handy to confirm that you have actually pressed the boil switch when rushing around the kitchen but apart from this the feature is completely pointless other than for decoration. From looking at the Amazon reviews of this kettle it appears that this light feature is very unreliable and fails often but I can confirm that ours has been perfect, we have never unplugged this kettle in the whole 14 months that we have owned it and the lights still work perfectly.

      ~~~ Keeping the kettle clean ~~~

      The kettle is made from polished stainless steel so obviously as with any other polished steel products you will find stick finger marks a nuisance. Luckily these do not happen too often with this kettle as the handle is made from black plastic and we do not touch the actual kettle body all that often. The marks can be easily removed with a bit of elbow grease and some mild cleaner, we wipe ours down every now and then and it still looks like new. The base of the kettle attracts most of the dirt as it is low down on the counter but this is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

      ~~~ General quality, any problems? ~~~

      The kettle is built very well and it feels very sturdy both with and without water inside. The kettle is rather heavy to hold which could be a problem with some people with weak wrists or other health problems but the weight definitely gives the kettle a quality feel. Every part of the kettle is of an excellent quality; even the base is very heavy with a good look of quality about it. The inside of the kettle has a concealed element which makes the inside look very nice and it is extremely easy to clean, we have not got any lime scale built up in ours but would guess that it would be easy to clean if we did.

      We use this kettle daily and as a family of six who love their cups of tea and the odd pot noodle I think that it has done very well. It is boiled at least 10 times a day and there have been no leaks or any annoyances in the whole time that we have used it, this has not been the case with many other kettles that we have owned in the past. The only slight niggle that I have with this kettle is that it has a slight tendency of tipping forward when lifted by the handle when it is under half full. This is not too bad of a problem and I will not knock any stars off for it as it is minor but it just needs some more back pressure when lifting to prevent it from happening as it could be slightly dangerous and result in burning toes.... When the kettle is above half full it is not all that noticeable, a bit of a mystery!

      ~~~ Overall opinion ~~~

      We generally love this kettle and I reckon that it will last very much longer and it still looks and works like new. The light feature is nice although it is rather pointless, it boils quickly and quietly and it looks the part in the kitchen - I cannot complain at all. It is a very nice kettle at a rather reasonable cost, it sounds quite expensive but it is definitely up to the quality standards that you would expect at a price like that. Highly recommended!

      Thanks for reading,


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      Short name: Kenwood SJ666

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