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Morphy Richards 43046

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Cordless Jug Kettle

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2011 11:09



      Limescale and problems with the lid

      I got this kettle about 12 month ago to match my other aplliences like the toaster and coffee maker in the same style and colour and got them all from tesco and found them relitivity cheap to buy. It is only small in size but was enough for what our houshold needed, its very simple but stylish at the same time and looked realy well with all the other things in my kitchen and safe a sturdy on its base. However I have found that I have to descale it on a regualr basis as a lot of limescale is build up very quickly and I have not fould this as much with other kettles in the past. Then for some reason the lid started poping open mid boil and it wouldn't stop until the lid was replace which was quite dangerous and now I cant seen to get the lid of and dont want to force it incase I break it. It does however it does boil really quickly and I am managing to fill it up through the spout so it is still going strong and odes the job.


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      20.09.2007 13:56
      Very helpful



      Shoddy goods

      My parents have had this kettle for approximately twelve months and I have used it on a regular basis to make unknown gallons of fair trade tea and the odd cup of freshly grounded Columbian roast, usually at weekends. It was purchased for around its present price of £35 at Tesco - this is somewhat cheaper than the present Amazon price of £42.85. As such this item certainly doesn't dwell at the cheap end of the market. According to the manufacturers the 1.5L capacity Morphy Richards 43046 Cream Accents Cordless Jug Kettle "looks attractive and modern" - perhaps this is a worthy argument, but when they go on to add that it will "give you many, many years of use" - I'm afraid that's where I have to firmly disagree - because our kettle is on its last legs.

      In terms of design, leaving aside the cream/grey colour scheme which I find rather off-putting and not entirely to my taste, the Morphy Richards 43046 did seem at first to have a lot going for it. It has what I would describe as a chunky style comprising plastic and steel components. The handle is well positioned and thick enough to enable you to get a firm grip and there is a button on the top of the handle, in the thumb position, which flips opens the lid when pressed, in order to fill the kettle with water. The appliance is also quite weighty which to me always suggests a quality item, though someone of a frailer physique might struggle to lift it fully loaded with one hand. On one side of the kettle is a useful large transparent water level indicator from where it is easy to determine how much water is in the kettle and when the water is coming to the boil. The measurement indicator is done by the cupful and a one cup measurement does tend to fill a reasonably sized mug of tea. So far so good....

      With its 3.1kW power output the kettle is described as a rapid boiler and I can't argue with that assertion as it does boil up a brew in no time at all. One cupful takes a couple of minutes perhaps, with a full pot only taking a further few minutes. Performance wise in the boiling stakes this is a Premiership kettle. However, a few months ago things started to fall apart - literally.

      The lid episode
      If you are able to look at the photograph of this kettle you should be able to see that the lid is constructed of two parts: a larger silver metallic bit that forms the outside base of the lid and a smaller grey plastic bit which sits at the top of the lid in the centre of the silver component. Well I can't remember which one fell off first, but I think it was the grey bit that forms the very top part of the lid. I recall one afternoon whilst pouring boiling water into the teapot that this component decided to fall off and plonk into the newly made brew thus leaving me no choice but to empty all the contents out of the teapot and brew up once more. At first it was possible to simply put the grey bit back on top of the lid because it kind of clicked into place. But after a while, and numerous plonks into pots and mugs it was necessary to get out the superglue. This at first seemed to do the trick. But I think it was only a few weeks after we had glued the grey bit back on that the larger silver bit decided to fall apart. This first took place when trying to fill the kettle with water. You might recall the well positioned button on top of the handle - well, it was whilst pressing this button in order to flip-open the lid so as to fill the kettle with water that the silver bit flew off and landed in the sink full of dirty dishes. However, with the help of more superglue and clicking of lid components back into there correct positions, we continued to use the kettle for a few weeks without much of a problem. Then one day, when I decided to make myself a cup of coffee, the lid flipped open (without me pressing the button) whilst I was pouring the boiling water into a cup. As the lid flipped open, not only did the component parts fall into my brew of freshly ground Columbian roasted, but the hot steam scorched my hand causing me to swear in Spanish..

      As if that wasn't enough... aside from the lid debacle there was something else I noticed whilst filling the kettle up with water. I began to notice what might described as debris floating around in the remaining water from previous boils. Of course its always best to use empty old water out and use fresh water but on the odd occasion when the old water was still hot - having only recently been boiled - sometimes this would be occasionally topped up. However, when I noticed these small light brown flakes floating around in the water I obviously had to empty them out. Unfortunately I soon realised that this wasn't doing the trick at all, as the flaky bits remained and what more, they were soon to be accompanied by black bits.

      Now having been used for sometime, the inside of any kettle does tend gather lime scale and other stuff. This can no doubt on most occasions easily be cleaned out, but the chunky Morphy Richards 43046 also has a chunky interior with lots of nooks and crannies that are largely impossible to get to given the small opening where the water is poured in. As such, I guess that the 'grunge' wherever it might come from, tends to congregate. And even when you pour fresh water into the kettle you will still see black bits floating about because they are forced out when the water enters the kettle from the tap. This has led me to only let water enter the kettle very gently so as not to loosen any black bits which would then end up in my tea, however, when the kettle boils I've no doubt some black bits are still prised loose.

      As you might understand there is no way I would recommend anyone forking out £35 or more for a kettle like this, less they end up with teapot full of tea bags, various bits of lid, little flaky bits of grunge and remnants of superglue all floating around in four cup measurements of recently boiled water. The whole pleasure of making a 'cuppa' has been ruined.


      Capacity: 1.5L
      Element: Concealed
      Limescale Filter: Yes
      Power 3.1kW
      Product Depth 23 cm
      Product Height 16 cm
      Product Width 24 cm
      Rapid Boil: Yes
      Style: Jug kettle
      Water Level Indicator: Yes

      Recommended extra item (not supplied):


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 43046

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