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Morphy Richards 43138 Memphis

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2010 17:57


      • "Ease of use"


      If you're looking for performance, find another kettle. If you want style, get the Morphy Richards!

      We bought the Morphy Richards kettle to replace a fully functioning Philips one purely because of its styling. Fickle it may be, but for a lot of people the precise number of seconds it takes for a kettle to boil is largely irrelevant whereas the way the kettle looks perched up in the kitchen is a lot more important.

      With the power output of this kettle, it will never match the performance figures of 3000+ Watt powerhouses. It also holds a relatively modest 1.5 litres, so all in all this kettle is not ideal if you want to make a large amount of tea in one go or if you are in a real hurry in the morning.

      Style-wise though, this kettle is great. The matt outside is of very good quality and the handle is very practical as well as a stand out feature. The base of the kettle is very discreet and allows the kettle to seemingly hover above the work surface. One minor downside is that the power cable is really short meaning that the kettle has to be placed relatively close to a socket.


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      20.10.2007 15:38
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Have kitchen cred with the Memphis Red!

      Morphy Richards Red Memphis Traditional Kettle

      Next (The clothes shop) had a sale online and offline recently. Mum needed a new kettle, I being the generous daughter that I am offered to buy her one.
      So, as I was browsing through the Next sale online store I noticed a Red Morphy Richards Kettle 50% off. "Oh that one will do" said mum. "I'm sure it will!" I said under my sarcastic breath. A couple clicks later and £20 out of my bank account and the kettles is on its way to our house.


      The kettle in my opinion looks modern, contemporary. The colour 'red' definitely makes a statement. Eye catching. I like the style but perhaps that is because I like things that are unique and different to the norm (what is normal?). You don't actually see many people with a red kettle in their kitchen do you? Okay I'm waiting for the comments box to be full of "Actually I own a red kettle".

      ...Turning the kettle on...

      Well, make sure it's plugged in first to any UK standard 3 pin plug. Fill the cordless kettle with water (1.5 litre capacity). The lid is a safety locking one, so you shouldn't have any accidents. The kettle has a water level indicator (always useful).

      Place the kettle back onto it's base (the part which is plugged into the mains). In line with the handle but nearer the bottle of the kettle you will find a switch press this down and hey presto your kettle is boiling. You should see a red light on at this point.

      When the kettle is boiled the light goes out and you will hear the flick of the switch returning back to the up position. Oh and guess what? Water should be boiling so you should hear that too!


      The kettle is very easy to lift off of its base and is very easy to hold and pour. Obviously the heavier/fuller it's the harder it is to hold steady.

      ...Where can I buy this kettle from?...

      It definitely looks to me as though I had a bargain. As you will see from the prices quoted below. Unfortunately Next no longer sell this model of kettle however they do sell one that looks the same apart from it's their own brand!

      .......Morphy Richards Kettle........

      diytools.co.uk £34.99

      electricshopping.com £37.95

      hardware-ironmongers.com £39.99

      .......Next twin pack (in red or teal).......

      http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/homeware/kitchen/4/13 - £35

      ...Additional information...

      In case you are interested in this product you can also purchase the kettle with a matching toaster. For further details on the duo check out:

      buyrightelectricals.co.uk - £74.99

      ...Are there multiple uses for a kettle?...

      I'd say yes and I've listed five different uses for a kettle - enjoy!

      1. Make a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate (HOT DRINKS!!!)

      2. Make a cup of soup

      3. Fill a hot water bottle

      4. Pot noodles

      5. Lemsips or other such medicines!


      I was initially nervous about the write up of this review. I kept thinking, how much can you say about a kettle. However it is surprising and I think when you're impressed with a product you are more likely to a have a flowing expressive attitude towards your writing.

      I would most certainly recommend buying a kettle such as this one however I would be reluctant to pay £40 for the item. At the end of the day all kettles do the same job so why spend over the odds? Unless of course it's the only one you can find that goes with the rest of your decor.

      >>>Morphy Richards<<<



      Morphy Richards Ltd.
      Talbot Road
      South Yorkshire
      S64 8AJ

      (01709) 582 402

      (01709) 587 510


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