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Morphy Richards 43552 silver finish filter rapide kettle

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2006 18:45
      Very helpful



      nice clean fresh cuppa

      I I got this kettle around 2 years ago now from a Robert dyer store half price at £19.99 bargain rrp around £40, I was really happy with it, I was excited about making a cup of tea which doesn't happen too often.
      When I was making my 1st one I was watching the water boiling, and it looked so clean and tasty, I had never seen boiled water look do clean.
      The taste was great too, you can really taste the difference with filtered water, I used to like the taste of my tea from my old kettle, but I could never go back to un-filtered water now, it tastes so different.


      Its a really nice looking design it has see through glass around most of it and then the base, lid, handle and bottom part are made from silver plastic, the base stand doesn't have a very long cable length so you have to have it quite close to a plug socket.
      The on/off button is on the top of the handle and has an orange display light when it is on.


      It has a 1 litres capacity, you should not fill past the maximum because you don't want to be boiling the filter itself (my partner tends to make a habit of doing this on the odd occasions when he actually makes a cuppa grr).
      It boils the water at an average speed. It's nice to be able to see the water boiling aswell and you can also see how clean the water is.
      It filters nice and quickly, and it has an indicator to tell you when you should change your filter.

      The filters themselves are I think around £3-£4 each but I think you can buy a multipack which I have never done myself, they are easy to change simply take the lid off the kettle and take the top part out and then they click out, when changing the filter you should first soak the filter for around 20 mins in some water I made that mistake once and you end up having little black grains which filter the water in your kettle.

      The kettle can look dirty sometimes just from water marks on the clear glass but as long as you clean it regularly its fine.

      All in all it does its job makes a great cuppa looks good and I would recommend it.


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      02.09.2006 18:06
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent filter kettle for the money!

      Our old kettle recently gave up the ghost so therefore, after looking at quite a few different filter kettles, we bought the Filter Rapide kettle from Morphy Richards.

      There were a number of reasons why we chose this kettle:

      *As we live in a hard water area it was important that there was a filter in order to avoid the build up of limescale. The filter on this kettle works really well and after about nine months we have no nasty traces of scale at all. It states that it removes limescale, lead and other impurities from tap water.

      *Also, our last kettle had a filter but we had to wait for this to work before we could set the kettle to boil. If we forgot to fill the kettle the night before, we had a long wait for our tea in the morning! With the filter rapide you can turn the kettle on while it is still filtering.

      *This kettle also has rapid boil which means that it boils very quickly which has to be economical. Also, while the water is boiling, the kettle turns blue so you can clearly see whether it is working. It also looks nice too! (and is sometimes a talking point when you make friends a hot drink!)

      * It has to look good in the kitchen! This kettle looks elegant, it is clear but the element is concealed.

      * It has a 2 litre capacity which is very useful when you have a large family - you don't often run out of water half way through the last cup!

      It is recommended that you change the filter about once a month although it does depend on how much you use it. you have to use the Morphy Richards replacement filters which do seem slightly harder to find tn the shops than the Britax ones. In the instruction leaflet it says that you can ring the replacement parts helpline for assistance, but we actually found someone selling them on ebay for a very good price!

      There is a helpline to ring if anything goes wrong with your kettle but so far ours has worked perfectly. It also comes with a two year guarantee. It also has a clear instruction leaflet with a good emphasis on safety.

      I've always thought that Morphy richards is a good brand name, and this kettle has certainly lived up to it. It works well, is fast and economical, and looks good in our kitchen (always important!)

      At the moment, Amazon is selling it for £39.99.


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        04.04.2005 16:13
        Very helpful



        Our old kettle had become a real safety hazard, with water going everywhere but where it was wanted, so we decided that we had to replace it. To make things a little more interesting I had decided that as we lived in a hard water area I wanted a kettle with a built in filter, so we hunted the shops and eventually came up with the Morphy Richards Filter Rapide, a kettle that claimed to filter and boil the water at the same time.

        ~~~The Styling~~~

        The kettle looks pretty stylish, being mainly clear with silver detailing. Although larger in size than your average kettle it actually has a somewhat smaller capacity at only 1 litre (which is just enough for two large mugs). This is a cordless kettle that sits on a base that allows it to rotate 360 degrees, meaning that it can be placed in almost any position in my kitchen. I must say though that the base looks quite flimsy, which is a bit of a disappointment.

        ~~~Preparing for use~~~

        Now you can't just take this kettle out of the box and use it straight away, firstly you need to open it up (which wasn't all that easy) and remove the supplied filter cartridge from it's packet. This then needs to be soaked in water for 20 minutes before it can be fitted into the kettle. Fitting the filter was fairly easy, and involved a push and twist motion. Once the filter has been fitted you then need to fill, boil and empty the kettle twice before you can actually use the results.

        ~~~Ease of use~~~

        Well this isn't exactly the easiest kettle to fill, but it's not that difficult really. You can either lift the lid or open a slider that is on the lid. Of the two I would say that lifting the lid is easier if you are filling directly from the tap. As soon as you've filled it, you can switch the kettle on, that's right you don't need to wait for the water to filter through before boiling the water.

        When pouring the water from the kettle, I found it very comfortable, especially as the inside of the handle has a rubberised grip. I've read that people have been having trouble with the water going everywhere, but I've had no such problem, the water seems to go exactly where I want it too.

        ~~~Boiling Speed~~~

        This kettle boils remarkably quickly, especially if you consider that it's filtering the water as well. Although I've not timed it precisely I would say it takes about three minutes for a full litre of water to be filtered and boiled, which I'm sure you agree is pretty impressive.

        ~~~Noise Level~~~

        I've noticed that the kettle is actually quite loud, and drowns out the radio as it comes close to boiling point not a big problem, but it can get a bit irritating.

        ~~~The taste test~~~

        Now seeing as this kettle is sold on the fact that it filters the water before boiling it, it wouldn't be fair of me not to tell you how it affects such drinks as tea and coffee.

        Well, it actually affects the taste of tea significantly. I think I've kind of got used to the taste of all the limescale and chemicals in my tap water, and tea tastes a bit strange to begin with, but after a while it does improve. The nice thing is it actually looks better, there's no skin or scum on top, like there used to be.

        Coffee made from water boiled with this kettle tastes so much nicer, somehow the actual flavour of the coffee seems to be much stronger (even though it was made in exactly the same way as usual).

        ~~~Other features~~~

        On top of the kettle you will find a little electronic device that tells you when the filter needs changing (although I've noticed that this on works out how long the filter's been in place not how often it's been used.), this needs resetting each time you replace the filter.

        ~~~Safety first~~~

        As with most kettles these days, this has quite a short power cord and to help ensure there are no trailing wires, the cord can be wound round pegs in the base. Unfortunately, there is only one position allowing the cord out of the base, which means that I have more trailing than I would actually like.


        The kettle is extremely easy to clean, simply let it cool down and then wipe over with a damp cloth. As the water is filtered the element doesn't seem to get nearly as much limescale build up as other kettles, which means it doesn't need de-scaling.

        The only other maintenance that's needed is to regularly change the filter, the instructions advise that this is done on a monthly basis.


        I've had this kettle for just over a month now, and quite simply say that I've had no problems with it (unlike my last one that started leaking after just one day). If however it decides to start leaking in the near future I will of course update this review.


        Morphy Richards have kindly supplied a two year guarantee, which I haven't needed to use yet, but in all honesty it would be amazing for any kettle to actually last that long in my house.

        ~~~Price and Availability~~~

        The Filter Rapide 43552 is currently selling at Tesco Extra (in the Pitsea branch at least) for the discounted price of £29.99. And replacement cartridges are available at £14.78 for six (plus delivery) from www.pozzani.co.uk.

        ~~~My final words~~~

        I'd been after a filter kettle for a while when we bought this, and was therefore quite happy when I got it. It boils very quickly, and although it takes a little bit of getting used to, drinks such as tea made with it taste ten times better, than with a normal kettle. My only real gripe is that it's not got as large a capacity as I was used to, and sometimes I have to fill it twice when making tea for more than two people. But there again, it's so quick that it really doesn't take any more time.

        I'm therefore recommending this kettle to people who, like me, live in hard water areas and want to improve the taste of their hot beverages.


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