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Morphy Richards 43693

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    4 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 10:41
      Very helpful



      An attractive and useful kittchen appliance with some ill thought design drawbacks

      The Morphy Richards 43693 kettle has a simple and classic design, and can be purchased in a variety of traditional colours including red, cream and black. The kettle has a modern chrome finish to the lid and the spout and a long grey handle to lift on and off the 360° connector base. Another useful design feature is the short mains lead which powers the kettle; this is black in colour and can be clipped into the base to prevent it from trailing across the kitchen worktops.

      Features ~

      The kettle has a variety of features which are as follows; a 1.5 litre capacity for water boiling, a whistle feature to tell when the water is boiled which can be activated and deactivated using a simple switch on the bottom of the kettle, a clear fill indicator to show how many cups the kettle will boil at each fill, a simple switch at the back of the kettle to switch on, a light at the base which glows red when the kettle is on and a long grey handle for easy manoeuvrability on a 360° base.

      My Experience ~

      Having moved into a new flat several years ago, and wanting a kettle which suited my cream kitchen, this kettle seemed the perfect choice due to its design being different to the standard upright kettle and its compact size. The price of the kettle was appealing, being not too expensive to purchase at £45.00 and being made by Morphy Richards a trusted and valued brand.

      The kettle was easy to set up and even simpler to use being that it could be activated with a simple switch to the base. The kettle boils water at quite a fast speed and can usually boil one or two cups of water within 30 seconds or so. Another particularly good feature was the whistle which gave a loud enough signal to tell us that the water was boiled even when we were out in the garden. Admittedly won over by the design of the kettle in the first place, it became clear after a couple of months that the chrome finishes around the spout and lid would easily show water marks and splashes and therefore this kettle did require more cleaning than its other less shiny competitors.

      Having owned the kettle for a year, it suddenly stopped working, a fact which can only be attributed to the low water level in the kettle which perhaps blew the element. Although Morphy Richards offered a year warrantee on the model, this was not chased given the fact that we though we had just exceeded this time frame and we couldn't find the original receipt anyway. Needless to say, the whistle and the attractiveness of the kettle was enough to persuade me to go out and buy the same model again.

      To date the new kettle has lasted the test of time and continues to provide our latest home with a stylish if often a little noisy water boiler. However I do have a few criticisms. Firstly the lid of the kettle is impractical as a means to fill up the vessel with water and it is therefore practical to fill up by the narrow spout every time it is used. Additionally the loose lid works as a perfect steam vent when the water is boiled which has on regular occasions scalded both mine and my partners' hands as the handle is directly above the lid. Secondly the switch at the back of the kettle can easily be tripped when the worktops are being cleaned or an item is being moved, meaning that it is very easy to switch the kettle on without meaning to. Finally, the shiny surfaces of the lid and spout show visible water marks as previously stated.

      Summary ~

      Although this is a great looking kettle, it does have a number of design defects which prevent it from being a 5 star product. The largest of these being the liability associated when lifting the handle to prevent being scalded. Hopefully the latest model which looks the same as this has addressed this issue, however when I buy my next kettle I think an upright one is due for a change.

      Thank-you for taking the time to read my review.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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      28.05.2009 00:56
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"


      Great all round

      I have often been disappointed by kettles. I live in a hard water area and have had many problems with lime scale. I have to be honest and say that I bought this kettle for it's looks, to match a new kitchen! However, I have not been disappointed. it looks great and does a great job. Of course there is still the limescale problem, and I have de-scaled the kettle regularly, but it has not suffered for this. Being cordless is fantastic and the kettle fits easily and neatly back onto the base which is very secure. The fill indicator is very clear. This kettle has a vintage country look without the vintage country price tag. It is both durable as well as attractive and would be a great addition to any kitchen. I believe there are matching items available which of course is also an advantage. Ten out of ten.


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        20.05.2009 13:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "Ease of use"


        Great stylish kettle - that gets a bit hot under the collar

        Great retro design from Morphy Richards - I have the red version.

        The power light which can be seen at the base of the kettle in the picture is only on this side of the kettle, so if like me you are left handed and have the kettle facing the other way you will not see this.

        Water level indictor runs between the handle and the on - switch. Switching kettle on is easy via the switch - just flick down.

        I thought the handle might be tricky being on top as opposed to the side - but this doesn't present a problam, what does is that the small lid gets very hot - only a problem if you try and make another drink within 30 minutes and this is the way you fill the kettle up - I use a towel to counteract this.

        Other thing worthy of note is as soon as the kettle has boiled it is worth leaving just 5 seconds, as if you start to pour straight away then the hot water overshoots the cups and goes over the work surface.

        The kettle can whistle like an old fashioned type, but this can be deactivated on the bottom of the base - it does tend to get reactivated though if you move the kettle and base without lifting them.

        Despite these idiosynchrises - I love this kettle.


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          25.03.2008 14:59
          Very helpful



          A 1.5 litre kettle that's not worth the money. Very disapointing.

          The Morphy Richards 43693 is a cordless 3.1kw electrical kettle for boiling or heating water. We bought ours a few months ago the same time I bought the matching toaster.
          The kettle has 1.5 litre capacity which is well enough for lots of cuppa teas. The Morphy Richards 43693 has a concealed element which prevents scales from building up.
          The kettle comes in a big white box with the three page manual enclosed.
          I am sure a lot of people are familiar with the Morphy Richards brand. Morphy Richards is a company that specializes in household appliances from vacuums to bread makers etc. Morphy Richards is quiet respected and all their products come with a two year manufacture warranty.

          ==Price and Place==

          We bought our kettle from Currys for £39.99 which is ten pounds more than the matching toaster. I really did think the price was ridiculous for a kettle but on the other hand it wasn't me paying so I couldn't care less. However, because I've now had experience with the kettle I really do think it is a waste of money. The kettle does have a matching slow cooker which is rather cheap, only being sold at £15 in currys. I and my mum could have bought the kettle cheaper on Amazon for £35 but because we were buying the matching toaster which decided to buy them both on the same.

          ==How to Use==

          Using the kettle is rather easy, unlike most kettles with the Morphy Richards 43693 there is no need of removing (opening) the lead when filling the kettle with water. All you have to do is run the water through the kettle's spout (were the water pours out from when boiled). The spout is not that big, therefore filling the water can be annoying as you have to run the tap at a low pressure.
          The kettle does have a water level indicator which is rather helpful in knowing how much water is in the kettle. Therefore, use the water indicator to measure the exact amount of water you need.

          Once you've filled the kettle with water all you have to do is place the kettle back on the 360 degree connector and lower the switch button just under the water indicator to turn on the kettle and off you go. Once the water is boiled the kettle will turn itself off. If you need to re-boil the water, just turn on the kettle again.
          Removing the filter is very easy all you have to do is open the lid of the kettle and pull out the filter which you can easily wash and re-insert.

          ==Me and the Product==

          I must say that I don't really like this kettle. The kettle does look ugly which really puts me off. The lid of the kettle is rather hard to open; this is possibly for the reason that the lid is not supposed to be removed all the time. When I try to remove the lid my hand always bangs on the handle which goes all the way across the kettle and is rather near to the lid knob. Avoiding opening the lid is not always optional as you have to take out the filter at times and you can only take out the filter by lifting up the lid from the kettle.
          The lead of the kettle is steel therefore; when the water has boiled the lid will get hot as well.
          The kettle does have a whistle switch which you can turn on or off. I have found the whistle useful in telling me when the water has boiled e.g. when I'm in another room etc. However, the problem with the whistle is that even if you turn it off, the kettle is not 100% silent when boiling the water and when the whistle is turned 'on' it uses a lot of energy.

          Unlike other kettles, this Morphy Richards 43693 is fat; therefore takes quiet a lot of space in my kitchen, the handle of the kettle does give the kettle height too.
          There is a lot of chemistry inside the kettle with all the elements to maintain the whistling of the kettle and the prevention of scale. I therefore, think that it is these elements which add weight to this kettle. When the kettle is empty it is rather heavy when comparing to my other breville kettle. Therefore this Morphy Richards 43693 is not the lightest kettle on the market.


          ---Boiling the water doesn't take that long when comparing to my last breville kettle which used to take a few minutes. With this Morphy Richards it only does take approx a minute, that is probably one of the main reasons why I use the annoying Morphy Richards kettle rather than my old one as it saves me time.

          --- The kettle does have a 360 degree rotational base which allows it to rotate all the way around the base without any destruction from the code.

          --- If you don't fill the kettle with enough water or if you turn the kettle on by mistake without water in the kettle; the kettle will turn off automatically

          Overall me and the product don't get along, i sometimes use my old breville kettle.


          I wouldn't really recommend this kettle. The kettle might be expensive but it has nothing special that makes it worth a whole £39.99. The kettle really does look ugly and old fashioned (maybe that's why they call it a traditional kettle) and it's not something I would really want to find in my own kitchen. I think my mum mainly bought this because it matched the toaster which is kind of cool, but it wasn't because it had fancy features on it. You can definitely find a cheaper kettle with the exact same specifications as this Morphy Richards 43693.

          However, if you got the toaster you might want to buy the kettle just to match your other kitchen appliance, but looking at money wise, this kettle is not worth £39.99 at all, I wouldn't pay £20 for the kettle either. The kettle is not flexible, doesn't have a cool wall therefore any metal part on the kettle gets hot when the water is boiling and does take time to cool down.
          This kettle is also huge; therefore if you are looking for a travelling kettle you are browsing the wrong page.
          If it was me who paid for this kettle i would have gone back to Currys and asked for a refund.


          ---This Morphy Richards kettle is for boiling water not any other liquids e.g. milk etc.

          --- This type of kettle also comes in other colour e.g. white, red, black etc.

          ---This kettle is chrome in colour and has a grey colour finish on its edges. However, the kettle does have a matching slow cooker and toaster which look nice unlike the kettle.

          ---The kettle does come with a two year manufacture warranty though you have to apply for the extra year.

          ---When using the kettle for the first time, chuck away the first boil.

          ---The kettle does have an LED indicator to tell you whether the kettle is on or not.


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