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Morphy Richards 43775 Cream Accents

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      23.09.2015 09:28
      Very helpful


      • "Fast boil"
      • "Good water capacity "
      • "Lovely colour"


      • None

      Lovely matching kettle

      I love the fact that you can get things to match now for the kitchen and you don’t have to just have boring old white, black or silver kettles and toasters. I have all my small kitchen items in cream to match and I just think that they look so much nicer than the plain ones.

      I have a Morphy Richards Accents cream pyramid kettle and I love it because it just looks so pretty and matches perfectly with the toaster that I have from the same range. The cream is a gorgeous colour and it looks so soothing and relaxing but also really modern too.

      I chose the pyramid shape kettle instead of the normal shape just because I liked the shape and thought it would look nicer in my kitchen.

      It has a water capacity of 1.5l so it fits quite a lot of water in it. It is more than enough to make several cups of coffee or a big pot of tea. I very rarely fill it to the top though as I think it is a waste of money to boil water needlessly that you aren’t going to use.

      It boils so quickly and it takes no time at all to boil especially if you are just boiling enough water for one or two cups which is good for me as I am impatient and want my cup of tea or coffee as quick as possible especially in the morning.

      It looks very neat and tidy on the work top with a cord storage so that the long cord isn’t just sitting on the worktop. The kettle has a base and you lift the kettle from it when it is boiled which means that you aren’t restricted to using it in only one small corner. There is a water window so you can see how full the kettle is and I like that it has a limescale filter so that you don’t get any little bits of limescale in your cup which is horrible.

      It is quite quiet. I have heard quieter kettles but I have also heard kettles which are much louder and it has such a rapid boiling speed that it doesn’t matter so much as it isn’t noisy for long before it has boiled.

      I paid £40 for my kettle which was more expensive than I wanted to pay ideally for a kettle but I just liked it so much that I had to have it and I haven’t been disappointed with it yet.


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      31.01.2014 17:00



      Good quality kettle, but like many kettles gets disadvantages from over use

      There are five of us living in this household, and this kettle when filled to maximum is enough for us all to have an average sized cup of tea. However it would be a push to make six cups like the advert says. Also the water at the bottom usually has bits of lime scale in, but this is probably because of the water in our area not the kettle.

      Advantages of this kettle are: it boils quite quickly; has a red light that tells you whether the kettle is on or off; it has a lovely chic, retro style appearance; and has a measurement case at the side so you can see how much water you have filled it with. However, the measurement dial on our kettle is unusable now because it has got lime scale in and condensation so you cannot read the water level.

      Another disadvantage is when you have used the kettle the handle on the lid can sometimes get very hot, so it becomes difficult to refill, but this is if you have used it a few times in a row.

      Even though our kettle has a few faults, this is mainly due to over usage I believe, and the kettle has proven to last much longer than other kettles we have had in the past.


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      13.01.2013 15:56
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Efficient quality kettle

      I have lost count of the number of kettles we have purchased in our household over the years. For one reason or another they bite the dust and off we go on the search for a replacement.
      We have tried most brands and price ranges but still they either develop a leak, are unwieldy, noisy or just stop working. I think it may have something to do with the amount of tea and coffee we drink!

      My husband chose this particular kettle as he was fed up with my non stop moaning about how noisy our current kettle was. I usually spend loads of time researching noise levels , reliability ,energy usage cost etc. He simply went into Debenhams chose it without factoring in any of my usual criteria and brought it home.

      The Product
      This is quite a traditional design and comes in many colours - we have it in cream with a grey handle and base and the lid and spout is stainless steel.
      It came in a large box and was well packaged.
      Nothing complicated about this kettle,it has a base unit which you plug into the wall. Simply stand the kettle on the base unit after filling it with water and press the switch down and wait for it to boil.

      1.5l litre capacity about 6 cups
      The on/off switch is illuminated
      A 30KW concealed rapid boil
      Removable limescale filter
      Failsafe cut out
      Height 27cm Width 21.5cm and depth 24cm
      Cordless base
      Water level indicator

      What Do I Think
      I love the design of this kettle and the traditional country cream colour goes well in our kitchen, but I feel would look good in most colour schemes.
      It is easy to fill either from the lid or the spout and if you take the lid off to fill, it goes back snugly and easily, so no danger of the lid coming off when you pour the water.
      I don't use the water level indicator, as I very rarely fill this to capacity, however it is one of the worst parts of this kettle as the level is difficult to read as it condenses inside.
      The lead on the base unit is quite short , however that is usually the case with most kettles. A plus point is the lead behaves itself and doesn't get in the way.
      The base is sturdy and the kettle fits onto it easily , so no struggling with finding the right position when you put it back after filling.
      It never fails to switch off once it has boiled -but one thing to watch out for is that the on off switch which is at the base of the kettle is not pressed up against something. I had it too close to my fridge and it did not switch off as it was jammed, luckily I spotted something was amiss when I realised the kitchen had turned into a steam room.
      The cut out works as I regularly try to boil without sufficient or no water in the kettle. It simply switches off, so no danger of boiling the kettle dry.
      A real bonus for me is that it is relatively quiet, not silent but even when it is due for descaling it doesn't make your head hurt with the noise level. Our last one was so noisy you had to shout as it was impossible to hear what anyone was saying when it was switched on.
      I tend to use this for making one or 2 mugs of tea or coffee and fill accordingly. I find that it boils really quickly although I haven't timed this , it is usually boiled by the time I have assembled the drink.
      It pours really well and the handle is comfortable to hold .
      I find it easy to clean , just a wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient.
      The only issue I have with this kettle is limescale has developed around the handle where it meets the kettle and this has corroded part of the cream paint down to stainless steel. That is partly down to not cleaning around the handle properly and had that been done I may not have had this problem.
      I descale periodically as I don't care for bits of scale in my tea and it comes up as good as new.
      The filter is removable so can be washed to keep it clean.
      I estimate we have had this for around 2 years and fngers crossed no problems so far (touch wood). This is a bit of a record for us!

      Would I Recommend
      When this kettle bites the dust I will definitely buy the same model again as it is quick, quiet and looks good.
      It is pricy at around £50 if you pay full price and is wdely available in a range of colours.
      It has lasted the longest of any kettle we have purchased in the past 10 years, so in terms of quality and efficiency this has delivered.
      There is an issue with the paint finish, which has peeled off, but that I feel is my fault. Years of using all plastic or all stainless steel has meant this wasn't an issue for me before, but limescale has developed around the handle recently and I think may have been avoided if I had cleaned around the spout with a limescale cleaner.

      A 5 star product but 1 star off due to the problem with the water indicator and the paint peel.


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        09.03.2012 15:07
        1 Comment


        • "Ease of use"



        I love my morphy richards kettle, it boils quickly and has an optional 'whistle' option so you know when your kettle is boiled if you are milling around the house. Due to its speediness I have found it ideal with cooking and also holds a deceptively large amount of water, I can usually get 7-8 medium cups of tea out of it.

        One downside I have found with it is that limescale has built around the lid so I have to treat it regularly, I am in a hardwater area which impacts on this, however other friends I know who have this kettle in softer water areas have also noticed this has happened.

        Despite this the kettle looks very pleasing to the eye and fits in perfectly with both modern and classic kitchens. I would certainly recommend purchasing this kettle, however also invest in some good de scaler as you will need it from time to time...


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