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Morphy Richards 43916 Meno

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Brand: Morphy Richards

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    2 Reviews
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      07.07.2013 10:55
      Very helpful



      a modern looking kettle by Morphy Richards

      In our office, we had a Tesco kettle which was ok but it was definitely on its last legs, there was no way of opening the lid to fill it with water so it had to be filled through the spout and then one day it stopped working. Luckily, I walked into the kitchen one afternoon and sat on the work surface, was a beautiful purple kettle, such a change, modern looking and by Morphy Richards, a good brand. It just looked like it had more to offer than the last and having never bought Morphy Richards kettle before, I was hoping this one would last a bit longer. The colour is a nice touch as well as it is something a bit different which is nice if you want a splash of colour in your kitchen.


      Now, to look at this kettle is a sort of fat cylinder shape with a rounded top, it has a silver lid and spout which is really wide and chunky and the Morphy Richards logo on the front as well as the water level gauge. The handle is black plastic and it has a silver button on it to pop up the lid as well as the silver on switch, it is a 1.7L capacity which is enough for an office as big as mine and it does hold a good amount. The kettle sits on a base to heat up and it isn't the biggest kettle shape wise that I've ever come across but it looks quite futuristic and it also comes in a metallic red colour too but for me the metallic plum is the best colour as it is really pretty.


      There are quite a number of features on this kettle with it being quite a modern design, one of the first is that it sits on a 360 degree base which means it can be put on at any angle and it will slot onto it fine to boil, and it is also cordless which is even better. The body of this kettle is a brushed stainless steel which creates a really nice finish to this kettle and it looks good, this is the finish on a lot of newer kettles, it has a 3kW rapid-boil element and also as stated above it hold 1.7L of water. It holds a maximum of 8 mugs of tea which is shown on the water gauge which is a good size and it is very easy to see on the front to work out how much you have filled it up.

      When the kettle is full at maximum level, it does feel heavy but the black plastic handle is quite thick and makes it easy to grip and support holding this much water. This kettle has a nice feature as when it is on boil it has a blue light that lights up the water gauge area so that you can tell it is currently boiling, it looks really good and adds to the appearance. There is a quiet boil/whistle function on this model too, it is very quiet to boil, when it gets near the end of the boil you can hear the water bubbling but when it is finished boiling a loud whistle noise sounds, kind of like the sound when a conveyor belt is about to go on at the airport and you know it is ready, this does get annoying after a while though.

      To switch the kettle on and fill it up, again is all so easy. On the top of the handle, there is an oval shaped silver chrome button and when you press it, the lid flips up so that you can fill up the kettle and this is easy to do. Also, to switch on the kettle at the base of the handle is a sticking out silver switch and one pushed down, the kettle will then start to boil. Once the kettle has boiled it can be heavy to lift but the spout is really wide and quite circular so it is easy to pour water out with accuracy from it and I quite like this chunky spout as it makes it unique compared to other models I have used and it has all been well designed.

      There is a removable limescale filter on this kettle as well which seems to be standard on all modern kettles too. Overall, I have been really pleased with this kettle and actually enjoy using it, the only irritation is the whistle noise after boiling which after a while gets tedious but maybe if you are forgetful, this will always be of use but I just don't like it. The design is all so easy to use and the capacity is a great size, especially if you have people round and need to make a lot of cups of tea at once. It just looks nice in the kitchen and the colour and illuminating light create a really unique appearance which is great, if you love unique designs, you'll love this.


      This kettle can be purchased on a lot of online shops, the official Morphy Richards website are charging £39.99 for this but Debenhams have it reduced for £27.50 which is a big difference in price.

      The official Morphy Richards website is http://www.morphyrichards.co.uk/.


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        08.04.2012 09:33



        I wouldn't buy again. I'd keep receipts longer though.

        We bought this kettle after a couple of years using a Tesco kettle that cost us less than £10. This kettle was part of our overall refurb of our kitchen and the looks were as much a consideration as anything else, but then really, when you are buying a kettle what do you want it to do? Boil water fairly quickly, look good, and, if you are paying this much money you want it to work flawlessly for longer than a much cheaper one.

        As seems standard with most kettles these days this comes with a separate base that provides the power and the kettle itself is fully portable.

        The first thing to frustrate me with this kettle was that when it boiled it made a very annoying high pitched electronic "whistle". I can't imagine anyone who would find that useful or beneficial. With that "feature" turned off via a switch in the base it functions just like any other normal kettle except when boiling you get a nice blue light glowing inside the kettle.

        So far so good.

        We're now a few months down the line, receipt sadly lost, and the kettle is showing numerous issues. Sometimes the lid doesn't close, as if it is warped. Even when fully closed so the catch locks there is still a gap at the top. The kettle has been looked after so to be doing this after such a short period of time is annoying to say the least.

        Worse though is that it doesn't always switch off when it has boiled (possibly the gap in the lid allows for steam to escape and stops it reaching true boiling point sometimes?) Several times I've gone into the kitchen to find it full of steam from a kettle that has been boiling for a few minutes without turning itself off.

        In summary, would I buy this kettle again? No. Will I keep receipts for longer? Most definitely yes.


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