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Morphy Richards 43773

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2010 21:35
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent kettle that does everything required but it is expensive

      The Morphy Richards Accents black traditional kettle is, as its name suggests, a kettle for domestic use in the home. Whilst I have this product in black it is also available in blue, red and green so there is a colour that will match almost any kitchen décor.

      The unique selling points of this kettle is the "rapid boil" and "quiet boil" technologies, and with its 3kw power and highly efficient concealed element the manufacturers claim the boiling process to be super quick and super quiet.

      Compared to my previous jug style kettle the boiling time, taking just under 2 minutes when full of cold water compared to over 3 and a half minutes, is very fast but then given the price differential I would have expected it to be. In addition, I can confirm that this kettle is not only much quieter than my previous kettle but also quieter than all other kettles I come across in my day to day life, so it is definitely quiet. Boiling water takes a lot of energy so the process will never be silent but with only a small 'rumble' whilst doing its thing this kettle does come fairly close to reaching that unachievable silence, which is quite impressive.

      This kettle has an optional whistle on boil, which is something I have never come across before. The whistle is turned on or off by simply flicking a switch on the kettle's base. I always thought it was the kettle itself that whistled but this doesn't appear to be the case and the kettle is almost silent at the point of boil. The whistle is very loud, which is good for those with impaired hearing, but it isn't the usual kettle whistle. It has its own unique tone, which I actually find annoying and the worst thing is it can't be changed. The whistle feature is either on or off, but given there is the "automatic switch off" and "dry boil protection" safety features to ensure the kettle turns off when the water starts to boil it really makes no odds whether the whistle feature is on or not, and it is down to personal preference.

      This kettle also has a large and easy to read water level indicator, an illuminated on/off switch so you can easily tell if the kettle on or not (a useful feature considering how quiet this kettle is in operation), a 360 degree round base, a cord storage system (to ensure any 'extra' cord doesn't get caught up) and non slip feet to ensure that it remains in situ on all types of work surface. The non slip feet, in particular, are excellent and I can confirm that I have had no issues even with my extra slippery work tops.

      The dimensions of this kettle are huge and it looks ideal size for a large family brew, however the capacity is only the 'normal' 1.5 litres, which surprised me somewhat.

      The handle of this kettle straddles the top making it ideal for left and right handed users without the need for having to keep turning the kettle back and forth. This is great for households where there is one 'leftie' and one 'rightie' who take it in turns to make the tea, and it has stopped many minor spats or quips.

      Being an upside down cone shape this kettle is traditional in design but the matt black finish, chrome spout and chrome extras make it look bang up to date. I am not a great lover of retro items although I have made an exception for this.

      Whilst this kettle has a removable and washable lime scale filter, which in itself is easy to clean, there is the requirement to clean the elements and inside of the kettle to ensure it doesn't get too badly affected by lime scale. Cleaning this kettle is far more time consuming than cleaning out my previous kettle and I blame the location of the handle and the rounded shape. With the handle straddling the top of the kettle it is not the easiest of things to turn upside down and give a good shake, unlike the jug kettle which had the handle on the side. In addition I find that I can never get all the lime scale out no matter how hard I try. There are always small bits that get caught up in the rounded parts, a problem I never experienced with my jug kettle. Cleaning the outside is a doddle and despite the dark colour it doesn't appear to smear or become too affected by water marks.

      One thing I must point out about this kettle is the spout is perfectly situated to allow the kettle to be fully tipped up (in order to get all the water out) without any water spilling out of the lid which not only creates a mess but is also potentially dangerous. This is a problem that all jug style kettles I have owned have suffered from.

      At £49.99 this kettle is not cheap and I have to admit that I baulked somewhat my other half informed me how much I had paid for it, thanks to my flexible friend, since there are much cheaper kettles on the market that still have the traditional look of the Accents.

      Despite the high price, I must admit that I am very happy with the Accents and it is a kettle that I would highly recommend. Not only does it look more stylish than other kettles I have owned, it also out performs them with regard to boiling times and volume levels. In addition, this kettle comes with a 2 year 'no quibbles' guarantee should anything go wrong, although based on the build quality of the kettle I can't foresee any issues.


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 43773

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