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Morphy Richards 43120 Reflect Glass

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Jug Design, 1.5 Liter, Cordless, With Concealed Element, 3100 W

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2007 18:03
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      A total DISASTER - This kettle really SUCKS !

      For the sake of the consumer I will run by the specific looks and features of the Morphy Richards kettle as well as the price. I will do this before I start my rant by high-lighting the numerous flaws this model has. This kettle doesn't deserve such a detail insight; instead I should really go straight for the throat and spill the beans on how poor this appliance is. However, all potential consumers need to be fully informed whether purchasing such a product is worthwhile - no matter how negative the review may come across. So lets just all take a closer look at the kettle that really does flatter to deceive.

      • - [Name] : Morphy Richards

      • - [Model] : Morphy Richards 43120 Kettle

      • - [Price] : £42.99

      •[Product - Looks & Features]•

      When reading about the many features this model has as well as the innovative and trendy design you will automatically be enticed to buy this kettle or even shortlist it as a possible purchase. I for one was one of those customers who just saw BLUE and so I just had to buy it. The Morphy Richards is equipped with a blue neon power light that illuminates the entire kettle when switched on. The blue light permanently stays on until the kettle is fully boiled, where by the automatic shut off will come into play. This specific light feature is most definitely the most attractive selling point and had it not been for this I would not have bought this kettle. A trendy looking characteristic that will appeal to many as well as compliment the different kitchen styles & décor - also a guarantee that this kettle will have no problems blending in with your kitchen worktops no matter what style you have.

      The colour of the kettle is glass and chrome - basically when switched off its chrome looking yet at the same time the chrome is transparent. However, despite the see-through metal it's still very hard to see at which point the water level is at. On the other hand turn the kettle on and then it becomes glass looking - fully illuminated and transparent allowing you to see the water level as well as the boiling process. It's like looking at small aquarium all lit up by a blue neon light - whilst boiling, the initial water bubbles are a bit like oxygen bubbles in a tank. The Morphy cordless kettle sits on a 360 degree black connector base which is ideal for left and right handed use. With a capacity of 1.5 litres of water (pretty heavy if raised with weaker hand) this 360 degree connector will always accommodate your stronger hand/arm. So without having to detach the kettle from the base, you simply rotate it round to your preferred hand or posture before using - making it much safer & practical when lifting the kettle as well as pouring the boiling water.

      The Morphy Richards also sports an easy fill spout as well as a hinged locking lid for safety. So when adding water to kettle you have two options - the spout or the lid. I on the other hand had no option but to use the lid as my tap doesn't quite fit into the kettle spout, have tried several times and the water just splashes everywhere. So keep this mind - not all kitchen taps will fit perfectly into the spout. Having said that, the spout is a minor problem (I just use the lid) compared to the bigger problems that begin to unfold. The water capacity litre markings are clearly displayed (1.5 maximum); easy to know where you stand when measuring the amount of water you would like to add before boiling. An easy push button release and equipped with 3.1kw rapid boil element this Morphy Richards model really does deliver fast boiling water.

      Now for a closer look inside the kettle - No kettle can go without a removable lime scale filter and this is exactly what you will find inside this model, yes effective and very much needed. The element inside the kettle is also concealed and so the lime scale has no where to hide or even form without noticing - you lift the lid and you have a clear view of the kettle base and all the lime scale it contains. A brilliant feature for easy cleaning and descaling. There are still plenty of models that show the element inside the kettle dome - if you purchase a kettle that exposes the element, you will find that it's much harder to control & monitor the lime scale that forms. Last but not least the Morphy Richards 43120 has cord storage under the base.

      •[Bye Morphy - Hello Dualit ]•

      Impressive features this kettle has, don't you think? Well, that's what I thought until I put into practice. The bottom line here is how it performs when in use not when reading the many features and admiring the style & looks it has. A learning curve for me as I for one got suckered in by the blue neon light and bought the kettle without thinking So I go on record by saying my Morphy Richards 43120 kettle which I paid £42.99 only had a lifespan of 5 months , during which I had many problems. All those problems but ended when the kettle just wouldn't start one morning - I guess it basically had enough of me cursing at it. Morphy has now left the building and has been replaced by a Dualit kettle and so far this little beauty is running smoothly. And before you ask - NO, it has no blue lights. In fact no lights at all, only a little red power light. - Set me back £54 though.

      So the question here is:

      How did the Morphy Richards kettle perform when put into practice?

      Quite frankly miserably & I will tell you why.

      •[Morphy 43120 Flatters To Deceive]•

      My Morphy Richards 43120 kettle may just have been an isolated case - you may get a next Dooyoo member who will write a positive review about this product and if so then lucky he or she. I can only go by my personal experience when using this appliance - So when taking the kettle features of this model into account they really do fail to meet the mark. I will clearly demonstrate the flaws this model has and the many problems you could face if you purchase this kettle. But before I do, I would also like to mention that my first Morphy Richards kettle (which I was so looking forward to seeing the blue neon light in action) was faulty and had to be returned. How bizarre is that? My first kettle had to be returned and my second despatched kettle had a lifespan of only five months - that's 2 faulty kettles of the same model. Sounds to me there's a bad batch of these going around - just high lighting what I think is pretty relevant. It's not to say it's not happened before, batches of products can be faulty unknowingly yet still be sold to consumers. Having go that of my chest lets just move on to the kettle features and see why they fail miserably.

      A quick re-cap:

      •Removable lime scale filter
      •Push Button release
      •Blue neon power on light
      •Maximum capacity 1.7 litres
      •Hinged locking lid for safety
      •Easy fill spout

      The above specifications are basic features to any kettle let alone the Morphy Richards and so the more reason they should pass the criteria and perform when using.

      •[Push Button release] One of the most annoying flaws this kettle has and one that didn't take too long to detect was the automatic shut down. You press the button and leave kettle to boil but once water is boiled the automatic shut-down doesn't respond or switch off straight away. This delay causes unnecessary over boiling as well as water over flow, especially if you have the kettle filled to its maximum capacity. Having learnt there was delay in the automatic shutdown I always had to be careful on how much water I added to the kettle. - Thumbs Down!

      •[Lime scale Filter] Removable lime scale filter, what ever you do don't remove as you will have problems fitting back into place. Catch 22 that, you need to remove to clean but once removed you wish you hadn't. This little bugger of a filter is annoying - you think you have mastered its technique when placing in position only to find out its fallen into the kettle dome. You know what I did - RUBBISHED it that's how much it annoyed me - Thumbs Down!

      •[Blue Neon Power Light] You wake up one morning and switch the kettle on, eyes half closed but no matter how closed your eyes are the blue light is one FEATURE that is always pleasing on the eye. But that was short lived - The neon light is also the power light - no light then the kettle is broken it's as simple as that. The first time it happened I got my neighbour to have a look at it, his son is an electrician. He managed to get it working and said it was something to do with the connector base. He gave it all the jargon but it never sunk in - I was just pleased I was able to make a cuppa lol - Let's not forget here that the main attractive selling point to this kettle is the blue neon light, you eliminate this feature and the kettle is your average dull looking £25.00 worth not £43.00. And that's exactly what happened here - the light failed for a second time and even a third time before the Morphy Richards was thrown in the bin. - Thumbs Down!

      •[Spout/Hinged Locking Lid] Initially I had no problem that my tap didn't quite fit into the kettle spout as I simply filled the kettle opening the lid. But as time went on, the opening & closing of the lid took its toll on the safety hinge. I don't think the lid was designed to be frequently opened and closed, expecting most people to use the spout when adding water to the kettle. Nonetheless, after three months of use the kettle lid was faulty and that is simply not good enough. If I want to have a big tap then so be it, I am not going to buy a compatible tap to fit the kettle spout. The safety hinge on the lid should be quality & durable and not one that falls to pieces after a few months of use. Thumbs Down!

      [Maximum Capacity] What good is having a maximum capacity when you can't even use it - What with the delayed automatic shut down your guaranteed to cause an overflow as the water boils more than what it has to and at a rapid pace, not to mention the possibility of scalding. You want to overcome this you have to add less water or baby sit the kettle whilst boiling and then manually switch off. Thumbs Down!

      A THUMBS UP to a mere three features:

      •Concealed element for easy cleaning and descaling
      •360 degree Base
      •3.1kw Rapid boil Corldless Kettle

      •[Final Verdict]•

      I don't like being ripped off and that's exactly what's happened here - Morphy Richards won't be getting anymore of my money. I don't give brands a second chance, I just move on and look elsewhere and that's exactly what I have done. There was no way I was contemplating on buying another Morphy Richards kettle so instead I bought a Dualit. This model sure pulls in the punters with its flashy neon blue light but when you look deeper it really does flatter to deceive - It lacks quality , durability and more importantly THOUGHT in the practical use of the appliance no matter how innovative & stylish the kettle looks.

      I started seeing Blue but ended up seeing RED

      A complete thumbs down!!

      Do Not Recommend!!

      Thanks ….. Strood© 2007 @ 17.00 06/11/07


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 43120

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