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    2 Reviews
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      09.07.2010 16:44
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A really high priced but efficient kettle

      I just love these things! They are life saviours! I have been a proud owner of electric kettles for a few years now but I was always buying cheaper ones before. They make cooking quicker and save tons of energy!
      This review is quite long so if you are interested in a quick review just scroll down to ---SHORT REVIEW---.

      I was really uneasy when my father (big spender when it comes to this sort of unimportant decisions) decided that we need a quality electric kettle which will by his words; "Boil the water better". I was against it but he has a way of not listening to others so he bought it - well I can't complain it was his money. I was used to pay around £15 for a electric kettle so a price at £50+ was not favourable and certainly not something I would buy.

      You too probably think a kettle is a kettle right? It boils water so why buy something that seems way overpriced? I shared this opinion but this little kettle proved me wrong.

      We own this kettle for more than half a year now and it still looks and works as new, but lets start at the beginning.

      Returning back to the shop to the futile argument with my father on why the purchase is really not necessary and that a cheap one will do just fine, my father, as he usually does in situations like this, picked up the box and started reading what the label said this kettle is capable of and others are not. He was not very persuasive as usual but I knew his mind was set. As he was reading the super powers of this kettle one thing did stand out, he read that this kettle unlike others has the option to set the temperature of the water to 40, 60, 80 or 100 degrees. I thought to myself, well at least I will be able to make myself a cup of green tea properly with this super-overpriced-kettle. The kettle can also maintain the chosen temperature. He finished his reading, I said I don't think it's important and he said it is and so he bought it.

      ---ON THE OUTSIDE----

      What was done was done and could not be changed so I accepted we now have this expensive thing, this was a little bit easier to accept due to the look of the device. I really like it. The colour combination is black, silver
      and red - very classy looking. Silver part is stainless steel, black and red parts are from some sort of plastic, but its not the cheap kind it looks great. There is also a clear plastic "window" so you can see to which level the water goes and also see it boil. This "window" has a scale in litres so you can easily measure how much water you are boiling (up to 1.5 litres). There are 3 buttons, one to for setting the temperature, one for turning on the "keep warm" function and the start button. The kettle has a firm construction, you don't have a feeling it will fall apart if you tilt it too much or just lift it (some cheaper kettles have that feel to them). I also like the lid on this thing, you open and close it with a twist. When closed it stays closed (unlike many other kettles where the lid is connected to the kettle and has a tendency to open by itself) and it is completely removable from the kettle when opened - so you do not have trouble when you are pouring water in it.
      I can say that as far as the look of this kettle goes I was impressed.

      ---THE USE---

      So the thing looks great but still £50? Looks are just not convincing enough... It took me a while before I started to appreciate the functions of this little kettle. To be specific it took me right until the first time I got the flu. One would think that keep warm function is pretty useless but it is not. Hot tea is worth more than gold when you are sick and the time (although it is less than a minute) this thing needs to boil the water seems like forever when you have a fever and are hardly standing, not to mention that boiling 2dl of water each time you wish for some tea is really not economical. So that was when I fully discovered the function of keeping the water warm. I poured in 1.5l of water and set the temperature to 80 (perfect for my tea) and the smart little kettle was keeping the temperature at around that degrees (by warming it up here and there) for as long as I desired, too make things even easier for myself I brought the kettle nearer to bed so close to no effort was needed for me to get a hot cup of tea whenever I wanted. I really learned to appreciate this appliance. You probably know too well how painful it can be to walk around or stand with a flu, even for short distances or periods.

      I frequently use 100 degrees and 80 degrees, rarely use 40 degrees. As for 60 degrees I still had not find the use for it.
      100 degrees comes really useful with cooking, I don't boil water on the stove any more, I use the kettle so this makes cooking really faster - you can have a pasta lunch ready in 15 minutes. I use it for every dish that needs to have boiled water as a start. Not only is it faster but it also saves a lot of energy.
      I use 80 degrees for teas, certainly makes the flavour develop more since this is the optimal temperature for green tea - if you are a tea lover you certainly will appreciate this.
      40 degrees are useful for making hot beverages that mix with water, dishes that need warm water adding to them, very useful when you have a cold for making hot lemonade.

      I almost forgot to mention the kettle is also really quiet, that is another thing you will probably love.


      The kettle is really easy to clean you just have to pour some vinegar into the water in the kettle and boil it. After that you just wash it a few times with water and you are done. From my experience this does not have to be done frequently since the kettle is not keen on getting dirty.
      As for now we did not have any problems with malfunctions with this kettle and we use it on daily basis (multiple time - tea persons), so I can say this one is durable since many of the previous kettles have failed in similar period.


      I love this kettle, can't exactly say that I could not live without it but I love it. It is the best kettle I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone, well anyone that is willing to part with so much money for a electric kettle. I am still not certain if we will be purchasing this one again if the current one fails but looking at the condition of it by the time it brakes the price will probably fall. However I am more keen on spending more money on the kettle now than I was before I got to know this beauty. Bottom line a really classy looking, durable and efficient kettle, worthy of the price but still pricey.

      ---SHORT REVIEW---

      -Great looking kettle with firm construction, mostly plastic but reinforced with stainless steel where needed.
      -You can set the temperature to 40, 60, 80 or 100 degrees, you can also set the kettle to maintain that temperature for as long as you like.
      -It is easy to use, works well and boils water quickly and silently.
      -As for now I did not notice any faults in it, nor did it broke or needed repair of any sort.
      -It is really easy to clean.
      -Saves energy.
      -The price is really high but the kettle won't let you down


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        13.12.2009 23:41


        • "Ease of use"


        I had two of these, both leaked from the seam around the base of the kettle.both failed within six months!!maybe i was just unlucky, but at the thick end of £50 when i purchaced the first one, i will be going for a different brand for the replacement this time!! a shame as this kettle match our kitchen and all the other appliences perfectly


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