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    1 Review
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      04.03.2008 14:28
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"



      Kettles never seem to last in our house - maybe we drink too much tea and coffee but whatever the reason I found myself in town looking for a new kettle a couple of months ago as our old one had started to leak round the base.

      I was browsing the shelves in Robert Dyas and saw this Prestige kettle in their after Christmas sale at a very good price of £24.99, reduced from £39.99. I really liked the first impression of the glass jug and the fact that you could see the entire contents boiling and decided it was definitely a nice enough looking kettle to have on show in my kitchen.

      When I got it home it was easy to set up, with the circular base separate from the jug, all you needed to do was plug in the base and pop the jug onto of the circular connection on the base. I did find that the cord to plug the base in was adequate in length but was rather taught meaning I had to manipulate it a little to make it lay flat on the surface and not make the base spin round whenever I lifted the kettle off.

      The kettle itself is very simple and has only two features. The boiling switch to turn it on and off and the "keep warm" switch. Personally I only use the main switch as I think it is a waste of energy to use the keep warm button, for me at least. I suppose if you are making continuous tea or coffee through the day it could be helpful but otherwise the kettle boils at a quick enough pace not to be concerned with the keep warm function. If you did want to use it however, it is located nice and conveniently at the very front of the jug and will light up red, if pressed, so you know if it is on or not.

      The jug holds 1.6 litres of water and instead of marking off the amount of "cups" along the measurement bar it shows you the countdown in litres. I am not sure this is of any use whatsoever and I have never used it for measuring how much water to boil. I simply fill and make the drinks. If you fill the kettle right up it would make approximately 6 or 7 mugs of hot drink easily.

      My favourite feature of this kettle though is the fact that it is a glass jug and you can see the water starting to heat up right through to the boiling point. It is quite pretty to watch actually and you can see the bubbles of air rising through the water as it heats up to the eventual mad bubbling of boiling water. The element is hidden underneath a flat metal plate so the inside of the jug on show is very appealing.

      The spout is quite nicely shaped for pouring but I have found it pours much better when the kettle is full of water as opposed to having less water in it. It drips a little out of place when the kettle is not so full for some reason.

      Cleaning is simple too and the glass jug can be wiped over with a damp cloth frequently to keep dust down and I use Mr Muscle glass cleaner on the outside every so often to keep it sparkling. I avoid the spout though just in case it doesn't all wipe off and I end up with Mr Muscle flavoured tea. A de-scaling element can be popped inside if it starts to build up and a few boils will easily dispense of any scale.

      It is ergonomically designed and the handle fits well in the palm of my hand when lifting and pouring. It also has a lid which opens nice and wide allowing for easy filling, however the hinges are too loose on the lid and you do have to try and hold it open as well as hold the kettle and use the tap. Can be a little tricky but you do get used to it.

      Overall I really love the look of this kettle and watching the water boil is interesting (although sounds very boring!). There are a couple of niggles like the lid and the spout when the kettle is not full but mostly this has worked well for us. The water boils nice and quickly and the noise level is not too bad at all, although occasionally it makes a sound like blowing over an empty glass bottle. I guess this has to do with water levels but it is certainly not a problem or too annoying.

      A nice looking kettle at a good price.


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