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Russell Hobbs 11521

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    6 Reviews
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      17.09.2013 20:14



      Not bad for the price if you don't mind the noise...

      We received this kettle as a gift when we moved into our first flat.
      It is a 1.7l kettle with flip switch and a flip up lid and filter on the spout. It has a base that plugs in so is cordless if you want to move it around the kitchen etc.

      Looks good in stainless steel but that is about it.
      It's very noisy ( probably the noisiest kettle i have ever heard! woke my sleeping baby many times!) and the stainless steel gets dirty looking very quickly. It takes ages to boil compared to other kettles I've used and gets limescale very quickly!

      Honestly if you wanted a kettle this noisy you'd have a traditional whistling kettle!!

      I think these are fairly cheap to buy now but I honestly wouldn't waste my money, I buy a higher end kettle to last a while and not this one!

      Having said that we still have it over 3 years later but it will probably need replacing soon!


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      17.06.2013 21:18
      Very helpful



      RRP a little steep but nice and stylish kettle

      When our last kettle packed up, it was quite late in the evening I wasn't left with much choice of where to buy so off I went to Tesco's to see what they had available. I think I paid in the region of £25 for the kettle which I think is quite reasonable and inline with similar models on the market.

      Because it was getting late, I didn't spend any time researching or as much time as I wanted browsing the range as I would have like to. Although I had a quick look at the product specifications before buying, to be honest, whilst I was browsing, I was really only looking or a few key things; did it look nice, was the price good and would it hold enough water to make a few cups of tea at a time. This one ticked all the boxes.

      The base of the kettle comes aware completely meaning I can move the kettle around the kitchen freely, I like this aspect as it makes is easier when I using the kettle to cook etc and I don't have to unplug it every time I need to move it any sort of distance.

      After watching something on daytime TV whilst I was on maternity leave about a women knocking a kettle over on her child, I have a bit of a fear of this happening, more so when Lauren was a baby and I was using the kettle to make bottles etc, so one of the things I always like to ensure the kettle have is non slip feet. When putting the kettle back on the base, it has never slipped. The kettle also feels quite secure when placed back onto the base and I feel it would need some force for it to be knocked off this.

      The kettle is chrome, with a few black/grey trimmings (the base, part of the lid and the handle). The handle is only attached at the top of the kettle and runs to about an inch from the bottom. The water window is behind the handle, but is still quite visible to see and read how much water is in the kettle. I like the water gauge as when the kettle is boiling, it lights up in a nice neon blue which look quite nice.

      The maximum the kettle can hold is 1.7 litres of water, although it will hold a bit more, the kettle becomes quite dangerous as once the water starts to boil, it will start to spill out of the top or leak whilst pouring which is never a good thing. I think 1.7litres seems to be a pretty standard sized kettle now as most of what is on the market is this size, I can comfortably make 5 generous sized drinks from this and still have plenty of water left. The kettle has rapid boil and I do find this quite quick compared to my previous models (I used to be able to make a packed lunch in the time it took my last kettle to boil!), I have noticed though that my electricity meter knows about it as the dial seems to whiz around (I don't actually know if it uses any more or less than my previous models)

      The only downside for me is that the switch seems a little flimsy, by that I mean as I flick it on, it does feel very strong and has a bit of movement in it, so I did keep the receipt just in case anything happened but luckily, it is still going strong. The other annoying thing was that you flick the switch up on this kettle and not down like the ones I have used previously, this might not sound like a big issue but the amount of times I have put the kettle on and then gone off to do something, only to return and realise that I hadn't pushed the switch up! It has only taken a year or so but I think I have finally got the hang of this now.

      I do think at the time of purchase, this was on offer as looking on line shows me that the RRP is around £40 now, although this is a good kettle, I know I would have never had paid this much nor do I think the kettle is worth that when compared to cheaper kettles on the market. Overall, so far so good so I would recommend this kettle and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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      05.02.2012 20:35


      • "Ease of use"


      A great value stylish kettle

      We have had this kettle for around 3 years and its still works as good as the day we bought it. It is stainless steel and has a great shine and the design is stylish. It fits well with any other stainless steel appliances.

      It is cordless and sits on a shallow black base. An issue we have is that the cord on this base is far to short. You have to have the kettle right next to a socket. The kettle heats up quickly and keeps the water hot for a while. It can hold 1.7 litres which is plenty for just 3 of us to have a big cup of tea.

      We do keep it clean but we have never really had any limescale which is surprising. We love the kettle and it has lasted 3 years and has plenty of use each day so its great value for money!

      There is a Water level indicator that is clear but as we have had ours a while it has gone cloudy and you have to judge how much water is in there yourself, but we can cope with that.

      When it does eventually wear out I will be buying the same model if at all possible. It's great!


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      10.01.2011 19:09
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      worth having a look at this model if you're looking to replace/buy as a present

      My late mother had a Swan kettle which lasted her for over 10 years so I'm wondering why, in our small household, we manage to go through at least one per year?

      Our latest is the Russell Hobbs (model no:11521) jug kettle which hubby bought from Costco before the VAT increase and it cost around £24 (inc). The kettle came in a box with the inevitable over packaging, 1 year guarantee plus a small but comprehensive guide on how to use the appliance.

      The first thing that struck me was the very shiny chrome as we've always had black or matt silver ones before - this one has a real mirror finish to it. Immediately I thought I'd have to wipe it clean after every use but luckily it doesn't seem to show smears etc.

      The kettle is cordless and sits on a 360 degree connector base which is useful. The lead from the plug to the base is very short but we find this is much better and (probably) safer than longer leads we've had. The base has a concealed element in it so I'd recommend this for families with small children because there's nothing hanging out to tempt little fingers.

      There's a removable water filter which I haven't had to use yet as we live in a soft water area, but good to have in any case.

      The kettle is 3kw and has a 1.7 litre capacity which is generous. I never thought I'd be boiling full kettles of water but since our leak, then subsequent new bathroom installation, it's been switched on and off a few hundred times since 1st January. Good job it is a rapid boil kettle which is one of the quietest we have owned.

      The handle is well designed in my opinion - hubby has massive hands whilst mine are tiny yet neither of us have a problem lifting it as it feels very solid and safe.

      The spout is a good size too so we find it can easily be filled from the tap rather than opening the top.

      Overall I like this kettle except for one minor point - the water level is set behind the handle and is marked on grey perpex which we both find hard to read. Every other kettle we've owned has this on the side so I guess it is just a matter of getting used to it being tucked away.

      I think it is a well-priced, smart and efficient appliance which does the job effectively and it looks good in our kitchen without standing out like a sore thumb.

      Let's hope is one works for longer than six months otherwise I'll be using the enclosed guarantee - fingers crossed!


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        31.03.2010 19:58
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        Reliable Kettle

        I'm getting the bug for reviewing electrical items around the home which aren't baby related...here is my next offering - the Russell Hobbs Kettle, model number 11521.

        I think we have had this for over a year, maybe even 2 (I'm not sure because since having babies I have no concept of time passing, what year we are on, or even my own age), but I do know we have had this particular kettle for quite some time and it hasn't broken yet - as previous models have done quite regularly.

        I can't remember how much we paid, but I remember at the time that we wanted to pay a little bit more than your rock-bottom price in the hope that the quality would be good, and the kettle would last. You can buy these on Amazon for £26.70, and I have actually just noticed that it has been rated quite low on there, with leakage problems, lids breaking, switches breaking...I have never experienced any of these problems.

        Here is a bit of technical information about the kettle:

        * 3KW rapid boil with concealed element
        * 360 degree base for right and left handed use (something I had not realised nor thought of!)
        * 1.7 water litre capacity with gauge
        * Removable washable filter
        * Convenient cord storage

        (I got this info from the amazon website and it's all true - I've checked).

        The kettle itself is very modern looking with its chrome and black surfaces. It has a round base which the kettle sits very nicely on, and it can be completely removed from the base, there are no wires to faff around with when removing to fill with water. I find the kettle to be quite heavy, and that is before you put any water in it, so when it is full I have to use two hands to carry it from the sink back to base. But it has a good strong handle so it is possible to get a proper grip when it is full.

        I have noticed from other reviews that some people have found the water gauge to be in the wrong place, this is because it is behind the handle, so when you are filling the kettle with water you cannot see how much you are putting in there because your hand is in the way. To be honest, this has never been a problem for me because the water gauge is actually slightly delayed when you are filling it anyway, so you wouldn't be able to see how much water was in there until you had taken it away from the tap and allowed the gauge to settle. And also when I am filling the kettle, I actually lift the lid so I can see with my own eyes how much water I am putting in there, and it is usually only enough for two or three cups of coffee, so I don't need to know the exact measurements!!

        I will just point out here while I am talking about filling the kettle, that it can be filled via the spout as well as through the top, but I do not tend to fill it this way (unless the kettle has just previously been boiled and the lid is too hot to lift) because the filter actually slows the intake of water, and sometimes you end up stop-starting as you wait for the water to filter through. You also can't see how much you are putting into the kettle (unless you use the gauge). I just prefer to lift the lid and watch the kettle fill with water.

        Turning the kettle on (once you have the required amount of water) is very simple; it is activated by flicking a switch that sits underneath the handle. On this particular model you have to push the switch upwards and off it goes, I have found that a gentle flick does the trick, and I don't know how some buffoons have managed to break this switch. Ours has never broken, and this kettle gets used a lot (my husband is addicted to instant coffee), and I have actually just given it several harsh flicks up and down and I don't see how it can be broken, because if you use a lot of force on it you end up lifting the kettle off the base rather than snapping the switch.

        A red light on the bottom at the front of the kettle indicates that you have turned it on, and this obviously goes off once the kettle has boiled. The boiling time is quite rapid, if you are boiling for just two cups of coffee it takes about a minute to reach boiling point (just enough time to get two cups down and prepare coffee granules and sugar). When boiling this amount of water, the kettle stays put, but boiling a larger amount (I'd say from about half-full and upwards) when the kettle reaches boiling point it tends to start wobbling on the base, and the more water you have in there, the wobblier it becomes, but I have never had an over spill (only when I've over-filled it). It just looks scary.

        I have never had any real reason to complain about this kettle, it has worked really well for us in the time that we have had it. There have been no breakages, no over flows, and no real problems. But I will just highlight in the next section a few minor issues.

        First of all, because it has a chrome finish, it is a devil to keep clean and shiny. Ours gets used a lot so there are constantly dried on drips all over it, and sometimes greasy finger prints. These can easily be removed, but I don't always get around to cleaning the kettle every day (just add it to the list!). And because I don't clean it as often as I should, the spout now looks like it is spouting out limescale - there is a slight trail of white stuff coming out from the spout and down to the bottom of the kettle. Now if this is the kettles fault, or mine, I'll let you decide. But I struggle to get this off.

        We sometimes get giant flakes of scale in our drinks, and again this is probably our fault rather than the kettle, because I myself have never treated this kettle to a de-scale session(not sure if the hubby has done), so I suppose we can expect scale to be coming off in giant chunks. But having said that, on closer inspection, the inside of the kettle does not actually look that bad (I have definitely seen worse on some of our previous kettles).

        I also thought the removable filter which is positioned inside the spout was supposed to catch any lumpy bits of scale, but then again, there is actually scaly bits in the spout in front of the filter, so that filter isn't going to catch those bits! Again, I think this is our fault more than the kettles for not giving it the tender loving care it deserves.

        In conclusion, I am going to recommend this kettle as a low maintenance, reliable, stress free 'cuppa' experience. It also looks good (if you keep it clean).

        Thanks for reading, please let me know if you think I have missed any essential information.


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          24.04.2006 16:49
          Very helpful
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          • "Ease of use"


          Fancy a cuppa?

          I have only recently purchased this kettle and i think it is one of the best kettles we have had.

          Russell Hobbs combines traditional styling with high tech performance in its classic range of stainless steel small appliances.

          I had been on the look out for a good new kettle at a reasonable price as we were in need of a new one, and my husband had recently redecorated our kitchen, so i wanted something that would fit in with our kitchen decor and also do a good job. My sister has had this kettle for a while now, and she recommended it to me, so i thought i would give it a try as Russell Hobbs is a well known brand.

          First of all the packaging was very secure and there was no chance of the kettle inside being damaged, everything was packed in with cardboard and bubble wrap.

          Inside the box was the kettle, the power base, instruction booklet and a gurantee.

          The instruction booklet is really informative and gives you everything you need to know about the product and how to use it.

          The kettle is a cordless jug kettle and is stainless steel with a black plastic power base, black on and off switch, black handle and has some black on the handle of the lid, the rest of it is silver (stainless steel).

          The power base has a cable and a plug, the cable is about 2 feet long, so ideal for most kitchens.

          Basic features:

          The kettle has a hinged locking lid, which is very easy to open and shut, you press in the lid realise and pull it back to open and then to shut you press the lid release in again and press down to lock it.

          The spout on the kettle is very generous and a really nice little pourer, it also has a removeable filter which can be cleaned.

          There is a multi-directional 360 degrees base with cord storage, which is really ideal.

          The handle of the kettle is very big and sturdy, so if the kettle is full to the max then there is little chance you won't be able to keep hold of the kettle.

          The kettle has rapid boil, energy efficent 3kW concealed element, which makes the boiling process alot smoother and quicker.

          The on and off switch is big and easy to use simply flip it up and down.

          When you flip the switch to boil the kettle a visible red light comes on, when the water is boiled the red light goes off. This little touch i think is very clever and is a really nice feature. Also when the kettle has finished boiling the kettle will switch off.

          The water level indicator is very large and you can see it but it is kind of behind the handle which some people might not like, but this really doesn't bother me as you can easily see it.

          The kettle itself is strong and hard wearing and looks very attractive, and holds up to 1.7 L of water.

          After a while, discolouration may appear on the floor of the kettle but do not worry as it's due to the bonding of the element to the kettle floor so is perfectly normal and will not affect the boling process.

          The water filter of the kettle prevents scale particles from the water going into your drink. If deposits of these are seen then it is time to clean your filter.

          Cleaning the filter is simple (I havn't had to do it yet because i havn't had it long, but my sister has). All you have to do is remove the filter, brush it with a soft brush under a running tap, rinse the kettle then put the filter back in. This will keep your kettle in tip-top condition, so you can experience the brilliance of your kettle for alot longer.

          Possible disadvantages of the product:
          Water level indictor isn't in full view - could be a problem for some.
          As it is stainless steel, often find fingerprints on the body of the kettle, but nothing that a cloth won't remove.

          All in all the Russell Hobbs cordless jug kettle is a brilliant product to buy , the kettle is strong and does the job perfectly as well as looking the part and i would highly recommend this product.


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