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Russell Hobbs 13775-56

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 14:39
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Could have been so good !

      At work this morning, making tea for the boss and the kettle dies. First a frothy cup of tea, then it won't boil. What to do. There is a Robert Dyas down the road, so I hot foot it down there with not a moment to lose, if the boss doesn't get his tea, there will be hell to pay. I have £35 in my pocket from petty cash and will just get a similar kettle. I will grab and go, that's the plan, that's the plan.

      I enter Robert Dyas (which coincidentally is one of my favourite browsing shops) and I see an array of electrical things. Wow, I slip into a day dream as I imagine all the shiny shiny things in my kitchen. I gingerly approach the shiny kettles and then it comes to me. I must leave this shop and make the boss tea. AAAGH.

      So I grab a kettle which looks like it could do the job, I get a free gift of a filter jug worth £4.99 and off I toddle back to work.

      Let's get on with it I hear you cry. Ok Ok!

      So I purchased a Russell Hobbs Pure Black Jug Kettle 13775 for the price of £24.99 (RRP £29.99) from Robert Dyas, with this I got a FREE (and we love the word free) Sabichi Water Filter Jug (it was only £4.99, looks a bit plasticy, but hey it's free!)

      This kettle is stainless steel, has a 3kw concealed element, 360 degree rotational base with cord storage, power on neon indicator, a 1.71 litre capacity with a handy water gauge. It looks really smart and modern with its shiny black exterior. It's a kettle; it boils water that is all we need. But let us look at the facts.

      Opening the box there was so much packaging, a wrap for this a wrap for that, bubbles here there and everywhere. I would have thought companies are trying to be more environmentally responsible. I recycled what I could, but saw an unfortunate amount of plastic in the bin.

      I was given a years guarantee and instructions inside the box, along with the kettle and stand. I pulled the kettle out of the box and unwrapped it - marvellous sight! I unwrapped the cord so it was long enough to get to the plug. According to the instructions I need to fill it to max, boil it and discard the water 3 times to get rid of any dust or nasties in the kettle. Here in the problem lies.

      I filled the kettle. But as the water indicator is directly under the handle and my hand it is difficult to see when it's full. Also the indicator has a very light blue background so you can barely see how much you have filled the kettle by. Not great when we are always told to boil only what we need. I pop it on to boil. The 'flick' switch is a push up instead of down, which is different, but it is also very plastic like.

      Then the wobble begins. Even though the stand is on a flat surface, the cord has been unwound and put through the hole properly, the more it boils the more it wobbles. I have to stay by in, just in case. It's funny, but looks dangerous. I had to watch it boil 3 times. Very weird. I have warned everyone about it and maybe when the cord has properly relaxed it won't wobble so much.

      The water coming out of the kettle is boiled perfectly, there is no problem there. The other thing I noticed when refilling the kettle was that the lip (which remains attached to the body of the kettle, on a type of hinge, is very plasticy, very light and easily breakable by the looks of it.

      This kettle was £24.99 from Robert Dyas which is probably the average price of a kettle in there (from £15-£35) Russell Hobbs is a well known electrical maker and have outshone themselves with the style factor. This black finish is very modern, I didn't see it on any other kettle, it would look lovely in a kitchen where they had one of those expensive black fridges. However. The whole kettle is very plasticy, not expensive feeling at all. With the wobble, the hidden water gauge and the plastic lid, I was glad I didn't purchase this for myself, otherwise I would have been very disappointed with the quality. Otherwise, it boils water well, but then if it didn't it would be a disaster purchase!!

      In case you were wondering, luckily for me my boss went into a meeting straight after coming in, after boiling the kettle three times, he would have been waiting a long time!!


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      Short name: Russell Hobbs 13775

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