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Russell Hobbs 14440 White Stylis

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    3 Reviews
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      23.12.2011 16:01
      Very helpful



      A nice efficient stylish kettle. Overpriced at Nearly £50 but great value on offer.

      One of the several things that have blown up just before Christmas but the only one that I've been able to afford to replace is my kettle. The others were my washing machine, television and boiler pump all four items died within two weeks of each other in November. It is as traditional as Turkey in our house for large electrical appliances to blow at the most expensive time of the year. No reviews due on anything other than the kettle though as we were lucky enough to be able to get two of them fixed at a reasonable price (compared to replacing), and have hauled our old smaller heavy telly back out until we can save up for a new one.

      I bought mine from Amazon for £23.89 (with £3.95 delivery) I was able to put some vouchers towards the cost. I noticed afterwards that it's listed as £49.99 at Sainsbury's! My previous kettle had been the cheapest I could find from Tesco, and while it worked it was very basic. I would sometimes get steam escaping near the handle; also the spout was too wide leading to a 'messy' pour. So this time if possible I wanted something a little sturdier, I liked the design of this, that combined with the 360% and the decent brand name of Russell Hobbs swung it for me.

      The kettle is just like the Dooyoo picture, a white and grey plastic I think it's neutral but quite attractive and would suit most kitchen design schemes. I like the way the handle isn't 'closed' at the bottom and means the husbands meaty paws can get in nice and easily. I was a bit worried that this might make the jug less stable in use, but it is nice and sturdy with no discernable 'wobble'.

      There is a concealed element which should make it easier to keep clean and perhaps help to extend the life of the kettle in hard water areas. I do find this kettle noisier than my old one and I've been told this could be something to do with the concealed element. However it's not hugely noisy, and the kettle is only on for a short time so I don't mind the racket.

      There is a button at the top of the handle which 'releases' the lid allowing enough room to fill the kettle, and to get my hand inside to wipe around with a damp cloth should I feel the need. However I rarely use this and tend to fill through the spout, taking care that no dribbles of water have run down underneath the kettle where it might be in contact with the electricity.

      The spout pours nice and evenly and I haven't had any problems with dribbles, or eccentric sploshes of hot water missing my mug, as I did with my other kettle.

      The fill levels are marked out in increments of half a litre, except for the last one which goes from 1.5 to the full capacity of 1.7 litres. I like the way the fill guidet sweeps in a curve to follow the demarcation between the white and grey sections of the kettle. This lights up blue while the kettle is on it makes me feel kind of swish.

      The 360 base unit is a thing of beauty, I know it's not a new design but it's the first one of this type I've owned, and I love it, no fiddling about to make sure the kettle is sitting in the right place (if you're clumsy like me the fiddling can be an irritation, albeit a minor one). It also means that wherever your socket is and whichever is your dominant hand the handle can always be placed in a position which is most easy for you.

      There is a removable washable filter as with most kettles, I've never noticed the water get dirty but we don't get limescale where I live so this may be the reason. I lost the filter for my old kettle fairly early on as it kept falling out on and it made no difference. However I'm hoping to hang on to the one in this one a little longer just in case, which shouldn't be a problem as I haven't had it fall out yet.

      The on off button is at the bottom of the kettle under the handle and as with most designs it has an automatic switch off once it has boiled. There is also a fail safe mechanism.

      This is supposed to be a fast boil kettle, I haven't noticed a huge difference between this and my old one but there is a slight one and the Russell Hobbs is marginally faster.

      The only negative I have to say is the lid release and hinge feels a little flimsy for what I consider an expensive kettle (especially at the full price), and I wonder if it will break before the kettle reaches the end of it's useful life. However personally I don't use this function often so hopefully it will remain in tact, it's still going strong at the moment, but then again the kettle is only a month old. I'll update my review if a problem with this develops.

      I thought the price I paid for the kettle was good. However I would expect something a lot more substantial for the £49.99ish it's listed at elsewhere and I would not consider paying that much for this particular kettle.


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        03.09.2010 11:56
        Very helpful



        Just another cheap pastic kettle..

        Plastic kettles are s**. You will be lucky to get three months out of them! They are designed to break so you buy another one and then another one and then another one, all the plastic kettle makers in on the scam. Nothing is made to last these days, the makers of white goods at the top of that particular pile, zero cash in warranties on kitchen equipment that doesn't touch the floor. Don't buy one!

        The first thing that will go wrong with a plastic kettle is the cut-off switch wont work, filling the kitchen with steam like a heavy rock video. This is mildly amusing but repeated 'steaming' will peel off any surfaces of any kitchen cupboards and work tops over time. Putting your hand as close as the hot steam as possible for a laugh until it hurts is inevitable. The second classic malfunction is the lid breaking or the hinge snapping that holds it in place. If this happens then the cut-out again tends not to work. The biggest killer of kettles is hardwater, the local water supply full of mineral deposits, depositing a cancer like layer on the kettles innards and filament. If you're in a hard water area your kettle has ho chance, draped with the flag of Morphy Richards and flown back to its home country to be lowered into an unmarked grave after just three weeks on the battlefield.

        In the old days we had big chunky metal kettles that weighed as heavy as your nans thick leather handbag with those huge brassy clips on that 'snapped' into place and nothing could destroy them. These kettles would survive anything and would whistle when they boiled like a referee's misses having an orgasm. I bet you still have one now at the back of the cupboard that holds all the kitchen gear you never use again, like that fruit squeezer and the Tupperware with all the burn marks on. When those metal babies blew you knew it was tea time at your gran's! The filament was just as durable and looked like your old mums hair curlers and it didn't matter how much crap in the water stuck to it because you knew it would work. But, alas, in a modern flimsy kettle like this Russell Hobbs jobby the moment the water level is too low its like the critical exposure of the uranium rods in the cooling reactor to the air, a fatal burst of bubbles and a sizzle and a 'pop' and one broken kettle.

        After my review on the Dyson Hoover, claiming it was clever branding to make middle - class women think they were somehow not housewives because they had such an impressive piece of expensive kit and so poorer women didn't, there's a touch of that about the Russell Hobbs 14440. We presume the 14440 refers to the number of failed prototypes and previous models! To fill out the review we learn that 'Russell Hobbs' is the partnership of Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs, the inventors of the pop-up toaster, the electric steam iron and the hairdryer! In the kettle world they created the 'electric tea pot' and the world's first automatic coffee percolator - with timer! They also created the Optec Disc, a super fast heating element, presumably why their kettles break down so super fast.

        The 14440 selling point seems to be the totally pointless blue light in the base that illuminates it as the water bubbles away. In this energy saving time it's a bit indulgent to have a Lava Lamp in your kettle. But what is the light for? Is it just for show or is it that uranium igniting as the core is exposed? Please don't tell me it's so you can use the kettle at night when it's dark guys. I prefer not to pour steaming hot water when I can't see where the steaming hot water is going to be honest. Best keep the kids away from it.

        Well, after just 8 weeks it's knackered, although the blue light still works. The lid hinge snapped on week 2 when it jammed down, meaning you have to gemmy it up......when it went 'snap', and it wouldn't cut out by week nine, making the kitchen feel like a Turkish bath. A fat hairy man in a towel appeared from nowhere and offered to massage me. All very strange. I can't turn down those offers these days. The base where the kettle is placed to receive its 'leccy' is prone to flooding on your tea tray and that, of course, will speed up its failures to come. I suspect that was its downfall.

        These kettles fail, of course, because we treat them like s**t. We never fill them up with enough water because we want our brew or coffee quick and so that knackers the element and then the next person moans at you because there's no water left, which they then repeat the same selfish quick fill action. It's like when blokes leave the toilet seat up and women moan then women leave the toilet seat down and men don't moan.

        It's a quick boiler and gets aroused easily so that's a plus and the mesh filter that resembles a surgeons mask in a dangerous disease lab does catch most of the hard water debris and your granddads teeth that have fallen into he kettle - until that breaks too. The 1.7 liter capacity is rather healthy so you have enough water left over to fill your bowl with water to do the left - over washing up when your dishwasher is full at Christmas. But, like all plastic kettles, it's about as reliable and stoic as Alan Carr in a combat situation and so expect it be a shimmering wreck not long after you have unpacked it. At £24.99, and your mug enough to buy one for the blue light, then keep your receipt as you are going to need it. Don't forget all UK online retailers have to reimburse you the postage and packing if your goods fail in the agreed guarantee period, a little know customer right. This kettle is very much a customer wrong. They just don't make things to last these days.

        - Product Features -
        * 1.7L Capacity
        * 3kW Rapid Boil with Element
        * Illuminates Blue on Boil
        * 360-Degree Base
        * Removable Washable Filter
        * 3 kW rapid boil with concealed element
        * 1.7 Litre water capacity with water window
        * Illuminates blue on boil
        * 360-degree base for right- and left-handed use
        * Removable, washable filter
        Technical Details

        Product dimensions HLW 265 X 225 X 177 (mm)
        Weight 1.16kg
        3000 watts
        Power Cord Length 0.75m
        Concealed element
        Safety cut out


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          28.08.2009 14:34
          Very helpful



          A good basic kettle

          My husband purchased this kettle in January from Sainsbury's after our current one gave up the ghost. He selected this one at the time purely based on price as it was the usual post Christmas January money blues in our household and this cost about £15.

          Appearance of the kettle
          This is what I would term a basic kettle it is made from white and grey plastic so it isn't one of those appliances that adds beauty to your kitchen like a Dualit toaster say.
          It is a fairly sturdy kettle with the handle moulded into the body of the kettle. At the top of the handle is the lid release button. This once pressed does what it says on the tin and lifts the lid for you to put the water into it. The spout of the kettle in my opinion isn't large enough for you to fill the kettle with water from there so I would always recommend you use the lid to fill the kettle. Below the handle is the on and off button you press down for on and up to switch off and abort the boiling procedure.

          There is a clear panel on the kettle allowing you to see how full the kettle is. This is not marked in cups but in 0.5l, 1.0l, 1.5l and 1.7l marks.

          The manufacture claims it is a lightweight kettle and I would have to agree with this. It certainly is light and because of this I would recommend it for people who do have conditions like arthritis as it is easy to hold and lift.

          How to use
          Simply, press the switch which is below the handle if you want to cancel the boiling for any reason, you simply knock the switch back up. If you leave the kettle boiling it switch off automatically once the water has reached boiling point.

          3kW rapid boil
          I wouldn't say this is the fastest and most efficient kettle despite its claim of being rapid boil. In the interests of my review I timed it this morning the water takes 3 minutes and 16.84 seconds to boil if the kettle is full which in my view isn't rapid or energy efficient. That said I have never had a rapid boil kettle and am happy enough with how quickly this boils the water

          Water Capacity
          This is a large kettle in my opinion and it holds a capacity of 1.7 liters of water.

          Power Base with cord storage
          The base unit is ideal for both left and right handed people. Meaning you can put the kettle on it any way you like and the earth contact is made so the kettle will boil. As we are both right handed in our household this feature is only now being used really, as we turn the handle to the back of the wall when we replace the kettle. This is to stop our son being able to reach it and the handle and pull the kettle with hot water over himself. You can store part of the cord in the base if you choose but we never have and personally I don't think the cord is that long so I can't imagine many people will use this option.

          Removable washable anti-scale filter
          This model has a removable filter which you are advised to clean. The filter is fairly straight forward to remove. You simply press the top of the filter gently down and back into the kettle to release the tabs on the top of the filter from the catches about the spout. The manufacture advises you to rinse this water and a soft brush. The filter is very delicate and in cleaning it I have knocked one of the four mesh panels out slightly how ever it does still work adequately to keep particles out of my cup of coffee.

          The clear window part of the kettle illuminates a pretty light blue when the water is boiling. I am guessing the reason it has this function is for people who are deaf so they know when it stops boiling as they are unable to hear it click off.

          This is certainly not a quite boiling kettle and I can hear it boiling in the next room so if you want I quite a kettle this wouldn't be one for you.

          The manufacture recommends de-scaling regularly using a product suitable for plastic. I have never done this as we live in a relatively soft water area and find just doing the filter and giving the kettle a rinse out to be more than enough to keep it clean and in good working order. The outside of the kettle cleans easily with any of the usual kitchen products with out any problems

          I am happy with this light weight kettle is does the job adequately and though it isn't a thing of beauty or the fastest boil in Yorkshire we will keep using it till it breaks. At under £20 I would recommend it to people who want a lightweight kettle at a reasonable price.

          Where from
          It currently is available new from ebay for £19.99


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        • Product Details

          Enjoy a great cup of tea with the RH White Stylis Kettle 14440 / It has a contemporary white design and is lightweight / so using it is easy and comfortable / A 3kW rapid boil concealed element gives you extra-fast results while a generous 1.7L capacity makes it ideal for a large household or family / Other features include an illuminated water window a 360 degree base with cord storage and a removable washable filter / Short name: Russell Hobbs 14440

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