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Russell Hobbs 18257 Heritage

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2012 10:18
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      • "Ease of use"


      Russell Hobbs Heritage Kettle.


      A while ago I bought and reviewed my new George Forman grill, a red Russell Hobbs 'Heritage' model and mentioned that the reason I bought it came primarily down to its colour. I've owned a red toaster for a couple of years now and my new 'George' matched it exactly, I like the vibrancy of red and think that its a warming shade that suits my personality and chose it as an accent colour in my kitchen when I moved into my new home and ended up using it as the colour of my washing up bowl and rubbish bin before finishing off the look by painting my kitchen window wall a deep shade of red to tie my colour scheme together. I have to admit to being slightly 'OCD' when it comes to certain things and I like things that match so having a silver kettle on my worktop sitting alongside a red toaster and red health grill began to annoy me (irrational, I know) and I decided at some point I'd be buying a replacement that fitted its surroundings a lot better which is why I recently bought a brand new kettle, the Russell Hobbs 'Heritage' model number 18257 and the subject of this review.

      A Heritage Kettle

      If you're like me and want to match your small kitchen appliances then you'll be relieved to know that Russell Hobbs offer a range of Heritage items in different colours and my kettle comes from the same collection as my George Forman health grill. Unsurprisingly given my opening paragraph mine is red in colour and is pyramid shaped with a high carrying handle and a sleek design, it looks quite retro and is apparently based on Russell Hobbs' original 1960's "K2" kettle which was much favoured item at that time. It has of course been updated for modern-day homes and is a cordless kettle which sits on a circular 360 degree base with a mains lead of good length that neatly tucks away underneath once its in place on a kitchen worktop. It has a concealed element which is handy if you live in a hard-water area and prone to limescale and features a 3Kw rapid boil with a generous 1.8 water capacity. A water gauge tells you how full the kettle is once you start filling it up and is marked off in 'cups' if you only want to boil enough water for a few drinks rather than wasting energy by boiling a full kettle every time you want a cuppa. It has a removable filter which is easy to get to and replace back and I like its overall look with its jutting spout and sweeping handle. The on/off switch feels of good quality which gives a satisfying 'clunk' when the kettle has boiled and switches off and as well as being able to fill it from its spout there's also a top removable lid that can be taken off and put back on if desired. Personally I always fill my kettle up through its spout and the one on this model is large enough to easily catch water from a running tap without any excess splashing or waste. It pours well without dribbles and pretty much does what you'd expect a kettle to do but looks good at the same time.


      As already mentioned I bought this kettle more for its colour than anything else the fact that it performs perfectly is an added bonus as far as I'm concerned as it didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that it's perhaps the best kettle I've ever owned. My last one, an Asda model was a nightmare for dribbling water from its spout when I used to use it and I complained every time I made a cup of coffee about the excess water that dribbled down the body of the kettle and onto my worktop, at best my old kettle was messy but I also thought it was quite dangerous and even though it was very cheap it failed in its most basic of task of transferring water to a mug. This kettle from Russell Hobbs on the other hand has a spout that has a better design, it juts outwards and slightly upwards so water can be carefully poured as opposed to splashing out and whilst this may be an odd observation to make it's only when you've had to use a poorly designed kettle that you can appreciate something better when it actually works as it should.

      I like the look and feel of this kettle, it's quite large in comparison to some and its metallic body has a much better appearance than those made from plastic. It's quite glossy in colour, a rich deep shade of red and its contrasting black handle is comfortable to hold, it is a little on the thin side the handle and the kettle itself is quite light but because of its capacity I suppose it had to be otherwise it would be far too heavy once full of water but it is undeniably stylish in design and does make a statement on my kitchen worktop and I'm very pleased with how it looks and performs. It's an ideal kettle for a large family, the water capacity is generous and the rapid boil feature is quick even when the kettle is full. It's not as noisy as some other kettles I've owned in the past and you can hear it working as soon as the on/off switch is pressed down and given the fact that it sits on a circular base means that both left handed and right handed people will be able to use it. It slots easily and firmly in place and because of its pyramid design it feels sturdy when in position, it's high reaching handle gives it full manoeuvrability of movement when you carry it to your tap to fill it and I have no complaints whatsoever with mine and my rating here goes to prove how impressed I am with mine.

      It was optimistically priced in Curry's at £79.99 which is outrageous by anyone's standard and budget for a kettle and there's no way I would have paid that for it, however at the time of my purchase it was on offer at half price for a more reasonable £39.99 and that's what I paid for mine. Looking around online I've noticed that this seems to be the price-point it's offered at from the majority of retailers anyway but even at £40 I would still say it's a considered purchase but is well worth the money for what you actually get. I would advise a little bit of extra care when using the kettle as I would imagine that the metallic finish could chip easily if knocked around and water stains could be problematic if there are any splashes to its body but if you look after it then there's no reason why it won't retain its sheen and good looks.

      In conclusion, 5 stars is what I'm awarding for the Russell Hobbs Heritage kettle, thanks for reading my review.


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