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Russell Hobbs 14439 Stylis

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    3 Reviews
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      16.04.2012 13:23
      Very helpful



      Not very good at all really!

      After being given some money for Christmas, me and my other half decided it would be a good idea to invest in a decent, but not too expensive kettle. Our old Kenwood one was starting to go on the blink, and there is nothing worse than being left without a kettle! So after doing some searching on Amazon, Ebay and reading some helpful reviews, we came across this beauty. We were looking for a silvery coloured kettle as I think they look neater and are nicer than dark, black ones. So I finally found this kettle I thought it was perfect for the job!

      As we are pretty heavy tea and coffee drinkers (you could even call it hardcore!), we do expect a lot from a kettle. It has to be fast at boiling, not too noisy and still safe. So it isn't easy for a kettle in our house! After it had been plugged in we did the normal routine we do with every kettle we have. We filled it up, boiled it and then proceeded to empty it three times. After this we assume it safe as it has killed any germs that have been living in the kettle with the hot water circulating through it. So we had it all ready - what did we think and how did it perform? I filled it up and pressed the flappy paddle which situated just under the handle. Once I had done this I noticed the blue light come on in the area where you see the water level. When it is boiling, it does look pretty damn flash! It took about 30 seconds to boil and then started steaming. About 10 seconds later it was ok to pick up. This impressed me greatly as it was much quicker than my previous kettle and made much, much less noise. In fact, when you are in my frontroom (which is just down the hallway from my kitchen) you can only just hear the kitchen. It is a plus that you can hear it a tiny bit from the front room though, as you know when it has boiled.
      5/5 stars for the performance as it has no faults! It boils hot water and does it quickly with no fuss. Perfect!

      The Kettle Itself
      Like I said before, I was looking for a silvery kettle and the Stylis has a nice contrast. The black handle part really goes with the reflective, shiny silver and the kettle looks really stylish in my kitchen. On the top of the kettle is a lid which you can open manually, but I tend to use the spout as I find it plenty big enough to fill from the kitchen sink. I think it saves the hassle of opening the lid every time you want to fill it up! At the bottom of the kettle is also just "Russell Hobbs" written in black. It is quite small so doesn't affect the look of the kettle much. The only part of the kettle I find a bit weird is the handle. It isn't a real handle, it cuts off just as it gets near the kettle. I know many kettles have this but I think it is quite silly really as it means my 11 year old really struggles to pour it.

      So 3/5 stars for the design of the kettle. Everything is nice except for that handle! It looks modern but just isn't practical.

      Like I just mentioned, the kettle isn't really to safe for my daughter as she struggles to pick it up with the handle. I too find this quite difficult and I can often feel it slipping from my grip. Like I said, I just don't understand why they have designed it like that. When the kettle is heavy it seems to be even harder to control when pouring. Apart from that, the kettle is pretty safe. It doesn't wobble around when on placed on the holder part. As soon as it is rested there it clicks in and is fine to leave while you go and look at something. Though like most kettles, when it is boiled the metal becomes extremely hot and should definetely not be touched. The handle may be badly designed, but it does stay cool and makes pouring the water pain free.
      2/5 stars for safety as it is really not suitable for my daughter. She likes it though, as now she doens't have to make tea and coffee any more!

      For all of it's faults, this is one of the few things that the Stylis really does excell at. Many times has the inside of our kettles peeled off for example, ruining the kettle as who wants that in their drink! But it stayed strong and lasted well, I don't think it ever even showed a mark or scratch ... until it met the bin! That's right, we gave up on the kettle before it died on us (which I could tell would not be any time soon!) like most of our other kettles tended to do. Though I am pretty certain it would have lasted us a long, long, painful time if we had decided to keep it for as long as it kept working!

      So 5/5 stars for the durability of the Stylis. If it had been right for our family, it would have lasted us months, maybe years.
      What I think Overall

      But that was the problem, I am afraid! It just wasn't suited to us at all. They had put the style and looks ahead of the pracitalitty and safety. Russell Hobbs have failed, I am afraid and definetly didn't do their market reseach properly at all! It does the job of lighting up blue and looking very flash in just about every kitchen very well, but has missed out on the fundemental things you need in a kettle. Russell Hobbs are a trusted brand but I think they messed up a bit on this one! I can't fault it on the actual boiling and I will admit it is easy to fill up, but when it presents a risk for your child, there is no way we could keep it. Would I recommend Russell Hobbs 14439 Stylis? I don't think so!

      Thanks for reading! Please rate and leave a comment :)

      *Also Posted on Ciao under the same name*



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      08.11.2010 11:38
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Awesome kettle, that looks good.

      When moving out me an my partner were choosing all our appliances, the first place we looked for kettles was Tesco. I'm glad to say we didn't have to look any further as we found the Russell Hobbs 1450 Stylis and bought it then and there.

      It is a stainless steel kettle, but don't let that put you off!!
      It is super shiny all over the front and sides, matt black at the back and the handle is also matt black. It has a matt black lid with a brushed chrome effect silver bit in the lid - purely decorative of course - and the on/off button is matt black, as is the button that opens the lid to fill the kettle.
      The spout / pourer is a sort of cloudy clear plastic, the same as the curved 'window' behind the handle which shows how full the kettle is, and the base is shiny steel too!
      Basically speaking, it looks ace!

      This kettle adds class to any kitchen, and isn't too big for a small kitchen like ours.
      It doesn't take very long at all to get to the boil, which I see as a bonus!
      It's a fairly quiet kettle while it boils, so that only adds to its charm!
      The opening under the lid is quite large which means it's very easy to fill.
      When the kettle is turned on, the inside glows a fantastic bright shade of blue - again, purely decorative but I love it.

      The features of this kettle are;
      - 1.7 Litre maximum water capacity.
      - 360 degree base so you can turn it easily.
      - A removable lime scale filter at the spout.
      - 3 kW element meaning hot water very quickly.
      - The cord storage underneath the base is handy too!

      I think this kettle is brilliant, and if I had to choose again I'd have this one every time.
      I recommend it to anybody looking for a new kettle, especially in black as it goes with any kitchen.


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      03.08.2010 19:01
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great kettle, I have been very happy with mine

      Russell Hobbs Stylis Kettle

      I love the look of this kettle, it is simple and stylish looking, I own the white version, it looks pretty identical to the picture above except that mine is white rather than silver.

      It is easy to keep this kettle clean and pristine looking. There is a removable filter that you can take out clean. The outer plastic is easily wiped down if needed and my one still looks brand new.

      When you click the button to tell the kettle to boil it does so quickly and without making too much noise. My mum recently got a new kettle too (a completely different brand and type) and she had trouble with a plastic taste to her water. I was a bit concerned that this might have happened with my new kettle too. However, I have had no trouble at all like this. When the kettle is boiling it does light up a very pretty blue, this looks especially attractive at night when you can see it better, the whole kitchen glows with a bubbling blue shade.

      Simple things like pouring the boiling water are as easy as they should be. The handle is easy to hold and I have never experienced any leaking or spilling when pouring the kettle. It is also easy to fill with a button releasing the lid, leaving plenty of room to fill from the tap.
      It is set on a 360 degree base which means that it is easy for both right and left handed people to use. The kettle and the base feel and look quite sturdy.

      I am really happy with this kettle because it does all the things I need it to do pour well, boil quickly and relatively quietly, while looking attractive.

      Just in case I have left anything out, here are the technical details taken from Amazon.

      * 3 kW rapid boil with concealed element
      * 1.7 Litre water capacity with water window
      * Illuminates blue on boil
      * 360-degree base for right- and left-handed use
      * Removable, washable filter

      --The cost--

      At the moment this kettle is selling on Amazon for £24.99 (where I got mine from - thank you Dooyoo for the vouchers). However it has a typical retail price of £49.99. Personally I don't begrudge the £24.99 I paid, however, this isn't an all singing all dancing kettle and I doubt that I would have been as happy with this if I had paid the recommended retail price.

      --To sum--

      I love my kettle and I am going to give this a glowing four out of five star rating. This kettle doesn't really give a whole range of added feature, it just does all the basics really well. It boils, pours and looks fantastic. I would happily recommend checking out this kettle if you are looking for a new one. Overall I have been and I am really pleased with my choice.


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