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Sainsbury's XB6868-V Kettle

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2010 13:43
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"




      I was looking to pick up a cheap kettle for my new flat and I believe you do get what you pay for but when money is tight somethings are worth a gamble on and at £17.49 for this stylish silver kettle I thought it was worth a try. I'm thankful I did as I have had this kettle for a couple of months now and have had no problems with it at all and it looks great in my new modern kitchen.


      The kettle is bascially a plug and play product. You just need to plug into the socket and put the cordless kettle onto the base and pull down on the on switch at the back and within a minute or so you will have boiled water ready for your cuppa.

      ****EASE OF USE******

      This kettle is very easy to use as the kettle is cordless as it come away from the base...this is very helpful when filling the kettle with water or filling a number of cups at one time. The base is a 360 degree connector base which means you do not need to worry about what way you put the kettle onto the base as it will work as long as the kettle is on top of the case and can be lifted from any direction ideal for right and left handed people. The kettle has a small spout which helps ensure the water gets to the cup and not all over yourself or the worktop. The kettle has a flip open lid so you can either fill the kettle through the mouth of the kettle or by flipping the lid and through the top. The kettle has clear measurement markers that allows you to fill the kettle as much as you like without over filling...it holds 1700ml of water and will switch off when boiled or if there is not enough water in the kettle so good safety devices installed to protect you and the kettle. The noise of the kettle boiling is very similar to other kettles I have had in the past so no problems with noise. The only disadvantage I can find with this product is that the cable connecting the base and the plug is only 0.6 metre which sounds alot but if you want to hide the cable behind the microwave etc it can be a bit tight.


      The kettle is made of stainless steel which is very helpful as not only does it look sleak but it is very easy to clean and looks great in a modern kitchen...not bad for £17.49. The handle, base of the kettle and connector base are made of heat resistant plastic so you or the worktop will not get burned.


      If you are looking for a good looking cheap kettle then the SAINSBURY'S XB6868-V KETTLE is well worth consideration. I love the look of the kettle and it is very reliable. Hope this review helps anyone who is looking to buy a new kettle.


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        13.12.2009 10:10
        Very helpful



        An ineffective kettle due to it leaking!

        Not being a tea or coffee drinker, I don't use a kettle very much so when my gas hob kettle broke after many years of service I was looking for a more economical one as t'other one used to take an age to boil on the gas and one that blended in to my kitchen without breaking the bank! Priced at £17.49.

        This is a steel kettle, predominantly silver in colour with some black. A cordless kettle which sits on a connector base which has a cable length of 0.6m which for my kitchen was just the right length for it to sit on the bench and be plugged in as some other kitchen appliances have cables that are too long and make it look untidy.

        The kettle is a good shape, relatively streamline and blended in well with the rest of the new(ish) kitchen. It is easy to fill from either the spout or by pressing a button at the top the lid flips open. The push down 'on' switch is near the base of the kettle, just under the handle.
        So all was well with the look and the price of the kettle....... Unfortunately the positives end there!

        ~ Disadvantages ~

        * This kettle is very noisy. At first I thought it was due to the fact that it was almost full but when attempting to boil it with enough water in for just over a standard size mug, it was just as noisy.
        * The connector base of the unit began to get water on it which after a little while went on to the bench area around it. I took this back to Sainsbury's and requested a replacement, thinking that it may have just been a faulty kettle but this wasn't the case. My replacement kettle did exactly the same after a couple of weeks.

        One year manufacturer's guarantee - I didn't even have to wait a year to realise that I needed a full refund!
        There is a transparent water level indicator at both sides of the kettle.

        Product Features:
        ~ 360 degree connector base
        ~ Wattage - 2500W - 3000W
        ~ Capacity - 1700ml
        ~ Minimum boil amount - 500ml
        ~ Height - 27.6cm
        ~ Width - 23.4cm
        ~ Depth - 16cm
        ~ Safety locking lid
        ~ Washable filter
        ~ No limescale filter

        ~ Overall ~
        A disappointment given that even my replacement kettle leaked from somewhere and ended up on the base. Given that I don't use the kettle much at all I could have put up with the noise of the water boiling but a full refund was requested and given by Sainsbury's, no questions asked.
        One to stay clear of.............. Perhaps it's a case of 'you get what you pay for'!



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        Short name: Sainsbury's XB6868-V

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