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Siemens TW91100 Kettle

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  • confusing safty lock lid
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    3 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 11:10
      Very helpful



      A brilliant puchase

      Ah the Porsche kettle.... it certainly gets a lot of comments. It certainly was a pricey little number as well - I believe that it was £85.00 when I bought it about three years ago. I managed to justify buying an expensive kettle, when the kettle I'd been given by a family member broke, meaning I had a £40.00 refund to put towards it!

      My partner is Porsche mad, so when he saw this there was no question that we'd buy it. Porsche means quality in my family!

      The kettle base has retractable cable meaning you don't have extra length of cable lying around. The kettle itself is made of brushed chrome which looks lovely and is easy to keep clean.

      The kettle itself takes 1.5 litres of water, it has a thermally insulated body, a double sided level indicator and one touch lid release.

      Knowing what I know now about this product, I would've bought it outright, as it is definitely worth the money.

      The only negative I can think of is the spout is a bit shallow, meaning if you are bit keen and eager for your cuppa and pour too quickly, it can spill, however, this is user error I guess rather than a fault with the product!

      It boils water really well as well!


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        21.05.2005 23:16
        Very helpful



        This is by way of an experiment. I write on Ciao under the name of patriciat. Have been reading lots about dooyoo and have never posted anything and someone told me I could cross post here. So this will be a repeat of my Ciao review just to see how things work here.

        I've been so devoid of inspiration lately that marmilady left three words in my guestbook which she hoped would inspire me to write something and those were succulent, opulent and miserable, so as a thank you to her I shall try and include these in my review.

        I've been extremely "miserable" lately as I couldn't think of a single thing that I could write about and have drunk gallons of tea to console myself.

        Then suddenly it occurred to me that my nice shiny new kettle was nothing short of "opulent" and I really ought to do a review on its merits.

        The kettle in question is the Siemens Porsche TW91100 kettle.

        It can be classed opulent for the price - it weighs in at a hefty £69.99 at Amazon .

        You may think I am raving mad to spend that amount on a kettle but I had accumulated a fair number of Amazon vouchers for doing various surveys and things and I decided that I would spend them on some sort of luxury which I wouldn't normally consider instead of frittering it away on lots of books and dvds which is where the vouchers usually go.

        It took my fancy when I was trawling around Amazon trying to find something to spend my vouchers on, not only for its name but for its stylish good looks.The Porsche bit of its name comes from the designer F A Porsche, and he probably has nothing whatsoever to do with the car manufacturer but being easily pleased, it impressed me anyway. I'm never likely to own a car by that name, but a kettle would do nicely thank you very much.

        Instead of the usual shiny stainless steel finish of my previous kettle, which showed every little mark, this one comes in brushed chrome.

        I didn't realise until I actually became the proud owner of this kettle how brilliant this brushed finish is. The kettle just sits there every day looking pretty and hardly ever needs a wipe down. Exceptions being when it is sitting too close to the hob when the sauce is bubbling a bit too vigorously and then I need to wipe my "succulent" sauce drips from its noble surface. This requires no effort at all and a quick whoosh with the dishcloth soon retores it to its former glory.

        The kettle is very robust and takes knocks in its stride without suffering dents. You know, when you're half asleep in the morning and desperate for a cuppa and you bang the kettle on the tap when you're trying to fill it with bleary, not awake eyes, or is it only me and the man on the cornflake advert that are like this in the morning?

        The kettle has a cordless centrepoint connector which means that you can place it in any position on its 360 degree base. Also very handy for when half asleep in the morning. No faffing about trying to line things up. Just plonk it on press the red button and away you go.

        The base of the inside of the jug is made of stainless steel which probably accounts for the solid feel of it when it's picked up.

        The sleek styling incorporates two buttons on the top, the red one to switch on and the clear one to switch off if you change your mind about needing boiling water, so you can stop it easily before it reaches boiling point. It will switch off itself automatically when it boils so no worries about it boiling endlessly when you go and answer the phone and forget about it.

        In between the on and off buttons is a circular button which will automatically open the lid to a tilt to enable you to fill it up easily. If you need to take the lid off completely, once it is tilted it lifts out easily. You might need to lift it out to retrieve the pull out filter which sits above the spout which, if you don't replace it properly will sink like the Titanic to the bottom of the kettle. It is pretty easy to take out, wash and replace but I have had my moments when I've missed the grooves which it slots into and it slips beyond my grasp. This circular button is not raised but sits flush on the top of the kettle and doesn't detract from its good looks.

        There is a water level indicator which shows the maximum the kettle can be filled to.

        The kettle comes with a slim instruction leaflet written in 17 different languages with one page written in English, so nothing too taxing to read. It tells you not to scratch or otherwise damage the housing by banging it against anything. Ignore that, nothing has happened when I've hit the stainless steel tap with it, not to the kettle anyway.

        It advises not to use to boil milk or the inside will become burnt, soup because it will boil over and leave a taste of grease behind, or boil preprepared drinks as they will stain the inside of the kettle. Do people really do these things with their kettles? Think they deserve all the stains and grease they get if they choose to use it for these purposes.

        Also warns not to put the kettle in the dishwasher (as if) and to clean the inside by pouring some vinegar in and leaving it to stand for half an hour then clean out with a washing up brush.

        Along with the instructions they kindly enclose a prepaid label, should you ever need to return the kettle within its two year guarantee period when it will be repaired if possible and if the fault can't be sorted out they will replace. I don't think many of my previous kettles has managed to last for two years so I found this pretty impressive. They must be quite confident in their kettles to guarantee them for two years, instead of the usual one which all my previous kettles have had.

        The only techie stuff I can find for those who need to know is as follows:

        1.5 litre capactiy
        360 degree cordless base
        Concealed heating element
        Stainless steel inside base
        Removable stainless steel filter
        High safety features - only switches on when lid is closes
        2 kW element

        The manufacturer's description which was listed in the blurb on Amazon amused me, so I've included that as well:

        "You don't have to blow the budget to show your partner how much you love them. Forget breakfast in bed! Whatever the occasion - be it a birthday or an anniversary - if you want to impress, simply treat them to breakfast in a 'Porsche'."

        Think that sums it up quite nicely myself.


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          03.06.2003 14:53
          Very helpful



          • "confusing safty lock lid"

          Reason for purchase I know what you’re thinking. Why would anybody in their right mind pay such a ludicrous sum for a kettle? No, I was not simply paying over the odds for a ‘designed by Porsche’ kitchen appliance. The fact of the matter is that for some reason the thermostat keeps going funny after about six months of using a kettle. At a rate of 2 a year, I’d tried practically every other brand. You don’t know how annoying it is to pour out your cup of coffee thinking it is hot, when it is in fact only luke warm, because the thermostat keeps getting confused. I’m happy to say, that this thermostat has been working perfectly for over two years now. Looking good That’s not to say that the Porsche design isn’t a bonus. It has a cylindrical brushed aluminium metal exterior with blue plastic spout, handle and lid trim. There’s nothing else to say about the looks of this machine, than – simple and timeless elegance. Phillips has come out with a Siemens look-a-like kettle called the ‘Philips Flat Element Kettle’, nice try, but perhaps if they tried getting a little assistance from Ducatti they would pull it off better! What I like about it Apart from the things I’ve already mentioned – the me proof thermostat and the cool design. However, as my Mum used to say ‘it won’t boil by you standing there looking at it’ and fortunately there’s more to this kettle than simple good looks and a reliable thermostat. are a lot of little things I like about this kettle. The concealed element makes de-scaling easier. I also like the 360 degree connector base, while struggling one handed because the grand child is in the crock of one arm this small design feature really proves it’s worth. Draw backs Although the safety locking lid could be useful if you have children, it can also be confusing if you have grandpare
          nts. The brushed aluminium steel is more difficult to keep looking nice than other finishes might be. At the end of the day it’s a kettle, it boils water, it doesn’t keep the kids amused, do the washing up, tell you jokes when you’re depressed. It boils water when you fill it up and turn it on and it turns itself off when the water is boiled. The price has come down considerably since we bought ours (just over a hundred pounds and that was on offer), but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still expensive for what it does. Conclusion If this kettle was a film star it would be Sean Connery or Katherine Hepburn. More than good looks, lasting class that stands out from the crowd and is damn good at what it does. It’s expensive yes, but the look on my partners face when my Dad told him he’d bought him ‘a Porsche’ was unforgettable, the look when he saw that the Porsche was in fact a kettle was priceless.


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