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Swan Blue Lite Jug Kettle

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2013 17:21
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great kettle at a great price.

      Recently I found I was in need of a new kettle, as my cheap Asda kettle which had served me well for the last two years began to act up. At first the automatic switch off when boiling began being temperamental and then the on/off switch would not stay switched on unless you held it down throughout the entire boiling process or weighted it down by balancing a coaster or some other object on it. It was also beginning to leak and so I decided to replace it rather than wait for it to stop working altogether.
      I haven't really had a great relationship with expensive kettles and toasters and so my last couple of purchases have been from the cheaper end of the market. Indeed my Asda illuminating kettle cost around £11 two years back and lasted longer than a more expensive Breville kettle I owned previously. Therefore I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money this time around either, since my experience has taught me that when it comes to kettles, I personally have had better longevity from cheaper ones.

      I did intend to replace my kettle with another similar one, but then when browsing on the Very website online (www.very.co.uk) I discovered this Swan Blue Lite Jug Kettle priced at £19, reduced from £29.
      I liked the look of the kettle and also it illuminates a lovely blue colour when you switch it on to boil, which is something I must admit I do personally find appealing and because of this my last two kettle purchases have both been of the illuminating variety.
      I have also had previous good experiences with the Swan brand over the years and so I decided to order this kettle. I thought it looked like a quality kettle and also more expensive looking than my last purchase, but at only around £8 more than I paid last time I thought this was a good price, considering how much you can pay for kettles these days.
      It also comes with a two year guarantee, which is a year longer than any other kettle guarantee I have had.
      I ordered the kettle directly online from the Very website and it arrived two days later which I thought was pretty good service.

      ~~ Swan SK1350 Blue Lite Jug Kettle ~~

      When I unpacked my new kettle from the box I knew right away that I had made a good choice buying this kettle. Not only is it very stylish looking and looks nice amongst my other black and silver kitchen items with its stainless steel finish, but it also feels sturdy and has a large 1.7 litre capacity, ideal for families.
      The kettle has a removable filter which removes impurities out of your water to give you better tasting drinks, a handy water gauge on the side, a safety locking lid and also automatic cut-off for peace of mind.
      Add to this the blue light which illuminates brightly while the kettle is boiling and overall you have a well made, quality kettle which also adds a bit of style to your kitchen at a decent price.

      Useful info:

      1.7-litre capacity
      1.8 - 2.2kW
      360° rotational base
      Auto safety cut-off
      Removable filter
      Water gauge indicator
      Illuminates when in use
      Non-slip feet
      Safety lock lid
      Stainless steel finish

      ~~ Using the kettle ~~

      This kettle is finished in stainless steel and the rest of the jug is clear plastic allowing you to see the contents and the illuminating blue light. The lid, handle and base are all thick black plastic. The operating switch is just under the handle and there is a button located at the top of the handle which when pressed, flips open the lid.
      I am very pleased with the quality of this kettle, the plastic is quite thick and the stainless steel gives it a nice finish. It looks sturdy and feels solid when you pick it up or handle it even though it is fairly lightweight.
      It is easily detached from its 360 degrees swivel base for filling and pouring and the base looks and feels as solid as the kettle.

      I boiled the kettle a couple of times before using it to make drinks as directed and found it ok to use afterwards. The filter works very well and is easily removed to clean which is something I am thankful for, as due to the water where we live I do have a problem with limescale build up.

      The kettle also has a boil-dry protect function, whereby should you accidentally let the kettle operate without water, the boil-dry protection will automatically switch off the power. If you do this however, you must allow the kettle to cool before filling with cold water and boiling again.

      Cleaning the kettle is easy by using a damp cloth for the outside and then the filter inside is also easily removed to rinse under warm water to remove any impurities, then it easily clicks back into place. You are not to use any abrasive cleaners on this kettle.
      To descale the kettle, simply half fill with tap water and add the juice of a lemon to the water and boil. After boiling allow it to stand for 15 minutes before re-boiling and allowing to stand a further 15 minutes. Finally, re-boil a third time and then rinse the kettle well. I have carried out this procedure many times and it does do the trick of getting rid of the build up of limescale.

      ~~ Do I recommend this kettle? ~~

      I certainly can recommend this kettle. I have been using it for three months now with no problems at all. It doesn't leak, is very easy to handle and is a sturdy, quality kettle. It is not too heavy when handling and the lid opens easily when pressing down the button, making this kettle easy to use for someone with arthritis in their hands or limited dexterity for example.

      It boils quickly and is very easy to keep clean by just wiping the kettle with a damp cloth each day.

      Overall I really couldn't ask for anything more from a kettle and the fact it illuminates is an added bonus too, as although I know I am quite sad to love this feature so much, it is a must-have feature for me now and one I personally enjoy.

      I paid more than £30 for a similar kettle a few years back and the quality was not as good as this one and so I do believe this is a great buy.

      This Swan SK1350 Blue Lite Jug Kettle is still available from Very.co.uk and still priced at just £19 instead of £29.
      There are various payment options available when ordering and also a 10% plus free delivery option if opening a Very account. There are also buy now, pay later and 3 months interest free credit options available.
      Visit www.very.co.uk for more information.


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