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Jug Design / 1.7 Liter / Cordless / With Concealed Element

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2009 01:52
      Very helpful



      Buy it if you dont have young kids

      We bought this as part of a deal 4 years ago, with a matching toaster and grill. I think I paid about £35 for the kettle. I am ecstatic to report that:

      1.It is NOT made in China. It is a classic German peice, which looks even more beautiful than this photograph here.
      2. You don't see the coily element, which is so messy to clean.
      3. It does seem to heat the water up quicker than my earlier kettle.

      The overall quality has been good too. I mean, come on, it's a kettle, it will do what a kettle does. What is so exciting about it? But we all get excited when we go out to buy a kettle or anything for that matter, am I right ladies?
      Although it doesn't have an element to go brown or black, the base does get dark after a few months. Just get some Astonish Stainless Steel Cleaner for a £1 - it comes out in seconds. (Yes, that's a review within a review, but honestly, it's the best product you will ever buy - Astonish S/Steel Cleaner).

      However, this is not a faltless product.
      1. I have just noticed that the chrome on the top cover is beginning to come off. But it might be because my kitchen has a high humidity content and not enough ventilation (I think!).
      2. The other criticism for it is, when you reach to the bottom of the jug to clean it, there are some parts on the top which scratch your hand pretty bad if you're not careful, I think they are the parts on the inside of the lid. But I have learnt to avoid this.
      3. Do not buy it if you have kids in the house. The glass gets too hot on the outside, and is not as safe as a plastic kettle. Also, it gets heavy if you fill it all the way up. But if you are alone or have a partner or grown up kids, it's ok really.
      4. The spout could have been better designed - it is so gentle that you have to tip the kettle too much to pour water in a cup, and that is not so handy if the kettle is full and you're making a brew for a few people.

      Apart from these negative traits, this is a genuinely good quality product, NOT made in China and it is still going strong after 4 years.

      Buy it if beautiful designs attract you!
      Buy it if Made In CHina tag on 99% electronics angers you!
      Buy it if you are a lover of fine things, good quality and strong easthetics.

      Don't buy it if you work in an office and health & safety is an issue.
      Don't buy it if you have kids lurking about wanting to touch everything.
      Don't buy it if you just want to boil water (i.e. if you are a bloke), go and buy a cheapie and get a few pints with the spare cash!


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      Short name: Swan GK20

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