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Swan Kettle PJ250n

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2011 20:09
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      a good kettle for households without young children

      I originally bought this kettle when our last one died on us several years ago. We're massive tea drinkers so we rushed out to the shop to buy our next one. So when we saw this kettle at half price in Argos for I think it was £20 it seemed a good deal.

      ~*~ Appearance ~*~

      The kettle is stainless steel with a black handle and a clear plastic part behind the handle for you to see exactly how much water is in the kettle. The spout is large and designed in a way so that the water doesn't splash or spill when pouring. The lid is also stainless steel with a black plastic top to make it easier for you to lift the lid off and on

      The kettle sits on a black plastic base which connects it to the mains.

      ~*~ Ease of Use ~*~

      The lid is stiff but removes relatively easily by pulling on the plastic bobble and fits back on tightly. There is a noticeable sound when it clips back into place to ensure you know that it is on properly. Although it doesn't make too much difference if the lid isn't on properly it does take longer to boil as the lid appears to have a seal that is air tight. Steam escapes from the spout but not around the lid which is important to me as it prevents accidental scalds from the steam when removing the lid after use.

      The kettle does take around 5 minutes to boil when at full capacity (1.7 litres) so isn't the quickest of kettles but when boiling enough for one or two cups of tea it is noticeably quicker and so this isn't anything that I'm too put off by.

      When boiling it is relatively quiet once the water starts to heat up but reminds me of the sound made by an empty kettle when you first turn it on. On several occasions I have had to check that there is actually water in the kettle due to this, however this may be because of the age of the kettle as opposed to the kettle itself.

      The spout is large and well designed. I have never had any splashes or spills, the water pours easily and makes little to no mess.

      We live in a very hard water area and even with filtered water there has been significant limescale build up on this kettle throughout the years, some of which has been on the spout meaning some of it has also made its way into our teas, not exactly a pleasant taste! However, a quick boil with some vinegar and water and the limescale removes easily. Any build up on or around the spout will need some scrubbing clean but it is removeable.

      The only real problem I have found with this kettle is that the stainless steel body gets very hot and takes a while to calm down, even after being left for a while I have still managed to burn myself on the side of it. This to me is a pretty major fault as it's a safety hazard. It's metal so I expect it to be hot immediately after boiling (not that that stops me burning myself!) but it does take a long time to cool down after use as well.

      ~*~ Would I Recommend This? ~*~

      As a kettle I would recommend it so long as there are no young children who may not be aware of the danger of burning themselves on the metal body. However, I have only found it for around £38 recently and for that price I think there are better kettles around. If you can find it cheaper then it is a good buy.

      It gets 4 out of 5


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      06.02.2009 17:22


      • "Ease of use"


      would not recommend

      hi have only had this kettle about 2 mths or so. i purchased it from Marshall ward catalogue.it was a good looking kettle for the money.it had a good capacity and boiled very fast.it was easy for a right handed or left handed person to you has i have 2 left handed sons in my home.the only bad problem i had with this it became faulty.
      it started smelling weird but we just thought it was the newness smell you get when being used.after a few days the smell came back and a quiet crackling noise was being made.then the smell was really bad with the crackling noise and it just stopped working.
      i spoke to the catalogue and they said it was obviously faulty and too return it to them.i know we use the kettle a lot as we are all big tea pots at our home ,but it is a kettle and that's what kettles do.
      i have since chose a different model.


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