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Tefal 6920511P Kettle

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  • Awkward to use
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    1 Review
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      19.01.2004 23:40
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      • "Awkward to use"

      Those of you with really good memories may just about be able to remember in the dim distant past that I wrote a review on a toaster I had received as a house-warming present when I moved into my current flat. Yes? Good. Well today, eventually, I am going to write about the kettle that accompanied said toaster in a gift pack. Matching kitchen accessories, you see. They are both chrome and black and rather solid looking (as you might just be able to see in the little picture that goes along with this review). So once again, before I start, I offer huge thanks to my parents and benefactors, who were generous enough to give us this set. This is especially since researching this review has led me to finding out that the gift pack (purchased from Currys) amounts to a not inconsiderable £59.95 - the kettle alone costs £39.95 from the same store. Considering you can get a jug kettle (and let's face it, they all do the same thing) for under a tenner, I thought I had come off pretty well in this deal. ;-) **So what does this fancy kettle do then?** Well, surprisingly enough, it boils water, just like any other kettle - up to 1.5 litres of it at a time to be precise. It is described as having a "rapid boil" feature, but nowhere can I find a definition of how rapid this is, or indeed if it is any more rapid than any other kettle. I can't say that I have really noticed any pronounced rapidity when I boil water in it in comparison to cheaper jug kettles that I have used, but I hasten to add that I have never timed any of the kettles I have used. But yes, that is all it does, unless you count coordinating with my toaster to be a function. **But you must get other features for such a high price!** Yes, you do. For a start off, the kettle itself is cordless - it is actually the small circular base unit that you plug in, and the kettle sits neatly and firmly on top of it. This means that whenever you need to fill the kettle, all
      you need do is lift it off the base unit, rather than unplugging it and trailing the cable halfway across your kitchen. You also get a limescale filter, rather a useful feature seeing as I live in a hard water area. This seems to work very well, as I haven't had to de-fuzz the kettle in the 15 months that I have owned it. There is a concealed element included too, which means that you avoid the problem of potentially killing your kettle by boiling it without fully covering the element with water (easy enough to do in a heavy thing like this, I'd imagine). I'm also told that a concelaed element makes cleaning limescale off easier, but as I have not needed to do this yet, I cannot comment. Finally, this kettle is also listed as having an "easy fill spout"....it is me though, or are all kettles easy to fill? Well OK, all these really means is that you can lift the lid out completely rather than it being the flip sort of design that you sometimes get on cheaper kettles. Yes, it does make it marginally easier to fill, but I am not quite convinced that this justifies the high price. **And what about the design of it - does it look good?** Why, yes it does! Even if you are without the matching Avanti toaster, I must admit that this kettle is as easy on the eye as any jug kettle is likely to be. I think the design is pretty stylish and it is certainly looks robust; I can imagine it being one of those things that I will still be using in years to come. The robustness does unfortunately make it very heavy to lift though, especially when full (something to bear in mind if you have a dodgy wrist as I do, I should add). The designers have given every consideration to how this kettle looks, although apparently rather less to the practicality of it. You will all no doubt be familiar with the external gauges on plastic kettles that allow you to see how much water you are pouring into it. This kettle obviously cannot have one of th
      ese, so instead you get an internal bit of plastic with "max" stamped on it and that is it. This plastic seems rather flimsy to me, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it snapped off in the future - this is one part of the kettle where robustness doesn't apply, it seems. It also makes it rather difficult to judge how much water you are putting in (perhaps it is not so much of an "easy fill" after all). The base unit, on the other hand, works rather better. It boasts "360 degree rotation", which basically means the kettle will fit onto it facing any direction you like; it can swivel around the base. My kettle lives in a corner of my kitchen so I have no real need for this function, but I can appreciate that it could be useful to some people. The power cable is also of a decent length and comes with your plug ready fitted (unlike some electrical appliances I have experienced) so there is no need to try and remember how to wire it all up for yourself. **Is it safe to use?** If you would all kindly cast your minds back to your school chemistry lessons, you may recall that one of the characteristics of metals is that they conduct heat. This means that they get hot quickly when exposed to heat sources. This also means that metal kettles become finger-burningly hot when you boil water in them, unlike plastic kettles that are insulators, and therefore just remain pleasantly warm to the touch. Can you see where I am going with this? Yes, a major downside with the Tefal 6920511P is that it is a dangerous thing to have in your kitchen if you have children -or clumsy sods like me - roaming around. I have lost count of the number of times that my hands have slipped when picking this kettle up (I refer you back to the point where I said it was very heavy) and I have singed my fingers on it. I have also found a slight problem with the lid of my kettle - you see, it doesn't fit terribly well into the sp
      out. This is fine when you are boiling the kettle, but when pouring it, I have found that the lid sometimes falls out when you tip the kettle up. A couple of times, the lid has fallen into the boiling water I am pouring out and splashed me with it. A word of warning: if you get one of these kettles, please take the lid out before you pour and don't risk getting yourself scalded. Incidentally, I have also managed to be caught by the steam escaping from the lid before now, so I only approach the kettle with cauti....and with something covering my hands. Like fire retardant gloves. **Overall, what do you think of the Tefal 6920511P?** It has its good points and its bad points. On the plus side, it looks good, I didn’t have to pay for it and it has worked perfectly well throughout a year of daily use. However, it is heavier than other kettles I have used, the outside of it gets very hot when in use and it is not easy to judge how much water I am pouring into it. Oh, and it would be very expensive if I were to buy one for myself. But would I do that? Well no, not on my current income, as I could get something to do the exact same job for a quarter of the price, and without the accompanying finger burning risk. I might be tempted to buy one if I was rich, and having a stylish kettle was more important to me than having a practical one, though. But I certainly wouldn't buy one if I had children, as I would be too worried about them burning themselves on it. Overall, I don't feel I can recommend this kettle - it is a triumph of style over substance, and way overpriced. Sorry, mum!


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