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Brand: Tesco / Capacity: 1.7L / Power: 3kW

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2011 01:34
      Very helpful



      Average Kettle

      Tesco sell a range of their own supermarket branded kettles - some of which are better than others. Today I'm testing their JKR17 jug model which can be picked up for £15.97 both in store and online. I bought the kettle a few years back, but it has since been relegated to the cupboard due to a couple of newer kettles that I have purchased since.

      - - - - -
      In terms of its appearance, the JKR17 isn't an especially nice looking appliance - it's very plasticky and rather bulky. The lid is perhaps the ugliest part, with a raised bulge that looks a little out of place. That said, the overall build quality feels sturdy, and the chunky handle makes transportation easy. The lid is opened via an easy to press button at the top of the handle, and is simple to close with a firm push. Inside the kettle there's the obligatory limescale filter, which can be removed and does a good job of stopping those nasty flakes entering your cuppa. The water capacity is a fairly healthy 1.7 litres - although this is marked on the water gauge in 'cups', with the maximum being eight.

      The kettle is quick to boil with a 3Kw element, and the sides are fairly well insulated to stop hands being scolded. As a cordless model, the JKR17 features a nicely designed base which allows 360 degrees of motion, and a power cord which will be plenty long enough for the average user. In terms of the downsides (aside from its appearance), the kettle isn't the best pourer, demonstrating a slight amount of dribble when pouring slowly. To be honest, this is the main reason why I don't use the kettle that often; I end up with spilled water on the surfaces, which isn't what I want from my water-boiling appliance!

      Additional Features & Final Word
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      So far, my write-up has probably led you to believe the that the JKR17 is a rather dull model - and for the most part it is - however, it does have a fancy feature in the form of a blue illuminating water window. This adds some much needed glamour to the appliance, although it can't disguise the fact that it's not an especially exciting device. At the end of the day, the Tesco JKR17 isn't a bad kettle by any means, with plus points including good build quality and a fairly light weight - however, it won't win any design awards, and the dribble is a little off-putting - 3/5.

      Capacity: 1.7 (Litres)
      Element: Concealed
      Limescale Filter: Yes
      Power: 3Kw
      Size: 17.5 x 25.5 x 24.5 cms
      Rapid Boil: Yes


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Tesco JKR17

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