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Traditional Whistling Microwave Kettle

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Brand: Ability Answers / Type: Kettle

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2011 08:28
      Very helpful



      May be useful for people who have dexterity problems

      Traditional Whistling Microwave Kettle

      == What is it? ==
      I had some Amazon vouchers so decided to see what gadgets I could find on their site. I have difficulty with using appliances in the kitchen, and I came across this little device. It is supposed to be able to be used safely in a microwave to heat water. When the temperature reaches near boiling point, it starts to make a whistling sound.

      == My thoughts ==
      It came in a plain box. I managed to open it upside down and when I brought out the kettle, my family asked me if I'd ordered a potty. The underside of the kettle is sort of like a potty. The centre dips inwards with a circular border around the edge. Turning it the right way up, it doesn't get any better. It is one ugly kettle. It is dome shaped with a very small spout at the top for pouring liquids in and out of. There is a removable top that goes on the spout and this has the whistle built into it. The top doesn't screw onto the spout; you just push down until it fits. It feels like a snug fit but I do wonder whether it would be possible for the top to fly off under high pressure.
      The kettle is made of plastic.

      I have tried this a few times with water. You just stick it into the microwave and turn it on. Wait until you start to hear the whistling sound and you can then turn off the microwave and pull it out. It has a handle to pull it out with, although it does say on their site that gloves are recommended. Then you need to pull the top off and pour it into wherever you want it. I would say that it would be better to leave the kettle for a few minutes to cool down. Because of the way the water is heated in a microwave, it tastes horrible. I have not had chance to try hot chocolate yet though.
      It is dishwasher safe.

      I would have liked it if the handle had indentations for the fingers to rest in so making it less likely for you to move the kettle when pouring. Also, the spout isn't very long and it doesn't have a tapered end to allow you to better direct the hot water.

      == Important safety information ==
      This is taken from the leaflet I got with it:
      To prevent 'super heating' and possible boil over of the water, it is important that the microwave oven is stopped as soon as the kettle starts whistling.
      Allow the kettle to stand for one minute before removing from the microwave.
      As with all microwave cookware, the outside of the kettle may be hot after use. The use of appropriate gloves is recommended.

      == Price and availability ==
      I bought this off Amazon for £6.99 + £4.59 postage.

      == Summary and recommendation ==
      I have given this three stars, as I can only recommend this for people who have mobility problems or are unable to use a normal kettle for any reason. I wouldn't have bought this if I hadn't had the Amazon vouchers. The total price is quite high just for a piece of plastic. I think it should have been £5 or less including P&P.


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