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Keycovers KC4 - 61 key Keyboard Cover

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Manufacturer: QTX Sound / Type: Keyboard Cover

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2012 18:40
      Very helpful



      A good looking and effective vinyl cover for keeping the pesky dust off your keyboard.

      Keyboard Cover KC4 (61 key)

      After buying my first keyboard (of the musical sort) about a year ago one thing that never occurred to me at the time was the need for a dust cover. However, a few weeks into my foray into the world of music - consisting mostly of butchered Beethoven, mucked-up Mozart and ham-fisted Haydn - I came across a problem even more annoying than my lack of dexterity. The dastardly fiend in question was DUST!

      In order to prevent the filthy scum from relentlessly setting up camp on the keys and in order to preserve my rapidly dwindling stock of Pledge dusting cloths (other brands are available) I needed a solution. After a few minutes clicking away online I soon found this keyboard cover on amazon for £9.95, currently priced at £10.48 (including delivery) from a third party seller.

      >> Why I bought it...

      My checklist wasn't too exhaustive. I wanted something to keep the dust off my keys without looking like a shabby piece of cloth.

      This particular cover caught my eye because it was one of the few I came across that was actually transparent. As my keyboard is now a permanent fixture in the back room it was important for me that it looks good when not in use. The cover looks very smart and is made of flexible vinyl plastic and has black cloth sewn around the edges for added durability. The transparent vinyl allows me to see the keyboard keys underneath the cover which I much prefer to a black piece of cloth spoiling the view.

      The transparency is not 100% clear though. It is very slightly opaque a bit like frosted glass. Again, I prefer this as I don't think a completely transparent sheet would look quite so good.

      The next and final point on my meagre checklist was that it would fit onto my keyboard easily. This goes without saying really, but a lot of covers I saw were designed to wrap around the top of the keyboard itself. This particular cover slides over the front end of the keyboard covering the keys and the top of the instrument where the various buttons and speakers are. The cover needs no attaching and simply drapes over the keyboard. There are small flaps that hang down from either side that provide extra cover for the front end of the keyboard and further protects the keys from dust.

      The noteworthy aspect of this design was that it allows me to keep my music rest fixed in pace at the top of my keyboard - something not possible with the other covers. Why is this important? Well, being the impatient sod that I am, I can't be having any extra hassle when I come to start playing my keyboard. With this I can simply remove the cover by pulling it towards me then all that's left is to plug the instrument in and I'm away - free to butcher further classics. I don't have to reattach my music rest every time which, for me, would start to get a bit annoying after a while.

      The back flap of the cover can fold around the back of the keyboard if you don't have a music rest in place. I would recommend you do this if you are not going to be using your keyboard for a long time to add a bit of extra protection from dust.

      >> How effective is it?

      Very. The extent to which can be clearly seen after a few days as quite a thick layer of dust soon accumulates on the cover. To think that all that dust would have settled on my keyboard and perhaps worked its way through into the innards of the instrument unsettles me somewhat. With the cover, my keyboard is completely safe from the invading forces of dust. The keys are completely protected as is the rest of the keyboard including the buttons, display screen and speakers.

      Occasionally the cover itself will need a clean to get rid of the dust. I lay the cover flat on the floor to do this and use a dusting cloth for a quick once-over wipe. Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly extravagant, then I'll go all out and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Being vinyl plastic it dries out in no time at all.

      >> Will it fit your keyboard?

      This particular cover (the KC4) is designed for 61-key keyboards and nothing bigger. My keyboard is 61-keys and 37cm in width altogether and the cover fits nicely with only a little spare room at either side. The maximum width of this cover is 38cm so it's worth checking your dimensions beforehand in case your keyboard is a bit too wide. I can't imagine many 61-key instruments being too wide but some do have a bit too much excess plastic at the sides.

      Other sizes are available in the same range of covers so if you have a smaller or larger keyboard then you will be able to select the appropriate one.

      >> Availability and recommendation...

      This cover can be found on amazon by typing in 'Keycover KC4' into the search bar. The other sizes can then easily be found ranging from KC2 through to KC8 (the higher the number the larger the width). All are around £9-12 in price and can also be found on eBay.

      If you have a keyboard and don't yet have a dust cover then I would urge you to buy one. They are fairly cheap and it will protect your keyboard when not in use. I would highly recommend these particular key covers as they are good quality, good looking and very effective. This one suits my needs perfectly and I can't fault it at all.

      Thanks for reading ;)


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