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Yamaha P-70

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yamaha

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2011 23:00
      Very helpful



      Better than most pianos of the same price. Would definitely recommend.

      The Yamaha P-70 is a piano not a keyboard. I've had mine for a couple of years and it's been good for what I wanted it for. I think the line has been discontinued but they're still sold in quite a lot of places. I've been playing piano for about 15 years and though I'm not anywhere near professional level, I've played a range of different pianos.

      Sound quality
      The sound quality is really amazing for a digital piano, especially one around this price range. It sounds so much like the real thing. There are two different piano sounds that you can select, and then there are also harpsichord, organ, vibraphone, violins and a couple others. I like the sounds they've selected and that it isn't overloaded with cheesy unrealistic sounds. The speakers on the piano are great, even on full volume I haven't experienced any fuzziness. Every single note sounds clear. The piano also has a headphone jack which is really useful when you need to play quietly without disturbing anyone. Mine didn't come with headphones though so it's an extra you have to buy if you feel you need them.

      I actually like the look of the piano. Mine is silver but you can get it in black too. Some people prefer the look of an upright piano and this doesn't imitate a real piano like some digital pianos do. I like it, and the design allows for the piano to be very portable. The piano is full length, like a real piano. It seems to be made of a hard wearing material and though mine's been moved around a lot without a case, I haven't noticed any damage.

      The only complaint I have is the keys. The keys are good in that they replicate the feel of an acoustic piano, and it doesn't feel any different playing this than it does on an upright. They are fully weighted. However they do make a lot of noise, like the keys on a keyboard when they come back up after you've pressed them down. It's what you'd expect from this kind of piano and it's not that noisy, but I do find it annoying because I know that sound is there, I seem to tune in on it whenever I'm playing. It's less noticeable if you're playing on full volume. However, if you're going to use it in recordings, for example, I wouldn't recommend it. This is where it loses the one star!

      Sustain Pedal
      The piano comes with a little sustain pedal that plugs in at the back. It works like a pedal on a real piano. It's never going to work quite as well, but it's nice to have a sustain pedal as some digital pianos just have a button for sustain on the piano, which doesn't simulate playing an acoustic piano at all.

      Preset songs
      There are 50 piano classics preset on the piano. Some people find these useful for practicing and they range from beginner to more advanced pieces. I can't say I've used them for practice but I have occasionally listened to them. It's a bit like having a few CDs of nice piano music.

      You can buy this piano with or without a stand, depending on where you get it from and how much you want to pay. I didn't buy it with a stand as I already had one of my own. The stand that Yamaha has to go with the piano though would fit it better and it's been designed to match.

      According to Yamaha this piano weighs 13kg, which is lighter than a lot of full size digital pianos. This makes it easier to carry. I'm able to carry it on my own just and I'm not particularly strong. If you're going to be moving it around a lot, Yamaha sell a case especially for the piano.


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      27.06.2010 01:00
      Very helpful



      Nice sounding, not so nice looking, convenient and good value for money.

      I bought this digital piano in 2006 as I was living away from home at uni and unable to have my upright piano with me. I'm now back with the upright but I still play the Yamaha from time to time.

      I should start by saying that I'm not an incredible or even very serious pianist. I studied music as a teenager and now play occasionally as a relaxing hobby, but not to any great standard.

      I paid around £375 for the Yamaha P70 and it came with a stand, a music stand, a plug in pedal and a power adaptor. I feel the piano was good value for money as I had done quite a bit of research and similar ones were much more expensive.

      Its fairly easy to move around as its not too heavy and I can lift it and move it around easily.

      The sound quality is very nice for a hobby player but maybe not quite up to scratch for someone more serious. I've found the plug in pedal to be very useful in enhancing my playing experience, its just as effective as the one on my 'real' piano.

      The keys feel very much like a 'real' piano too, they are full size and pressure sensitive.

      There are a few voice options (harpsichord, organ, several piano voices) but I mainly use the grand piano option as I find the others sound a bit fake, and I bought it to be a piano, not a harpsichord!

      There is a headphone jack which is useful for practicing at unsociable times or if you're a bit self conscious about a new piece that's not quite working yet! There are also ports to connect the piano to a computer or an amplifier, which I've never done so I'm afraid I can't comment on how that feature works, its there though!

      The piano is quite nice looking, and not excessively bulky but I would prefer it to be a different colour. The cheap 'silver' plastic does make it look a bit cheap and like an appliance rather than a musical instrument, black would have been nicer and probably more likely to fit with more people's decor.

      Overall, I'm very glad I bought this digital piano, I view it as a more portable alternative to my upright, and I'm sure that more advanced pianists or those who wished to use it to perform on stage would be able to make more full use of features than I am.


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