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7" Black Leather Look Case + USB Keyboard

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    7 Reviews
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      31.01.2013 16:01
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      smart and stylish case and keyboard for your tablet. I would strongly recommend it to others


      When my partner and I was looking around on the internet for things for the home etc, we came across this for my tablet, at first I wasn't to sure about it, but then when reading about it and looking into the product I thought it would be useful to me. My partner decided to treat me to this which was very nice of him, and said he knew it was something I wanted and would use, and he isn't wrong, it is very stylish and very useful for me, especially when sometimes using the touch screen on my tablet can be awkward at times when typing and can take too long. I do have to say that this is a must get item for your 7" tablet especially if you do a lot of typing.


      I got my keyboard case delivered the other day and haven't stop using it since, it came in a large envelope, the case was in a clear plastic bag where you could see the case, and wasn't so hard to open. Not like some packaging where you can't open the packaging because it is stuck down too much, and have to get the scissors to open it.


      Once I ripped of the bag, I opened up the case to see the inside of it; the case is black in colour with white stitch marks around the edge which gives it a nice look. The case itself is made of high PU material which means it gives the case the leather type look, although the fell of the case tells you it isn't leather, but makes it look smart all the same. The open and closes by a little tug of the strap, which as a magnetic strip at the end of it, and a magnetic strip on the case for easy closing.

      The case when opened looks like a mini netbook, look smart and very stylish, and the lid of the case as 3 grips, one at the top and 2 at the bottom, this is to slide in the tablet through the grips to hold it in place, you don't have to remove the tablet from the case when you close the it up, as it close snuggly with the keyboard, and doesn't damage the keyboard in anyway. The bottom of the case is the mini keyboard, it's smaller than a netbook keyboard but very smart looking all the same, the keyboard plugs into the tablet to work, either through the charger port on the tablet or you might need an adapter to connect the keyboard to the tablet.

      The keyboard comes with its own lead attached to it, with an usb connecter on the end of it, so unless your tablet has a usb port on it then it won't work and will need to purchase an adapter, they don't cost very much. In between the lid and the keyboard there is 2 loop holes these are for my stylus pen, which one did come with the case although it didn't work for me, the pen was a little to hard for the tablet screen and was a little worried about the screen getting scratched, and the other loop is for the wire of the keyboard to slip into when not using the case, so keeps them safe.

      The keyboard is a QWERTY, and is very delicate as you can imagine from the size of it, but in all fairness it does its job well and I am thoroughly pleased with it. You cannot take out the keyboard as it is embedded into the case, you have everything on the keyboard that you would find on any keyboard, and the caps lock, scroll lock, and the number lock all have lights that come on when activated above the keyboard so you know you have them on, like you would any other keyboard.

      The outside of the lid you have a stand, this is also very useful especially when your sat at your desk and you want to be typing away on the keyboard, as it is sat there facing you rather you looking down at it, the stand also makes it look like a mini netbook no would know it was a tablet in a case, and if you have pictures on your tablet then the stand will work well when you can use the tablet and case to set it as a picture frame on your desk, which I like the sound of.


      Well actually I didn't buy this my partner bought it for me as he knew I would use it, and would like it, eventually I think I would have bought it if my partner didn't get it for me. I do use the keyboard a lot of the time, because that is what I am used to especially when I am on my pc, and I find it a lot easier to type on a keyboard then I do touch screen. I do a lot of typing and this helps me sit down in front of the tele and type until my heart's content instead of sat by the pc, the case and the keyboard has turned my tablet into a mini netbook and looks great, smart and actually looks expensive. I have to say I am glad he bought it for me now as I know it is going to be useful for me, and with it all being in the same case I don't have the worry of losing the keyboard.


      My partner bought me this from amazon at priced £7.49 which is a really good price, as I have seen them advertised in argos at price £14.99, which considering the style and what comes with the case I probably would pay that, it does make the whole tablet look stylish.


      I am glad my partner bought me this, and I did have to buy the adapter. Buying both the adapter and case together we had paid only £9.18 which is still cheaper than I would have been paying just for the case at argos, so I still got a bargain. This is something I will always use when using my tablet, especially for typing as I do find it easier and faster too, as I am a fast typer and that doesn't happen when I using touch screen. Hope I have written an helpful review and you have an insight of the product.


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      29.10.2012 00:28
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      How do you turn a tablet into a laptop..? voilà

      I like to use a laptop in my day to day life, mostly in my job but also at home as well, plus in free wi-fi spots as well, (thanks big burger house and over priced coffee shop, much appreciated).
      Sometimes though, when I'm on the move, even my laptop can be a bit 'bulky', so to speak, so it's nice to have something a little smaller which is almost as useful. That device is in fact called a tablet, (no, not for headaches or upset stomachs), this tablet is a PC sort of thing that is simply a screen which has everything that you need behind the screen itself.
      But it's not the tablet I'm going to tell you about today, it's in fact something that the tablet is housed in, this being a tablet case. Only it is not only a tablet case, it is a case and a keyboard which makes your simple tablet look, and act, almost like a real laptop.

      Firstly though, I have to tell you that before you go rushing out buying any old case, with or without a built in keyboard you have to make sure that you get the right size one for the tablet that you have got.
      This one is for a 7inch tablet, but there are all sorts of sizes for almost every size tablet, but as I said , this one I am talking about is for my 7inch tablet.
      (I do also have one for an 8inch tablet and friends have the same style one for 10 inch tablets).

      As for who makes this case, with built in keyboard. Well, it the only clue I have to this is the letter WMA, but sadly I haven't got a clue who that as it has no markings, logo or symbols on it at all. Even the single piece of paper that came inside the box didn't give me any more clues as to the name or brand. So I'm still at a loss. But it's easy enough to find on Amazon, by just inputting 7" Black Leather Look Case + USB Keyboard.
      Regardless of the fact that this is almost a nameless case, with built in keyboard, it is still a case, with built in keyboard, which is surprisingly better than you'd think it could ever be.
      So I can go into a bit of detail about it.

      What does it look like then..?
      It has a leather look to it and is about 250mmlong by 150mm wide and 40mm thick weighing in at 300grams, (without the tablet inside it).
      The entire case is black with white stitching around the edges, including white stitching around the closing flap and even the stand flap.
      It is this black with white stitching that gives this it's rather fine look.

      The top section, or more the area on the top flap which will hold the tablet, we have three little L shaped grips, two at the bottom which are fixed, and a third at the top which slides up and down. This is the one that really grips your tablet in place.
      There are no grips on the sides which can lead to your tablet possibly sliding out of the sides if you hold this in a certain way. But as the slider grip takes hold of the tablet pretty well even the lack of side grips isn't a problem really.

      In between the keyboard section and the top section, which I shall call the spine as it is where the two sections bend, like a book, there is a length of wire with a full size USB connector on it so that it can be connected to the tablet either as it is or via an adapter, which two of these adapters actually came with this case, two different sizes so that more tablets are connectable.
      There is also a stylus for when you want to use it on your tablet for such things as drawing, painting and such activities on your tablet screen.
      Both the stylus and the connecting wire are housed in two little pouches which are stitched to the middle of this central section.
      Then, on the back of the top section, there is a stand which when not in use lies flat on the rear panel, but when you need it it 'flops' out an acts as a rather fine stand so that this resembles an actual laptop, in a way, sort of.
      Finally, to keep the whole case closed there is a lovely little flap that comes from the keyboard half and magnetically attaches itself to the top half, gently locking the two halves together, keeping your tablet safe from knocks.

      As for the keyboard itself.
      Well, this looks like any other keyboard, only having smaller keys and a few 'markings' that you don't see on a standard board.
      Once I got used to the size of the keys, so that my fingers knew how close the letters were, I was flying away.
      The keys are nice to press and the tablet picks up each one quickly enough for me, with a few slight snags over time but nothing worth worrying about.
      The gap between the letter is good enough to keep the keys from scraping against each other and, which is the best thing, your fingers manage to hit the right key without knocking the ones around it, (although sometimes I catch one or two keys I don't want but as I type quite fast this happens to me on standard size keyboards anyway so I'm guessing this is more human error than this little device.
      The space key is small, well, not as small as a single key, it is about the size of four keys, but even though it is smaller than my thumb is used to I can still manage to hit it 99.999% of the time.
      The keys themselves are in the same positions as a standard keyboard, only being slightly smaller. But there are a few extra little ones that, at first, make no sense at all. Such as the key with the 3 reed 'Z's etched on it which, when pressed with the red Fn button, closes the screen down so that it saves battery power.
      This red Fn button also helps out when wanting to use other buttons, such as F11, F12 and a couple of others. You'll know which ones as they are all coloured red.
      Along the top, above the keys, there are three lights, which you may have seen similar on a standard board. These lights are underneath three different 'marks', those being caps lock, scroll lock and page lock.

      How do I connect my tablet to this case, with built in keyboard?
      This is simple.
      You just have to open the case, then gently pull the top L shaped grip on the top of the upper section upwards, sliding it away from the grips on the bottom. This slides easily and can only go so far.
      Then, with the grip at its furthest, you place you tablet into the open area, resting the bottom of it onto the two lower grips.
      Then let the upper slider grip rest onto the top of your tablet.
      You tablet should be nicely gripped in between the three grips so that you can then set about connecting it up to the built in keyboard.
      To attach this to your tablet, or more connect it, you simply plug in the full size USB connector to the micro USB connector, which should come with this case, and then plug the micro USB connector into the tablet. If by chance your tablet has a full size USB port then there's no need for the micro USB connector.

      Once connected up your tablet should recognise the keyboard straight away, opening up a new 'typing choice' on the tablet screen itself.

      You're now ready to start typing using the keyboard instead of the touch screen on your tablet. You shouldn't have to do anything to the settings as it is all done automatically for you . Or it was for me anyway.
      And don't worry as you can still use the touch screen as well as the keyboard in case you really want to.

      My opinion...

      This is not a bad little case that not only protects my 7 inch tablet but it also gives me the opportunity to use an almost normal keyboard to go about my typing life.

      It is supposed to be a leather look case but although it does look a little on the cheap side, a bit like the ones you get from those 'dodgy' market stalls that the customs and excise are always watching. But regardless of the 'tacky' leather, (or none leather), look, it is still quite nice as a case that protects you tablet from harm.

      The little strap that folds over the two sides attaches itself using a magnetic effect, in other words, there is a magnet on the strap end and a metal portion on the fold itself. This hold the two folds together so that it is closed around your tablet.

      As I mentioned there are three 'grips' that hold my tablet in position, two on the bottom with a sliding one on the top, but there are no 'grips' on the sides which makes it possible for the tablet to slide out. But as the top slider grip is pretty strong it would take a bit of effort to actually get the tablet to slide out.
      In fact, to solve this little possible problem I attached a little strap on both sides which, even though not solid, stops the possibility of my tablet sliding out of the sides.

      I do have to say that the top 'grip' does sit very close to the camera on the front of my tablet but it doesn't affect the lens when using it. I mentioned it just in case any tablets out there have a front facing camera that is closer to the edge than mine is, which could be blocked by the top grip.
      And speaking of camera's, as my laptop has a dual camera, one on the front, which I mentioned sits just under the top grip. The other camera is on the back of the tablet and when the tablet is sat in this case that camera becomes as useful as a pair of glasses on a man with no ears. So I do have to take the tablet out of the case if and when I want to use the rear camera, although as I tend to use the front one more often I don't really get too bothered about the rear one at all.
      Then again, I supposed I could cut a hole in the tablet so that the camera lens can peak through it if I really wanted to??? I'll let you know if I get around to it.

      Then there's the speed of typing itself. I don't mean how fast a person can type, I mean how fast the typing comes up on the tablet screen as you type along on the keyboard. This is instant, even after several pages of typing, without any real lag at all, which is what you need really.

      The stand at the back is a bit of a let down as when I use it on my lap I do have trouble keeping the tablet holding section of the case upright, even with the stand fully out. I have to keep my knees together otherwise the stand drops through the gap and the tablet section fold flops down. This is down to the fact that the stand as it can also be called, has a narrow base and slips in between my knees every time, causing the top section to flop right back instead of standing upright at a right angle.
      I have thought of attaching a length of cord or leather strip from front to back, using rivets or the like, just so that the two sides can only open so far without falling down.

      When I close the case everything fits in so well, with the thickness of the case being only just thicker than it would be if it was just a case, even though it has a nice little keyboard built in. when this is closed you simply wouldn't know the keyboard was actually there.
      The wires, or connector, tends to fit in the 'spine' area, although I have to do a few tiny adjustments in order for the whole wire to fold away with out anything poking out.
      I have left the micro adapter in position a few times and this does stick out of the side of the case due to the fact that there's just no room for it inside the closed unit. But that doesn't really matter as the cable simply sits along the side of the case and doesn't really get in the way.

      So what about the price of turning your tablet into a laptop, (sort of)?
      This is the best thing about it. I mean, what can you get with £7.00 these days? Yes, that's all this cost from Amazon, £7.00, and you'll still get a few pence change.

      In all, this is a fine looking case that not only protects your tablet from outside dangers it also acts as a keyboard so that you can have a full screen on your tablet whilst still typing away.
      Now that's genius isn't it?
      The leather look may be more comical that classy but the lovely looking white stitching surrounding the corners, stand and clasp really do make the leather look look a little more like leather, (sort of).

      ©Blissman70 2012


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        11.06.2012 11:11
        Very helpful



        Recommended for any tablet , safe storage , don't have to facilitate touch screen .

        Don't faint ! I have finally entered the technology age .

        Earlier this year I purchased a mid range tablet , as I wasn't certain that I would be able to manage with one there wasn't much point in splashing out on an ipad so I settled for a cheap one which I purchased on Amazon for the reasonable price of £120. I knew when I ordered it it wouldn't be top of the range .When it came through it took me a while to get used to the touch screen ( sometimes having long nails is a distinct disadvantage :S ). No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get used to typing on the screen , so my only choice was to look for a keyboard that I could attach to it .

        I found a few on Amazon their prices ranging from £10 -£70 , well I certainly wasn't going to be paying half the price of the tablet so I opted for the £15 one . Two days after I made the order it was delivered .

        The case is Leather look (not leather ) it doesn't feel cheap though .It has a pull out picture frame stand on the back , which you pull out when the tablet is sat inside , and a magnetic clasp on the front that keeps it closed when not in use .

        When you open it up , inside you will find on the bottom half , your qwerty keyboard ,just above there are two loops one of which is holding the included stylus , the other holds the usb connector that connects to the tablet .
        The top half of the case has five rigid clasps which hold the tablet in place ...Not very well designed as they are so rigid if not EXTREMELY careful you will scratch the tablet trying to fit it in ..

        I recommend buying some screen protectors and applying them to the tablet before attempting to fit it to the case . Once it is all in place it's best to make sure you can close the case and that the clasp is secure enough to hold whilst on the go .After you have done that ...down to business .

        I turned on the tablet and plugged in the usb adaptor went to the browser and used the keyboard to type in a url , this was fantastically easy ( even for me !!) . It worked a treat .When the keyboard is in use one of three lights at the top of the keyboard come on to show you you are connected to the tablet .

        I have however since found a flaw in the workings of the keyboard , as I am no computer expert it's pure assumption on my part , but I think these keyboards were manufactured for the overseas market , because there is no £ sign ...( I don't have on on my laptop either ...) to get over this you have to copy and paste every time you need to use one ...

        Thankfully I am only using my tablet for watching programmes , playing games and instant messaging , so the lack of the £ isn't really a problem .If I was using it as my main form of computing equipment I would be rather annoyed though .

        I called my review Chameleon Computing because that is what this case does , it turns your tablet into a netbook and makes it easier to type .Even with the slight disadvantage of not having all of the usual buttons (£) I would still recommend it .The case keeps your tablet secure when you aren't using it and is really easy to store . At £15 it is a snip that will probably protect your tablet screen for years to come .


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        28.05.2012 16:44
        Very helpful



        A great case and keyboard for tablets.

        I recently bought a 7" android tablet as I thought it would be the easiest way to access the internet and contact home whilst I go travelling this summer. I did find the touch screen particularly easy to type on so I hunted out this faux leather case with a keyboard and bought it for £9.99 on ebay.
        Before you buy - check the usb connection on your tablet!! I didn't and then discovered that my tablet only had a mini usb port, which meant I had to buy an adapter too (only 99p though) before I could use my keyboard.

        Design -
        The case is black in colour and comes in a faux leather material, with white stitching. There is a magnet in a little strip which you put over the case to keep it closed and the tablet protected when not in use.
        You also get a little stylus free with the case, which is held into place inside the case. This wasn't needed for my tablet but is a nice little extra for those who can use it. The case is connected to the actual tablet by by a usb connection, but there isn't anywhere to store the usb connecter, which is attached by a little cable. I have to just leave mine dangling out of the end of the case!!

        Use -
        The keyboard works well, but can be difficult to get working the first few times if you have to use a mini usb to usb adapter to connect it. I find using this case makes it much more easy to type on my tablet though, and it protects my screen perfectly.

        I am very happy with this case and keyboard and would recommend to anyone with a 7" tablet.


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          20.05.2012 19:09
          Very helpful



          A good product but poorly made, worth a try for the price

          I recently purchased a tablet computer for my girlfriend for her birthday, I was feeling generous. I purchased a 7" one from maplin. I went home and decided to buy her a case with a keyboard because I was advised that this would be a good thing to do. Amazon was the cheapest place for these! The sensitivity on the tablet was low so it would take ages to type anything with your fingers. I will now go into more detail on this product and explain why you should be careful before buying these. It's not my favourite thing I have ever bought.


          This cost my £8.99 which is a fantastic price, it was advertised as leather, but I new is would be faux leather. iPad cases with keyboards are far more expensive! It was also sent via amazon prime so I got free next day delivery. Overall this is a bargain case, but the quality isn't very High.

          What's it like:

          It is very think and a nice black colour. It has white stiching around the outside it has a grip which closes magnetically to keep the case closed and too stop it from opening. On my first look I thought it was very nice. Within the case you receive a stylis which you can use on the tablet. The USB connector is tucked inside, the problem I found with it was that it had no where to store the USB cable, if it's not plugged into your tablet it just hangs and gets in the way and causes scratches. This fits onto your tablet by clipping onto the edge of it with three clips, these are rather tight and these caused scratches the first time I put it on! I think it needs to be applied better as it frustrated me seeing my new tablet damaged! The keyboard works very well, it is easy to use and feels nice too touch, it has all of the functions that you may expect from a keyboard. It has lights to show when caps lock is on etc.


          This is very cheaply made and can cause damage to your tablet. I would use with caution and be very careful when you put it on your tablet. It works well when on and it hasnt let us down. It protected it very well too as its very solid and sturdy. It's s great price and worth getting even as a back up. I'm pleased with this. If it was more expensive then I would a avoid it. Give it a go!

          Thanks for reading my review, hope it helped you

          This gets 3 stars from me as the quality is low, but as a case it works. Just be careful when putting it on. If it had softer grips it would get 4 stars from me.


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          27.04.2012 16:32
          Very helpful



          It's not perfect, but it's all that I needed

          When I was recently given a decent sized Amazon voucher, I decided I would get myself a small tablet pc. I had been looking at netbooks, but the decent ones were out of my price range. One thing that I wanted to be able to do with my new purchase was type easily and at length, so when I spotted a case with built in keyboard for only £8.50 being promoted alongside the tablet I had chosen, I decided that was just the thing for me.

          The black leather look case is suitable for 7" tablets, mine being a 7" Android tablet. The tablet is held securely in place on one side of the case with adjustable catches, and is connected to the keyboard on the other side of the case by USB. A USB to mini-USB adaptor was provided with my tablet, and this was necessary to connect the keyboard. The case does not come with an adaptor. The case has a magnetic clasp to hold it shut.

          Once connected, you can sit the case with tablet in it on a table, and using the stand on the outside of the case, behind where the tablet goes, you can prop up the tablet and have the keyboard flat - the result is something which looks rather like a netbook.

          The case itself is a black leather style, but it is the least leather-like fake leather I have ever seen. It is plasticky stuff, and feels rather flimsy - if not treated carefully it could rip quite easily. The outside of the case has some light padding under the black covering, so that it is comfortable to sit the case on your lap. Saying that however, I find it difficult to balance the case on my lap without holding it up myself - the stand is in the middle of the case, and so if I balance it on my lap, the stand sits in the middle of my legs and doesn't prop the case and tablet up very well. A wider stand, or having two parts to it on either side of the case, would give more stability when using it on your lap.

          As a protective case, this one does not have a lot of merit. It does offer a bit of protection - your tablet will be safer there than with no case - but I wouldn't just stick it in my bag without giving it a bit of extra protection, i.e. from a netbook sleeve. The reason for this is that the case is open on three sides, and given that my tablet is a fairly chunky one, there is a gap of over 1cm all the way round. Additionally, the tablet is secured top and bottom, but not on the sides. It is held in quite tightly and is unlikely to slide out, but you never know. However, I didn't buy this case to protect my tablet, I bought it because it had a build in keyboard.

          The keyboard is fairly small, with keys around the same size as that of a netbook. I find the size is just right for me, I have had no problems with keys being too small or hitting the wrong keys. It is pleasant to type on, not too noisy and with the keys being quite shallow and not depressing very far. I enjoy typing on this keyboard more than on a regular desktop one; I am typing this review on the very thing that I am reviewing!

          Generally speaking, the keyboard is very responsive. I find that my typing appears onscreen immediately when using Google Docs (well, Google Drive now), although I have noticed a delay when I get quite far into a long email. Unfortunately I don't know whether that is an issue with the keyboard or the tablet.

          However I have found that sometimes my tablet does not register that the keyboard is there. Again I don't know if this is a problem with the keyboard or the tablet, or even the USB adaptor, but it is very annoying. The tablet shows that it is aware that the keyboard is connected ("Physical Keyboard" only appears in the settings menu when it is connected, and if the tablet did not know it was there, an onscreen keyboard would appear), but there is no response from the keyboard - when you type nothing happens, and the light for caps lock doesn't come on when you hit it. This only happens occasionally, and is fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard, but it is very irritating.

          This is the only real flaw of the case and keyboard for me, and I'm not even sure where the problem lies. The case doesn't seem very protective, and the material isn't very durable, but the case is exactly what I wanted - I can sit and write on my tablet, and the case turns my tablet into a netbook. I'm very glad that I added this case to my order, and it was £8.50 very well spent.


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            18.03.2012 20:11
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A few faults, but a good addition to an android tablet.

            My review is for a 7" "leather look" tablet cover and keyboard made by Time2 and available from Amazon for about £10 including postage. An identical but larger model is available for 10" or 10.2" tablets. This case is listed as "leather look", but it looks nothing of the kind to me. It looks like pvc, which is what it is. It also has some what tacky looking white stitches, and this is not the strongest of materials. The pvc is already a bit cracked on the flap that closes this. If you are looking for an attractive, luxurious case, skip this one. Then again, I wouldn't expect a beautiful real leather case at £10 - even without a keyboard.

            But for all that this is not the prettiest of cases, it is quite functional and really does give your tablet some extra protection against bumps and spills. My husband insists on keeping electronic equipment, including his laptop on the fish tank, and this has taken a spill from the top of the tank to the floor ( which is still better than into the tank). No harm was done to the tablet inside.

            The main reason to buy this case, is not simply as a case though - you will find better ones for your money if you only need a cover for your tablet. The only reason to buy this really is the keyboard. This has a little stand, very much like you would find on the back of a photo frame on the back, so you can prop this open and use the keyboard, just as you would a laptop. I much prefer this to sitting about with stylus typing into the touch screen keyboard, but this does have it's limitations.

            The first issue with this keyboard is size. This case is about 8" across but the keyboard size is about 7". I have long thin fingers, but even so, find this a bit awkward for typing with two hands. I often end up hitting the wrong key, and usually resort to typing with two fingers. My husband has even more difficulty and ended up using a stylus. My sons both type with a single finger anyway, so although I believe their hands would fit nicely - it hasn't been tried out. Another issue with this keyboard is that you have to press harder than an ordinary key board. I'm using to using a lighter touch and often leave letters out. The third issue is lag, and I do notice a delay between correctly striking a key and it appearing on screen.

            This is a full qwerty keyboard with numbers on the top and keys for F1 - F10. Keys like + and - are displayed to the side rather than with the numbers as on most keyboards, and of course you have the directional arrows which work something like a mouse, but are far more awkward to use. There is no actual mouse or trackball.

            What is in the box?

            Not much really, you get the case and two styluses. There is a built in wire with a usb attachment. My tablet requires an adapter to go from this usb end to the tablet and this is not included. This does not require any power source as it draws power from your tablet. I do believe the amount of power used is minimal as it does not seem to run the battery down.

            What this is good for:

            I would recommend this for surfing the web, writing the occasional email, and perhaps even a short review. I think it would be grand for a child to use when using a tablet to go online and read or do a bit of research. My son - age 7 really likes this and thinks it is a tiny laptop. I think it would be fine for a child updating their facebook page and that type of thing as well. Combined with a tablet, this would be handy to take on holiday and keep up with emails etc.. but it is never going to replace a full sized laptop or PC full time.

            What it is not good for :

            This is not going to work for typing school reports, taking notes in class, or lengthy emails and business use. It's fine for typing short pieces, but typing will be much more slow and awkward than with a full size keyboard. This is for light use only. I would not recommend this for anything that requires pages of text. This is sold for android only - so I would not expect it to work with apple products.


            This came with our tablet, but I do not believe any installation is required. You just plug it in and you are set to go. You must however , have the correct usb adaptor for your tablet, which is different for different makes of tablet. Unless of course your tablet has a usb port, but I am not certain if any do.

            My rating and recommendation:

            If you prefer a physical keyboard to a touch screen one, and own a 7" android tablet, than yes, I do recommend this. It has it's limitations, but it is only £10 and does make using a tablet easier, as well as providing a fair level of protection. I am not deducting any stars for it being awkward to use due to size - that is to be expected. I am deducting one star due to the fact that I have to press the keys harder though, and because of the lag time involved.


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